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  1. Thank you, good point! You sound really salty...no reason for that...no game is perfect and some groups like more mechanical approach than others.
  2. Hello, I have quick make sure question about spiritual backlash in fire stance. When I cast for example Fury of Osano-wo with 4 successes and 4 strifes, the range of spell is 0-4 (base)...spiritual backlash for fire Invocation says "The technique targets each character in range." Does the Invocation then target the casting shugenja itself as well? If yes then the range of an invocation like The Fires from Within is 1-3...doesnt target casting shugenja itself right? And the last question after this ...Biting Steel has range 0-1...with spiritual backlash gets bonus everyone around casting shugenja? Thank you for your answers and opinions!
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