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  1. Or just run and get the *bleep* out of there. Even at 0 doom that enemy is pretty tough to kill. Especially in your first (blind) play of this scenario, you are probably not going to be prepared for this Agenda if it comes into play.
  2. Thanks. I also sent this question thru the official rules inquiry form so we'll see if Matt (or whoever replies to those) confirms. I think we played with the same rulings as you stated, but it made this enemy incredibly frustrating to deal with.
  3. We had some questions about how exactly this enemy works. https://arkhamdb.com/card/05221 If I spawn this enemy on an adjacent location that has 1 or more investigators, is that considered "entering" the location? Do the investigators there need to make the AGILITY (4) check? If the Knight moves in the enemy phase to a location with 2 or more investigators, how is this resolved? Do we choose what order the investigators make the skill check in? If both investigators fail, does the enemy technically Engage one and then immediately engage the other one? This would matter for an Investigator like Zoey who gets stuff when enemies engage her. If I passed the AGILITY (4) check and the enemy is not engaged (and still Aloof), then it just sits there and doesn't move, and I don't have to re-check to see if it engages me? So I could sit in that location for several turns and the enemy just stands there looking at me and doing nothing? Edit: Also (more spoilers ahead) - if the enemy loses the Aloof keyword (due to special rules in this scenario) and would therefore engage me anyway, do I still have to make this skill check? Further, if the enemy is already engaged with another investigator, and I enter the location, do I still have to make the AGILITY (4) check and the enemy might "switch targets" and engage me when I enter the location?
  4. I have another (definitely spoiler) question about this scenario.
  5. Short answer - It's possible for any of the 3 suspects can be the spy. But if you know what clues to look for, you can determine which one it is very quickly. I'll put this into spoiler tags since it covers most of the details of the scenario and explains exactly how they expected you to determine who the spy is. One major thing I'll note outside the spoiler tags is that FFG software support confirmed to me that at least in v1.0.3 (and earlier) of the App, there is a bug which sometimes causes you to not receive the correct set of clues, making it actually impossible to deduce the spy. They claim this bug was fixed, presumably in v1.0.4, but I haven't tried to confirm or not.
  6. In the Arkham LCG, you can choose any option as long as it causes a change to the game state (so you could choose to discard 2 prepared cards even if you only had 1 prepared, but not if you had 0 prepared cards). I have no idea if this kind of thing is spelled out in the rules for LOTR:JIME anywhere. I will note that the 'Greed' card uses a 'X, otherwise Y' phrasing, so I have to assume you can choose either option for the other ones.
  7. Thanks for bumping this thread. I checked my e-mail and I also got a notification from Asmodee NA that my replacement cards have shipped.
  8. IMO it would have been much clearer if it said "...up to 4 facedown [DAMAGE] and/or [FEAR]..." I had the same question regarding even the basic Guard and Rest abilities. Really poor choice of wording.
  9. It's just the Foam Board and standard White Elmer's Glue (like, the $0.50 a bottle kind). During construction I usually hold pieces in place using small metal pins (to keep everything straight and at 90-degree angles), but remove the pins the next day after the glue has dried. I've probably made these for about 20 different games that I own now. After making a few, you learn about some of the small things (like the finger holes) that make the inserts more usable. I also made an Insert for Descent, which uses the exact same size box, and also uses the same size mini-cards as JIME.
  10. I spent a few hours making a custom FoamCore solution for mine... It's a 3-tiered organizer, most of which is mini-cards, and a few trays with tokens. Bottom level is Minis and Map Tiles.
  11. this is not something they will ever add to JIME. It's the same as Descent and Imperial Assault. The logistics involved with adding/removing party members during the campaign just doesn't work in this game. If someone misses a session, just have another player control 2 characters. If you wanted to add an extra player for just 1 mission, you can go ahead and do it - the App won't know or care, although the scenario won't be scaled appropriately in terms of map size or number of enemies that spawn. You could always improvise by adding an extra enemy figure and tracking damage to it outside of the app, or reducing all attacks by 1 hit, or something to that effect. My only real complaint with the app is the Campfire screen where it shows your XP is a bit cumbersome to navigate. It's kind of annoying to see 'Gimli - 5 XP' but that's because it's 1-2 XP split across 3 different classes. I would prefer if it just showed the XP in the current class, or maybe even just highlighted whether the hero had any purchasable cards or not.
  12. There's no way you should have that much damage or feat on the first turn, and especially not just from some goblin scouts (and the darkness from the cave). You do know that you begin each adventure / scenario with: No Damage/Fear at all (fully healed) No Inspiration A single Weakeness card in your deck It sounds like maybe you are carrying over the Fear/Damage from the previous adventure? I don't think it would be possible to suffer that much Fear just from 3 goblin scouts and the Darkness step, even if you provoked the goblin scouts twice AND were attacked by them in the Shadow phase.
  13. Okay, so why doesn't Meat Cleaver just say: So the cleaver works exactly the same way with this wording, which is how the Enchanted Blade (0) is worded. Or, for example Roland's .38 Special: But, none of the other cards in the game are worded that way. They always said "Your get +X [STAT]. But If [CONDITION] you get +Y [STAT] instead." Or I guess in the case of Lupara, it says "If Lupara entered play this turn, this attack gains an additional +1 [COMBAT] and deals +1 damage" I don't really have a problem with any of the way the cards are worded, but in my opinion it is inconsistent. I fully understand why someone might argue that when you spend a Charge from Enchanted Blade (0) it only gets +1 COMBAT And +1 damage, and not +2 COMBAT bonus in total. Because no other weapon in the game is worded that way, and implies that if you spend the charge, you use some alternate version of the ability and the original bonus is ignored.
  14. No. It means if you purchase expansions on an iOS device, you will only have access to those expansions on an iOS device. But you could own 3 iPads and 4 iPhones, as long as you are logged into those devices with the same Apple ID, all of those devices will have the expansions you have purchased. But if you switch to an Android phone, or install the app on Steam, those platforms don't use your Apple ID so you would not "own" any of the expansions on those platforms.
  15. There is definitely a learning curve to this game. I'm playing on Hard Mode and lost the first 4 missions, but a lot of that was because I made rules errors or completely forgot to use one of my hero powers or prepared cards. Looking back I could have easily won some of those missions if I didn't make a dumb mistake (like forgetting that Legolas can spend an inspiration to leave his space, so he doesn't get punched in the face by the boss during Retaliate) Inspiration economy is a huge part of the strategy, especially in Hard Mode. You need to focus the early game on collecting Inspiration and not spending it. This means taking advantage of cards like Trailblazer, Resourceful, Traveling Song, etc. that generate Inspiration for you. It's also very important to understand that most of the cards with success icons, are still worth a success if you prepare them. If the card gives you an inspiration, or lets you convert a LEAF into a success, then it's still given you a success, but maybe one that you have saved up for later. There's nothing more annoying than flipping 3 success icons when you only needed 1. The way you lose this game is when you need to make a critical skill test (Last Stand, Combat, Final Objective, etc.) and you don't have enough inspiration to pay for the number of successes you need, even though you flipped enough cards with LEAF icons.
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