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  1. The strengths of TLJ are - for me - simply outweighed by its weaknesses. It only has one interesting story arc: Rey’s. The stories of the supporting cast are meandering and borderline nonsensical. Poe’s conflict with Holdo is very poorly setup and the less said about Canto Bight the better. The humor of TLJ falls flat more frequently than it lands. RoS incorporates humor more effectively in comparison. And while RoS has manic pacing, TLJ drags interminably. Plus the central conflict of TLJ was farcical on its face. The slow motion chase of the Raddus was I think a weaker plot than the RoS macguffin fetch quests. TLJ was stronger in two ways: it was easily the most beautifully shot film of the saga and it felt more coherent. But as the second movie in a trilogy it failed to set up any kind of meaningful conflict for the final movie. I left TLJ thinking it felt like a finale. Reducing the Resistance to a handful of people on the Millenium Falcon was poorly thought out. It’s hard to imagine how RoS could have concluded the saga after picking up from that storyline. Thats not to say RoS is a great movie, it’s a 5/10 for me. The whole sequel trilogy feels like an enormous waste of potential.
  2. Looking back on the whole trilogy now that it’s completed, what a mess it all feels like. The Force Awakens was the high point of this trilogy - which is damning considering that movie’s well-known weaknesses. The most you can say about Rise of Skywalker is that it’s a better movie than The Last Jedi. It’s crazy to see how much enthusiasm for this series has waned. In my local Armada group only half the players I spoke with even saw the movie. Half! A lot of that should be attributed to TLJ but the series as a whole feels like it’s somehow less than the sum of its parts. Each of the sequel movies are better as stand-alone films - when taken as part of a trilogy they are incoherent.
  3. Goldenrod Squadron I am very satisfied with the rear engine glow with this set of Y’s. I cribbed the recipe from @Drasnighta’s painting guide for the Rogues and Villains expansion. I applied the below paints in smaller and smaller concentric circles. I thinned them down and applied two coats of each - except the base scarlet which took about four coats. Evil Sunz Scarlet Wild Rider Red Troll Slayer Orange Yriel Yellow Flash Gitz Yellow I then used a goldenrod and blue color scheme for the livery. Any questions please feel free to ask!
  4. Maroon Squadron This is my 7th painted Y-Wing squadron and one of my favorites already. I took inspiration from a user (I think on this forum) who used two different shades on his Ys to spectacular effect. I basecoated with Rakarth Flesh and then shaded with Agrax Earthshade followed by Nuln Oil. For the engine glow within the nacelles I tried to create a rough gradient of Retributor Armor (close to the ship) leading into Abaddon Black at the far end. I then added a steak of Auric Armor Gold in the middle for extra brightness. I then applied Bloodletter glaze over the nacelle interior to complete the warm engine glow. The squadron markings are relatively plain with variation only on the cockpit area. They were made with Khorne Red which was then carefully shaded with Carroburg Crimson to deepen the red into maroon. I used Citadel metallics (Stormhost Silver, Leadbelcher, Hashut Copper) to paint the piping on the ship’s body. They were then shaded with Nuln Oil. Droids were simply Celestra Grey with blue, red, and black paint domes gently painted on. The rear faces of the nacelles were painted with Celestra Grey and layered with Evil Sunz Scarlet. I then put smaller circles of Yriel Yellow and finally White Scar in the middle of the rear engine faces. I then glazed the rear with Bloodletter to complete the effect.
  5. Painted Decimator Squadron for my Decimator I painted the red lines with Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet (with a touch of Fire Dragon Bright in the center “grill”). For the cockpit areas I painted Stormhost Silver topped with Soulstone Red. I then used Mechanicus Standard Grey and Fenrisian Grey to break up the flat black and highlighting of some edges - notably the top window spokes. This took about two nights to complete although I was also painting some rebel squads and folding laundry. I was inspired by this repaint I found online although I did try to put my own spin on it. Thanks for looking!
  6. Looks rad. What color you thinking for the engine glow?
  7. What kind of glue did you use to attach the new components? Also do you happen to have a pic of the engines?
  8. Cloaking TIE Phantom I painted up two new squads of Phantoms. For the first I tried the gradual cloaking technique I’ve seen other people use. I used Lothern Blue and White Scar (both Citadel paints) for the lightning effect. I then used an old brush to splatter globs of White Scar on the cloaked portion to mimic a star field. Overall it turned out way better than I expected! For the regular Phantom squad I used my typical mix of Russ Grey and Thunderhawk Blue for the body with Thunderhawk Blue on its own used as a highlight. I laid on some ‘ardcoat on the cockpits to create the reflective glass. For the engine glow I used Mephiston Red as a base and Fire Dragon Bright to brighten the center.
  9. Great eye! I’ve really enjoyed using the gemstone paints to make my cockpits pop a little more. They look especially slick on A-Wings. I’ll have to post some pics later this weekend.
  10. Surprised the Resistance isn’t concerned about bunching their fleet together considering what Holdo did to a fleet that was much more spread out than this. I’m betting this fleet is about to jump into Hyperspace and that they won’t actually deploy into battle this jumbled together.
  11. Our local players are baffled as to why we’ve been shafted. And on top of that some states get two or three Prime Championships. Does this mean we’ll just never get one again? What a blow to our tournament scene.
  12. Are uh, are we still talking about upgrade cards?
  13. I shared this on Reddit and figured someone might find it useful here. The SSD ship cards have square corners. The cards also appear to be made of the same material as the investigator cards or Ancient Old Ones cards from the Arkham Horror board games as opposed to the linen finish cardstock used in the other Armada ship and upgrade cards. Square corners are much easier to ding and accidentally crumple. However this can be fixed with a corner rounder punch. If you want to get one, I recommend using a punch with a radius of 3mm (1/8”). These are the standard sized corner rounders used in playing cards such as Magic: The Gathering. This is the corner rounder I use. It was leftover from a previous project where I made custom upgrade cards for X-Wing. If you plan on proxying cards or creating custom cards i highly recommend a corner rounder punch. Makes your content seem much more professional
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