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  1. Apparently, the response we received was "deal with it" until next year, when store championships come back after Worlds 2020. So that's that, I guess.
  2. It's a bit of a kick in the pants for us Ohio players - it reinforces the belief that FFG just doesn't really care much about Armada. Sure, we have two expansions recently and two ships in the pipeline (with not much info outside of their announcement), but lack of community support isn't a good sign. I'd love to see FFG fix the huge gap and give people a chance for organized play, but I guess I'm not holding my breath.
  3. I hope the fighters from Rebel and Imperial Squadrons II get another ace + half ace (like Gold Squadron). I'd like to see them more.
  4. Ah, you're right. They're just able to move with heavy, so the double tap only works on an activation Mauler moves in. Derp moment.
  5. Dengar has Intel which makes anything at range 1 have Heavy, so Mauler can move while engaged. Fighter Control Teams activates, letting it move for splash 1. When it's activated it moves again, and there's splash 2 plus a shot. My guess is if they do anything they'll errata the effects to squads that haven't been activated, but to get double taps off you do need to build for it, so I'm alright with it (even though it bashed me at Worlds).
  6. Whoops, sorry, a Focus token. Sometimes my words get all jumbled up and don't come out no good.
  7. I don't know about Fenn. The Sheathipede seems a little out of place. I've ran this pretty successfully: Luke Skywalker - Instinctive Aim, Proton Torpedos, R5 Astromech Wedge Antilles - Outmaneuver, R5 Astromech Garvin Dries - Outmaneuver, R5 Astromech While I don't get Proton Torpedos on anyone but Luke, being able to close the s-foils can help line up extra range 1 rolls with Outmaneuver. You could swap out Garvin for Thane which gives a little more offense, but I like being able to toss an evade on a buddy about to get pounded by TIE Fighters.
  8. I'm down (to get smashed by a way better player).
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