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  1. I agree it ought to be possible to acquire it at character generation. The way it's implemented is very odd. Clone Trooper acquired after character generation could reflect someone who was taught by a clone. Padawan Survivor might reflect someone who was taught by a jedi knight or master, using a dog-eared copy of the padawan syllabus.
  2. Is this something you know because the developers have told you, or because you are part of the inner circle yourself, or is it based on your reading of the rules? Because from my reading of the rules, it's very clear that it costs an action to roll force dice - page 280, column 2, paragraph 3. As it does to activate some force talents (page 282, column 2, paragraph 2). But it doesn't say anything similar that I can see for committing force dice: in particular, the section Committing Force Dice on page 281-2 doesn't mention it.
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