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  1. Another good point for LoGlorfindel is that he’s the only hard-hitting warrior in the Lore sphere. His traits enable stuff like Coney in a Trap.
  2. Thanks. I was looking up the guarded keyword rule insert for The Black Serpent, and in this insert they don’t mention the reshuffling, but in this case the rule was for the encounter cards, so I got confused.
  3. You shuffle the discard back automatically only during the questing phase. Otherwise you don’t do it (e.g., no more shadow card, you don’t reshuffle). But the guarded keyword might be an exception, but it isn’t written in the rules for guarded keyword on player cards.
  4. What happens if I play a player card with the guarded keyword (e.g., The Arkenstone) and the encounter deck is empty? Since the encounter deck only gets reshuffled during the quest phase, my interpretation is that I get the card for free. I will reshuffle the encounter deck because I guess it’s unfair, but what’s the correct ruling?
  5. I'll have to pass this time. I couldn't find the time to make an appealing deck with one of the required heroes.
  6. Just finished my run at 1 valar token. Voyage across Belegaer caught me pants down with a well-timed treachery in the first turn that put a corsair right up my grill, when all my heroes were exhausted. He would have killed one of them, so I reset. I may have survived, since this quest isn’t that hard, but I didn’t want to take a chance at playing on just to be defeated at the end. Flight of the Stormcaller was epic. I had to overcome a very bad start and I had little hope. It went down the wire, and I just blew past the Stormcaller with Lords of the Eldar at last. Temple of the Deceived was pure turtling, but I really like the quest design. Looking forward to the Nightmare quest, which I have.
  7. Yes I can attest. Very convincing wins, including one against Flight of The Stormcaller where he drew a terrible hand. He made me think the quests are too easy for the league, as many participants may end up with the perfect score.
  8. You just killed the hype, man ? I’m curious, so I challenge you to do 2 more runs and report the results here. If you still manage a clean sheet, I’ll hand you the trophy myself
  9. I’m currently playing https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10026/dnedain-vacuum-cleaner-1.0 . Having fun sweeping 7th Level Nightmare. Next, I think I’ll prepare for the October solo league. I will probably go with a deck I played months ago, https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/9274/the-noldor-submarine-1.0, which had some success against the league’s 3 quests, if my memory doesn’t fail me.
  10. I’m still exploring my card pool, building new decks and testing them out. I’m planning on having a solid deck list before shelving the game a little bit, since I’ve been playing it for months, neglecting my other games. Problem is, I’m about 30 decks in, and still not seeing the end of it. The replayability is probably infinite. Also planning on reading the rules reference this afternoon.
  11. How about deckbuilding with the whole cycle in mind ? It’s a nice middle ground between building specifically for a quest and building in a vacuum. I should add that building quest-specific decks might not be as cheaty as you are inclined to think, in the sense that the task might not be as trivial as you think. For example, even if you add high hit-point heroes, such heroes usually come with a high threat cost. Are you sure you can handle the quest’s brutal threat increases? Instadeath is not the worst IMO. It adds a sense of danger to the following games, and adds to the triumph when you finally get over the hump. What’s the worst, IMO, is winning against the absence of opposition.
  12. I wouldn't have thought of playing O Elbereth Gilthoniel in a non-secrecy deck, but actually, in a high-threat Vilya deck, it makes sense. Genius move, man.
  13. (Cross-posting from BGG) I just finished my run. Managed a clean sheet, but I’m afraid I can’t win because I don’t have the tiebreaker. I used http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/9735/the-picky-peoples-1.0. Congrats to YepesNopes for his Nightmare run. Would love to hear about his win against Return to Mirkwood with a starting threat of at least 35, that must have been epic. EDIT: also congrats to Rouxxor, of course. His run certainly deserves to be ranked higher than mine. The session report is impressive. Journey Down the Anduin : I defeated this quest right on the heels of defeating Journey Up the Anduin from The Wilds of Rhovanion (which is trickier and harder IMO). I didn’t need to discard Folco. The matchup is in favor of this deck because of the very low threat and the encounter deck manipulations. In the final stage, the only dangerous enemy that had a lower engagement cost than my threat was the Warg, and I removed it after its attack by paying O Elbereth Gilthoniel full cost (it thought it could escape to the staging area -- no thank you). Other enemies with lower engagement cost were caught on Ranger Spikes. So I just picked them off one at a time. The main threats were the setup and direct damage from Necromancer’s Reach and Dol Guldur Orcs. I drew Necromancer’s Pass for the setup, which makes you discard 2 cards at random when you travel to it. Luckily, I had the only copy of Thror’s Map in my opening hand, and later I drew into the only copy of Warden of Healing. Conflict at the Carrock : a clinic in turtling. The scrying allows you to quest just enough to stay ahead of the encounter deck, without putting too much progress tokens. I stayed 10+ turns in quest stage 1, going almost through my entire deck looking for Treebeard. Return to Mirkwood : I was apprehensive before this one. I had never beat this quest before. I had lost to it badly, and then I snubbed it because of how poorly I thought it played solo. This time, Denethor and Risk Some Light did the work. Together, they moved to the bottom of the encounter deck 2 Mirkwood Bats, 1 Wolf Rider, 1 Marsh Adder, and 1 Hummerhorns. As a result, I only met harmless locations and 2 treacheries (one was Gollum’s Anguish, which increases threat by 8, and it got Test-of-Will’ed). My plan was to have the Denethor-Firyal combo ready for stage 3, where you can’t play cards at all. They were my insurance against a game-ending Gollum’s Anguish or enemies that would have protracted stage 4 and led to defeat by threat. Sure enough, Firyal discarded a Warg which could have easily won the game for Sauron. Instead, I got a nice Woodman’s Glade location and sailed to victory. The only threat reduction all game was from discarding Folco. I would have lost without his ability, as I failed to draw Gandalf (the only other source of threat reduction) and finished at exactly 43 threat. His sacrifice made it possible to stay in secrecy for 2 turns despite Gollum’s threat increase, and allowed me to play Risk Some Light twice for free.
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