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  1. Sabalom Glitz

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    It is 1 card on 1 type of ship with 6 pilots.. Don't give me that million combinations b.s. Some of you must be the actual playtesters to get you so riled up.
  2. Sabalom Glitz

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    It's a faction locked card that can only be placed on upsilons. Not exactly a needle in the haystack.
  3. Sabalom Glitz

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    The simplest fix would have been playtest and development but that didn't happen. Can't wait to see what the community finds when we playtest Sep's and Rep's for them
  4. Sabalom Glitz

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    That someone actually believes FFG will have a point's adjustment ready to go is what I find amusing. Until all 7 factions are ready how would they even begin?
  5. All making those changes would do is make the next 4 factions over powered. With the new factions coming out between now and April they are better off waiting.
  6. Sabalom Glitz

    Are You Team Nerf ? or Team Puzzle?

    I assume they are testing the new factions against the current point values. So unless they intend for the new waves to be power creep they may want to wait on the nerfs till March or April. Calling for nerf a month in just seems counterproductive
  7. The games been out less than a month officially . Can we at least wait for the other four factions before too many changes are made. they can't balance the new factions if the old ones points change a month in.
  8. Sabalom Glitz

    Why would anyone fly a Jumpmaster?

    The only reason's to fly a jump master are A) you lost a bet. Or B) you grabbed the wrong case and it's all you have with you.
  9. Sabalom Glitz

    The curious case of Boba Fett

    They have to adjust points in both directions otherwise why bother. Raising the cost of competitive cards without lowering the cost of non competitive cards will just end with a lot stuff never bring played. There is a balance they just need time and info to find it
  10. Sabalom Glitz

    The curious case of Boba Fett

    Instead of increasing the cost of the top cards is just going to bring out the next top cards. Why not adjust everything else down until things level out?
  11. Sabalom Glitz

    Composure and Agile Gunner are $40 upgrades?

    What a conspiracy. Next I suppose they will release a core set with ships and cards that five factions don't need and can't use.
  12. Sabalom Glitz

    Afterburnes is this where the lie comes undone?

    As a scum player, who immediately has to buy out of faction on a core set, I don't feel for you. Sorry. If it bothers you that much stop playing. Otherwise suck it up and quit complaining.
  13. If you think they lied to you quit. Simplest solution. A lot better than complaining here.
  14. Sabalom Glitz

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    Scum players have to buy two ties and a x wing in the core set. Rebels have to buy a scum product for Maul. What's your point? Should we only buy imperial?
  15. Sabalom Glitz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I am beginning to feel like they don't serve our kind here!