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  1. I love your stuff. Just followed you on Instagram. Amazing stuff!
  2. I dunno about ‘best’ fo lists. But I flew this last night and had a lot of fun. Kylo and the Upsilon Escort (64) Lieutenant Tavson [Upsilon-class command shuttle] (1) Biohexacrypt Codes Points: 65 (76) Kylo Ren [TIE/vn Silencer] (3) Hate Points: 79 (26) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 26 (26) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 26 Total points: 196 The Ties were suppose to be blockers to help Tavson have more time on targets. It kinda worked. If I was better anyways. I’ve hardly got to play all year and a very casual player but had fun with this list.
  3. I bought force awakens the day before 2.0 was announced. Still a noob! Love every match I play though! Which is still not enough
  4. I ordered a nice shiny set of acrylic templates for wave 3 instead.
  5. I knew about the turret rotation rule. Admittedly I did play a friendly match doing it wrong. Why must you shoot out the front first though? A turret Attack is still a primary attack. If for some reason no one was in front of me but instead to my rear and side I could shoot the turret out the back at first target then rotate and shoot out side at second target. Or even better if they are an angle when both my rear and side arch could hit the same target I could hit him twice. Of course attacking from the front arch first and front turret second is probably still better because of the one extra attack die on front arch attack.
  6. I also have a vennie L’ulo and Tallie list. Very little fly time right now but I loved it. VTG And Paige combo and perceptive co pilot. A lot of fun to fly. Although I don’t have a 3rd A-wing I do like the idea of it.
  7. Why? Well, because I never thought of that. I think I like it though.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I switched to Ion Cannons (I’ll have to get another card off a friend but for now they won’t mind) also the R2’s was definitely a mistake and I meant R4’s. Then realized R4’s probably aren’t needed. So just put shield upgrades on Ello and Nien instead. Full 200 but I think I like the tweaks. I’ll give it a fly soon to (hopefully) mess around with my friends. Maybe I’ll swap the Ion cannons for tractor beams for another fun match Ver.2.0 Tripion (48) Lieutenant Bastian (0) Integrated S-foils (5) Ion Cannon (7) M9-G8 Points 60 (55) Nien Nunb (0) Integrated S-foils (5) Pattern Analyzer (1) Heroic (5) Ion Cannon (6) Shield Upgrade Points 72 (56) Ello Asty (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (5) Ion Cannon (6) Shield Upgrade Points 68 Total points: 200
  9. I’m a VERY casual player. With only playing a few 2.0 matches and a Resistance main. So as a casual player I wanted to make a fun triple t-70 list focused on Ion or Tractor. I haven’t really played with either of those mechanics at all yet and wonder if it’s even worth it on t-70’s. Here one Ion one I made. Tripion (48) Lieutenant Bastian (6) Ion Torpedoes (3) R3 Astromech (0) Integrated S-foils (6) Targeting Synchronizer Points 63 (55) Nien Nunb (0) Integrated S-foils (5) Pattern Analyzer (4) R2 Astromech (1) Heroic (4) Ion Missiles Points 69 (56) Ello Asty (4) Ion Missiles (0) Integrated S-foils (4) R2 Astromech (1) Heroic Points 65 Total points: 197 How does that look? Any suggestions? Am I way out to lunch even trying this? What about Tractor Beam? Still out to lunch? As a reminder again my group is a fairly casual bunch so I don’t ever plan on taking something like this to competitions. I also made a 2 T-70 and 2 A-Wing Ion list.
  10. My resistance bomber and A wings is called: Vennie and the jets.
  11. I’m still waiting for my official 2.0 launch. Resistance main here. I almost went first order. I still have a bunch of their stuff. I might eventually get a conversion kit if I can’t sell it or sucker a friend to join our small group and make him go first order. We’ll see. But I’m looking forward to finally flying 2.0 soon and Poe. Happy Friday
  12. Sounds like something me and my family will look into as well....
  13. Well I guess when you put it like that I guess it’s not a bad investment. Worst case scenario I’ve got a cool lookig model that my friends can shoot at.
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