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  1. Commanders, I am about to paint two squads of snowtroopers, but I can't settle on a color scheme and would like your opinions. I am for sure using a mix if white scar white and uthuan grey for the armor. For the cloak and body glove I am torn between dawn stone and a wash with nuln oil black or screaming skull with agrax wash brown. the theme is green and forest, so the strict hoth theme isnt a must. Look forward to your thoughts
  2. Where in the rrg does it say that a single trooper's weapon ability buffs the whole squad's shots. does this mean my DLT trooper confers impact on the rest of my storm trooper white dice? hand grenades are one thing bit this seems like a stretch.
  3. I have to admit, I'll be using your grey/white pattern on endor. I am glad I didnt go black/white now. Thanks for the insperation
  4. In brief, if an ion weapon is part of an attack pool that targets a speeder bike unit, does the effects apply to both bikes. also, if the attack destroys one bike, but does not damage the other bike, is the survivor ionized?
  5. Spinnaker


    just to piggy back this, how does it work against a speeder unit? if you destroys one, but does not damage the other, does the other also recieve an Ion token?
  6. The battle kiwi stuffis great. postage is a flat fee outside of NZ and AUS if its over $75 NZD. You get a lot for what you pay for though, and the size in the pictures don't do it justice... its pretty big. pre painted is nice, but the acortch marks add a sense of use, so they dont look fresh out of the factory. They use 3rd party shipping so its quick, only took a week for me in Florida. Overall I recommend them
  7. Spinnaker

    BRB questions

    Is there a news letter that is published when they update the RR? or do I need to keep an eye on the forums?
  8. As far as I understand, if both minis are base to base with the baracade, they are engaged. My mistake, I was mixed up with a different game, ignore this post
  9. Spinnaker

    BRB questions

    Thanks for all the information guys, I feel like an idiot because I just stumbled on the rules reference on the main store wepage... I can't believe they left so much out of the box set rule book without a hint to look at the rules reference.
  10. Spinnaker

    BRB questions

    folks, I am having a few hanging chads on some of the rules from the BRB, and would like yout input or thoughts. Recover Actions (pg 18) Is recovery an action you can take after your rally attempt to remove all of your suppression tokens? Standby Action (pg 18) Are actions that are held in reserve usuable in the next activation? i.e. I move troopers then standby; next activation I move shot and move. Line of Sight (pg 18) if a vehicle partially blocks LOS to a defender, does the defender recieve any benift from that? i.e. an AT-RT obscures a mini from an attacker, does that confer light cover to the defender? cover, as explained on pg 16 only talks about terrain being able to obscure... If a troper unit uses a grenade, is it one single dice, or is it per mini? as in 5 minis are armed with grenades and would all throw them. those are all I have for now. they may seem silly but I appreceiate your thoughts. If there is an FAQ I overlooked, please let me know.
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