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  1. If you are starting out the conversion kit is not a great investment as it doesn't come with the ships (there may be some faction relevant cards but not many) but it does not come with the plastic the only exception would be if you bought a lot of 1.0 ships other th as b that its better to buy the expansion packs
  2. Take a look at this list suggestions are welcome Wolfe arc 170 (51) Expert handling (4) Synchronized console (2) R2 astromech (4) Clone commander cody (3) Ship total (64) Jag arc 170 (49) R2 astromech (4) Synchronized console (2) Seventh fleet gunner (9) Ship total (64) Sinker arc 170 (54) R2 astromech (4) Synchronized console (2) Seventh fleet gunner (9) Ship total (69) Squad total (197)
  3. It is possible to run eight v 19 torrents with five hull each that Mae's 40 hull to 33 damage cards. what do you do if you run out of damage cards but still have damage to be dealt?
  4. Not the best I've seen but not bad for a first time
  5. Not the best I've seen but not bad for a first time
  6. i want to do an accurate poes T70x (black one) using citdiel paints what colors would you reccommend?
  7. tororpedoes are problematic but also require a lock which makes an opponat pay to shoot. th silencr poses a nasty problem though
  8. this list is about changing my opponants strategies (or contending with them chould my oppnant choose to not change it) r3/clusters (good for swarms and innitial joust. rarely used outside those circumstances) ferrosphere paint (effective at discouraging lock action from rear arc turret and arc dodging ships} marksmanship fits my style more than crsckshot admitedly though i come out ahead in a game 40-45% 90% of my games with this list forced my opponat to change thier plans
  9. 3x black squadron aces: Marksmanship,Integrated s foils ,R3, Cluster missiles, ferrosphere paint 195 points Improved from original three black sheep which had heroic in place marksmanship also 195 points
  10. H i am in a slight pickle I will be inviting a friend to a local hyperspace tourney next sunday. he will be borrowing all his gaming supplies from me. I expect heavy scum presence but may encounter imperial, first order, or resistance, I have to build a sturdy list that is simple to fly and wont easily be destroyed. resistance seems to have the most ballanced beginners platforms (i will be running triple t-70s myself) that will leave me with 4 t-70s, 1 salveged yt-1300, and 4 rz2As to build his squad list. sugesstions would be much appreciated
  11. What is a good beginner resistance list
  12. The clusters would be mainly for the original joust with r3 I can lock and attack two ships though I have put outmaneuver on Ello instead of cluster
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