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  1. It was my favorite ship in the old Lucasarts X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance, so I'd probably stick with a Y-Wing. As far as ability...not sure.
  2. Scum only in second edition. Rarely flew anything other than scum in first edition.
  3. I only bought Reb or Imp stuff for upgrades in 1st Ed. Staying single (scum) faction in 2nd Ed. is even easier.
  4. KenYn

    Clone Wars!

    I've already got all the Y-wings I can use too. Without new content, I'll end up passing on that one too.
  5. KenYn

    Clone Wars!

    I've repainted and touched up a number of my models, but I'm not very good at it.
  6. KenYn

    Clone Wars!

    Man, I need another Z-95 like I need a hole in my head, but that is a pretty paint job. If they can make it more survivable, harder hitting, and/or give us a couple more non-generic pilots, I'd be willing to give it a chance.
  7. The possibilities you listed seem logical.
  8. A night or two ago, my Fenn Rau had Boba dead to rights, face to face. As I prepared to throw a handful of red dice at him, I was denied with an out-of-arc message. He was quite literally in the bullseye, although I didn't have any effect that required it. Then on Boba's turn he was allowed to shoot Fenn. Even with a few glitches, it's still a good way to test squad builds and tweak them before putting them on the table.
  9. Timewalk Asajj was a pretty powerful build in 1.0, however several of the upgrades that made it work are not available (yet?) in 2.0.
  10. Personally, always the Y- wing more, but it's the T-65.
  11. Are people really that excited about spinny wings?
  12. I was never a completionist before, I surely won't be now.
  13. Dang it! I just bought a protectorate fighter a few weeks ago, and it wasn't discounted. Really not any other ships I need.
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