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  1. Wow man, that’s a little uncalled for. Start a new topic for something like that discussion... For what it’s worth, I don’t see any of the UK/Aus players I watch trying to play competitively under 10 acts either. Other than fun games where people are trying out new releases....which is what someone would do with this list that we are even taking about right now. Anyhow, I think it would work. People tend to underestimate weaker heroes like Leia and Veers. I find them very useful in combat at round 5-6, especially if they are at full health and only need to deal with half strength squads at that point.
  2. I feel like it was only the other day when Triple Bike & Veers was THE META for empire, how far we've come lol I'll reserve my judgement & comparison on how good TaunTauns are until I play against them
  3. My complaint with the landspeeder that I bought, the fixed turret weapons (rifle and ion) were literally bent in half out of the box. I feel like I had to work much harder than I should have to fix them, on a model that cost $50.
  4. Yep that long base makes the tank pretty fast!
  5. I would prefer to see more innovation in unit/ability keywords than in dice
  6. Saber throw allows Vader a lot more chances to hit when he normally might not be able (round 1/2). Also allows him to project more threat (Impact3/Pierce3 is no joke).
  7. I don't think increasing the cost of the ATST any further is going to help it.
  8. The first time I used Fett (days after he came out) he got killed with 11 suppression token on him. Wasn’t a super serious game and my opponent wanted to see what it took to kill him in heavy cover with regular troops. If he’s rolling well, he’s really difficult for non-sharpshooter or hero units.
  9. Nice! I've never used HQ Uplink, but it sounds like it works quite well
  10. Usually just the Concussion, 88 never felt like it was worth the points. People in my area never bring T47s anymore. ATRTs have also become scarce, so the need for impact 4 isn't there anymore. What people do bring are SabCommandos, Fleets, and Snows. These are all close range units, so yeah, usually round 1 I move the ATSTs up, and shoot the main guns. Then round 2 I move up again, and can shoot main guns and concussions. As a result, I also play pretty aggressively with veers
  11. I am still waiting to get a few more games in with him, but: I have played 1 or 2 AT-ST in every game since launch, until 2 weeks ago. When I played a couple games with a 10act list with Boba+Duck+Hunter+Stims. Takeaways: Boba is really good. I wish I had just run him zero upgrades (I never used any of them). It makes me sad that he is probably more useful than an ATST. Both of my opponents were playing very similar imperial lists to mine though, and I feel like Boba will do less well against Rebels. As to damage output - I almost always run my ATSTs with Concussion Launcher these days - so while I didn't find Bobas damage output to be awe-inspiring, his utility sure was nice.
  12. It is a pretty big nerf to units with the sharpshooter keyword. My problem with it is that sharpshooter is primarily on unique figures (leia, boba, veers, etc.) and highly trained units (commandos/scouts)... these are high cost, trained figures that I feel should thematically be able to make those precise and critical shots. And are all units that feel balanced and not needing a nerf... Matter of opinion as I said. And hey, it IS a houserule: If you're looking to seriously incentivize bringing heavy armor, that'd be the way to do it
  13. I really don't think this is as complex as some people are making it. Its easy guys; T47 is height 2, trooper units are height 0 = T47 gains Sharpshooter 2. (2-0=2) T47 is height 2, trooper units of height 0 are standing on a height 1 building = T47 has Sharpshooter 1. (2-0-1=1) I think REMOVING sharpshooter from units that are attacking a tall unit doesn't make any sense though. Larger, more visible unit should not mean it gets better defense in my opinion.
  14. Not much different than right now (post scouts) where everything is a variation on a 10 act list
  15. So it feels to me that the reason people want a pass mechanic, or to weaken trooper spam activation advantage - is because they want to play the cool 'queen' pieces, and also not be too disadvantaged to win games. Seems like easy fix to me: change the max points to 1200 - but don't change the min-max unit requirements. At that range I bet you'll see a lot more diverse commander/heavy/support combos. And you'll have to because 6x trooper spam even with all the upgrade toys only gets a player to 600 points. Then they have 600 points of awesomeness to pick. Probably still won't save the airspeeder though, lol
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