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  1. @idjmv has forfeited our game due to illness. Hope he feels better soon!
  2. Killed two at a tourny yesterday to include @BrobaFett's super repair SSD. Both in round 4. Motti's SSD Hunters (0/399/400) ================================ Kuat Refit (112 + 53: 165) + Admiral Motti (24) + Captain Brunson (5) + Darth Vader (3) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Leading Shots (4) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 22: 78) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Engine Techs (8) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 22: 78) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Engine Techs (8) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 22: 78) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Engine Techs (8) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Opening Salvo Hyperspace assault Solar Corona I have photos of the game on my Instagram, and I'll have photos of the second game up later today. Both were 10-1s. Lost a gladiator in both matches.
  3. Finished my game against @stephen_harris70 with a 218-186 MOV in my favor. 32 MOV for a 6-5 I chose first and we played his Most Wanted. His ISD ate some nasty Salvation shots and quite a few CR90 double arcs, but I wasn't able to hit any of his other ships. I managed to kill all but Maarek, Tempest, Dengar and the Lambda from his squads (not bad for pure flak). He killed my Salvation (His most Wanted) and one CR90.
  4. Finished my game with @CommanderDave. Dave was player 1 Winner: Commander Dave Score 277-61 MOV 216 Obj: Capture the VIP. Dave played a great game and managed to chew through my super engineers. I had pretty horrible flak, but overall my game plan didn't work out very well. Thanks for a great game, commanderdave.
  5. https://www.asmodeena.com/en/careers/ ⬆️For those who can do it better⬆️
  6. These positive outlook threads are useless because: 1.) Normal people who are fine with waiting for new stuff don't feel compelled to write strongly worded agreements. 2.) The angry/negative/pessimists who see it will bombard you with their opinions. a. They seem to get very upset when you disagree with them. b. They don't actually want to change their minds. 3.) It turns into a locked thread because someone eventually blames SJWs, Obama, or Putin. 4.) It has been talked about so many times that there is really nothing else left to say on the topic. 5.) Speculation on things we have no control over just creates rumors, false hope, false worries, and doesn't help anyone play plastic spaceships any better than when the thread started.
  7. Outbound V @Angry Ewokcomplete with a 7-4 MOV of 89 to Ewok. I chose 1st (Since I forgot which objectives I chose for this tourny) and we played his Intel Sweep. I had never played this objective before, and this time his Ackbar set the trap. From the deployment it was obvious he would win the objective, and he set his AF and two CR90s in the bottom left. My quasar deployed in the middle, with my ISD on the left. I'm a little rusty on the details because we had to split the game over two nights, but my ISD LEEEEEEROYYYYY JENKINS'd! into three ackbar arcs on turn 2, with Bail waiting on turn 3. Turn 3 saw the death of my ISD, Dengar and Morna. Turn 4 was more fortuitous for me, as I managed to rid myself of Ewok's pesky A-Wings. Turn 5 I popped a CR90 with my squad ball (Thanks, Vader Hit/Crit!). Then I bravely ran away just like Sir Robin. Turn 6 I killed his 2 VCX's and Thrawn flew off into the sunset. Thanks, Ewok, for a good game, and thanks @BiggsIRL for putting the tourny together!
  8. Thanks for the writeup, @CyborgNinja. Cyborg was a great opponent and I'd like to say thanks to him for being patient. Lots of hairbrained mistakes on my end. Some pretty awful dice combined with some horrible decisions and a bit of forgetfulness on my part. This game was a trashcan fire, but Cyborg was a fun guy to play against and that made it fun despite the end result. Good luck in the rest of the VWC, Cyborg!
  9. Thanks, @The Jabbawookie, that was an entertaining rabbit hole of threads.
  10. Who else has issues/stories of tilting in their meta? San Diego is pretty chill, but I'm sure there's some more great stories out there.
  11. 2x 29" wooden saw horses and a 6'x4' piece of plywood. It's also nice to paint my stuff on because I don't really care if paint gets on the table. I would recommend sanding the top surface and the edges to prevent slivers though.
  12. Never have I ever convinced my wife to play Armada with me.
  13. I hope they got their kids some birds to eat the spiders...
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