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  1. Thanks for the tournament, @Cael. Probably good changes to make. Might want to reduce the playmat to 3x3 if both players have less than 300 points as well.
  2. Finished playing @TigerKommandant I win 15-0 for a 6-5 to me. Played my Fleet in Being. No deaths. 15 points came from the FIB token on his ship. His ship has the blinded gunners and Targeter Disruption crits. I basically chased him across the board hitting him with Maarek and Jendon. Maarek barely survived, but I kept him alive! Fastest game ever. I might suggest 3x3 games from here on out.
  3. Finished playing @jabbawookie. I win 173-80 Objective: His Salvage Run His Deaths: Demo, Arq My deaths: None No crits on any ships. I took first, deployed in the corner and pryced turn 2. His demo got an APT on me, which I was able to engineer off turn 5. I mulched demo at the end of 2 and mulched the arq beginning of turn 3. That pretty much sums it up. His Gozer nabbed all 4 objective tokens.
  4. I played @Dupy tonight. It was A bloody game with both of us taking losses. I win 114-88 Played my Fleet in Being My losses: quasar and one TIE Fighter His losses: one Arq (blue), one flotilla. No crits on either side. My ISD remains scarred. I got an extra 15 points from his discarded Objective Token.
  5. As a former supply officer this hurts. When commands don't take maintenance stand downs seriously we end up unprepared for operations!
  6. Can scarred ships repair and unscar themselves? Or at least keep the repaired hull value?
  7. Finished playing @Bertie Wooster. I took first and we played his Rift Ambush. He moved my speed 3 ISD at the start of the match, and I fly in hard with the ISD to maximize my pryce turn. My quasar got to work with Howlrunner and the gang to eat up his rogues. I landed on the grav rift turn 2, dropping me to zero, but turn 3 I opened up with a nasty close range front arc shot into his arq and flotilla, killing both. He hit me hard in the nose on my speed zero ISD, but turn 4 I got to speed one and gained my defense tokens again. Fun round, thanks for playing, Bertie! I win. 283-9 (does he get points for scarring?) My losses: Black Squad My Scarred: ISD II My Discarded Upgrades: 2x Reserve Hangar Deck His Survivors: Ramodi and Woldar Flotilla No leftover crits For either of us.
  8. Very fun game. Being forced to play aggressively made me make some super risky choices, but overall a fun match against a good opponent. Thanks for the game JP, and thanks to steel strategy for putting on the VWC again!
  9. Just played @TigerKommandant. I won with 365-203. 8-3 MOV of 162. Tiger had the bid and chose 2nd. We played Tiger's Volatile Deposits. It was a fun match and playing that objective for the first time was cool. Warlord absolutely hammered my Kuat with a front arc shot of 11 damage into the rear of my Kuat. That pretty much ended the Kuat, but I was able to farm some points with it to make up for the loss. Overall Jerry and his TEA! Party really let me move wherever I wanted to go, so I was able to dodge the nastiest of Tiger's arcs. Only 4 ships actually died during the game, so a relatively bloodless matchup tonight. Thanks for playing, Tiger.
  10. I think objectives are so good now that it doesn't really matter of you go 1st or 2nd. May as well max out points!
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