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  1. My favorite is the old eTarkin/e7th with Nexus of Power
  2. Interesting scenario for you rules gurus: Vader deck v Cirpa & 6 Ewoks Deck ... One Ewok Warrior has Diplomatic Protection upgrade on him ... Vader has a 4 melee showing & plays F&DM. Now F&DM says to deal the damage to each, Dip Protection says before character is defeated give each character 2 shields. So ... is each damage dealt simultaneously, or one at a time? Also, per the rules, since the BEFORE 'interrupts' the queue does this prevent 6 instant deaths? We're looking for some direction based on the rules. Thanks guys!
  3. That statement sounds over simplified. The word "one" appears twice in the sentence. The first "one" applies to the character ... Not the dice. If each one is a trooper ... then ... The second "one" applies to the number of dice. For example, in an eFinn(red)/eRex scenario: Both are troopers, but you can only re-roll one of their dice ... EACH. I think the reasoning is sound.
  4. If you roll 2 troopers ... can you re-roll both trooper dice with MC?
  5. I looked everywhere to see if ranged & melee could be dealt to oneself ... & ONLY indirect says "Deals damage to an OPPONENT'S character(s)". The other 2 say, "deal damage to A character". But frankly i wouldn't mind having that many resources for one round then dink myslef for 1 or 2 to get rid of the downgrade next round to play 2 or 3 upgrades on a character in one round. That sounds disastrous for the person who played refusal. For the money, Mind Extraction is the best/worst downgrades in the game. I call it the Palp-Killer.
  6. I can't find any discussions about this. AND IT'S SO OLD!!! Nute's ability mentions upkeep phase. The Upkeep phase happens after a round. There is no upkeep phase during setup, therefore his ability didn't kick in until round TWO ... right?
  7. Twin Strike uses the word RESOLVE. Luke’s die is considered to be showing melee damage AS YOU RESOLVE IT. Therefore you can use Luke’s ongoing ability to resolve his die showing the shields as melee damage ... So the 6 of you are right!!! Sorry Chad & Conner (I assume that's their names) it hurts to take 4 unblockable to the face!!! Tho, Luke’s ability only works when his die would be resolved, not when it would be removed.
  8. A thought ... can you play CRAFTED LIGHTSABER with Mace's PA if he has not been exhausted. I would think that's a NAW, but I'd sure like to do it.
  9. Has anyone seen the "After" support deck? This dangerous deck contains: eBiggs, Maz & Rebel Pilot + Armored Reinforcements plot & Weapons Factory Alpha BF; the deck build contains one 4 cost Falcon, some mods, 2 Wingman, 2 Second Chance, maybe a couple or so more supports ... and the rest of the deck (>20) is mitigation & healing cards The real danger lies mostly if the battlefield is won. All that is needed in the original hand is Wingman which of course goes on the Reb Pilot.Round 1 looks like this ... Play wingman. Play the Falcon (dont even need to have it in your hand) for 2 using the plot & the BF. Since the battlefield is controlled, resolve simultaneous abilities in any order you choose, therefore: Activate Biggs ... "after" ... activate Falcon ... "after" ... activate Reb Pilot ... "after" ... reroll the Falcon TWICE if needed ... "after" ... activate Maz ... "after" ... resolve 2 dice. (no mitigation is able to be used, not even Suppressive Fire) ... then Mitigate, mitigate, mitigate, claim ... rince & repeat Dirty (vandalize goes in every yellow deck now) Am I missing anything on how to combat this brilliant garbage?
  10. I saw a FAQ for the Port District battlefield saying that if you decrease the cost of a card being played below 3, or play it for free, then it does not gain ambush. This begs the question, how far does the word "COSTS" go? If I spend 1 resource along with It Binds All things to reduce the cost of a Lightsaber attached to a Padawan, then can my opponent use Disarm & remove a die showing 1 ranged to remove that LS? Or, if I spend zero resources along with Reaping the Crystal & It Binds All things to reduce the cost of a Lightsaber attached to a Padawan, then can my opponent use Rend to remove that LS? There are MANY instances where this word "COST" or "COSTS" can come into play regarding discarding supports & upgrades. Examples: Reduced cost cards: Doctor Aphra, Armored Reinforcement, Black Market, Destiny, Lukes Training, etc. Affecting cards: Confiscation, Disarm, Rend, Dismantle, First Claim, Sabotage, etc. Thoughts???
  11. In the "This die" rule clarification the question is asked: Question: I activate a Clone Trooper (Legacies, 38) with a Training (Spirit of Rebellion, 125) on it. Can I reroll both of its dice? Answer: No. You can only reroll one Clone Trooper die of your choice. “This die” always refers to a single die, not multiple dice. How does this ruling affect Palp & Aurra Sing's character abilities?
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