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  1. Said it before, and I'll say it again: point adjustments will NOT solve this problem. IMO the answer is akin to 40K's FOC: there MUST be a minimum number of points spent on generics.
  2. I use egg cartons. Perfect for most small and medium ships. Also for tokens.
  3. Lobbing accusations of inciting violence in order to intimidate those with opposing views is incendiary. Far more so than RL political references. But point taken.
  4. Oh, stop it with "threatening the Story Group". Do you also believe Trump conspired with Putin? As for "sowing division", that crop has long been sown, reaped and sent to market.
  5. Yep, you're right. All that "bile" that's been spewing lately. Like the "bile" that was spewed at Mark Hamill the other day when he posted a photo that didn't fit the "head fanon" of toxic SJW mental brats. What? That wasn't what you meant? Dang, my bad.
  6. Thus spoke the official spokesman for Star Wars fandom.
  7. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes. Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? I played. Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Yes. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Yes. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Being able to run 5 Y-Wings and 5 K-Wings in one game. Also, large multi-player games and Missions
  8. I swapped out Norra for Jake Farrell and a Z-95. Still an "A&W" list, but now with added fizZ 😎 Jake Farrell A-Wing, Marksmanship, Predator, Proton Rockets (46) Benthic Two-Tubes U-Wing, Fire Control System, Baze Malbus, Perceptive Co-pilot, Pivot Wing (60) Bodhi Rook U-Wing, Fire Control System, Magva Yarro, Leia Organa, Marksmanship, Pivot Wing (62) Bandit Squadron Z-95, Concussion Missiles, Munitions Failsafe (30) Bid: 2
  9. I've been trying to come up with my own list that includes Norra and two U-Wings. I call this "RB 1" (RB = "Root Beer": A(RC) and Double-U *bada-bing*) I'm sure it needs adjustment, so any helpful suggestions are welcomed. Norra Wexley ARC-170, Swarm Tactics, Freelance Slicer, Veteran Tail Gunner, R3 Astromech, Ion Torpedoes (74) Benthic Two-Tubes U-Wing, Fire Control System, Baze Malbus, Perceptive Co-pilot, Pivot Wing (60) Bodhi Rook U-Wing, Fire Control System, Magva Yarro, Leia Organa, Marksmanship, Pivot Wing (62) Bid: 4 pts Swarm Tactics to get two I5 shots off. R3 Astromech + Veteran Tail Gunner to get locks on front and rear arcs. Freelance Slicer to turn one of those locks into jams. FCS to make more use of locks. Bodhi to extend range for locks. Baze + Perceptive Copilot for focus stacking. Leia to turn 0-stops white for instant repositioning and redirection, and other maneuvering improvements.
  10. If The Rat thinks I'm going to waste my $$$ on Disney Plus for ANY reason, they are even more foolish than they have shown themselves to be to date. I don't care if they corral the Star Wars films from now until Mustafar freezes over. I've got my DVDs of the REAL Star Wars films, that that's all I need. I'm sure I'm not the only SW fan with this opinion.
  11. ShouldaWouldaCoulda. In REALITY, trading has been virtually IMPOSSIBLE.
  12. Then do both. As long as I can get the kits I want without wasting $$$ on things I don't need, I don't care how they do it.
  13. FFG could have sold ship-specific kits directly to players via on-line sales. Stores wouldn't need to order any ship-specific kits.
  14. It's already turning into exactly what FFG said 2.0 was supposed NOT to turn into: Combo-Wing. A la GW.
  15. Since mid-2015. A lot less since 2.0 dropped.
  16. Never met Heinlein, which I will regret forever. If he were still around, what would he say about the state of the Star Wars universe? I don't recall if he had an opinion on the OT.
  17. I always did like Asimov better than Ellison. And I met them both.
  18. Adams' view conflicts with Ellison's. Ellison I can't agree with. You ARE entitled to your opinion, that is, to HAVE an opinion. Whether and to what degree your opinion is "informed" goes to weight, not admissibility (to use legal terminology). Which seems to be Adams' point.
  19. Looks like we need a new Godwin's Law, but specific to Trump. Maybe we should name it "Wilder's Law" :"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Donald Trump approaches 1."
  20. I couldn't agree more. I've suggested a similar system previously. One of the few things GW ever did right was its 40K FOC.
  21. Just think of them as training exercises.
  22. In other words, FFG is still running GW's playbook.
  23. EXTREMELY limited utility. You have to get two hits that GET THROUGH before ions have any effect. Very unlikely in most situations. Hence my unpopular opinion.
  24. I absolutely HATE mobile arcs. Ion weapons are as useless as udders on a porg.
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