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  1. "Not being the most well-known TTRPG" and "being niche" are not synonymous.
  2. They are indisputably the coolest family in the Unicorn. Edit to add, instead of double-post: I see about 850 fewer people voted on this than on the first poll.
  3. Actually, that gave me an idea. They could create a kharmic foe sort of thing between a Moto Death Priest character and a Kitsu Sodan-Senzo, who are facing off against one another in war. "I call my ancestors to give strength to the Lion!" "Nah bro, your ancestors aren't available right now. It's not in the contract."
  4. Hida Jitenno

    Intrigue Initiative

    Okay, so I feel a little lost on this, and assume I'm missing something. Intrigues do not use a set initiative order; it's generally based on the Status of participants. Got that. What if someone fails the TN1 Sentiment roll? I had a player roll 1 white, 3 black, and all came up either blank or opportunity. What do you get for succeeding that he shouldn't get because he didn't? Another player on that same Intrigue had the same dice pool, got 3 successes and an opportunity, keeping all (exploding success -> opp). What should she get for the two bonus successes? Did I miss it somewhere?
  5. I'm not saying it would overhaul the lore of the Moto family, but of the current theme in the LCG. Maybe it's because I'm a much heavier RPG player, and I would absolutely love to see the Death Priests in the RPG, be it a new school or new title, but how would it fit into the Unicorn's current LCG theme? I'd hate to see the community card come out and be a complete dud because it doesn't mesh with what the Clan does.
  6. I think one of the arguments against it would be that it's a little early in the life of the game to start making new traditions of the rarest of three types of samurai. It shouldn't be widespread enough to give a new theme or subset of the family, so it'd be its own, lonesome, Moto Death Priest. If its ability then has more in common with an Iuchi, then can it be said to be a 'Death Priest' instead of just 'a Moto who could hear the kami and was trained by the Iuchi"? And if it is distinct, then one shugenja can't be its own theme. So where do you go from there? Personally, I loved the Death Priests and the Lords of Death as Fortunes (even though I still think Emma-O got a raw deal from a writer that just didn't like him). But I think for the LCG, it's a little early to start having a big thematic overhaul such as a new shugenja family. They already took a big change with the Kaito.
  7. *squints at Iuchi Wayfinder's first keyword*
  8. Okay Yasuki Hachi, calm down.
  9. I did have a fun little campaign hook once where the Chuda family, with guidance from a gaijin corrupted god, figured out how to take a mikokansen (corrupted version of a mikokami) and essentially replace a person's soul with it. That led to some terrifying abilities. Maybe for your special folks, which perhaps could be a vassal family of the Miya, have abilities similar to the Kaito, where they can allow a kami to inhabit their body for a purpose. Building off that concept in a different angle could give you something you're looking for. Or, if you really want your players to be OP, go gestalt. Two schools at the same time. Did that once. My players were the Elemental Dragons reborn into mortal form because hijinks. I allowed them to have double school abilities, including double starting skills, and didn't cap the starting ability values. That was a fun game.
  10. Hida Jitenno

    Halloween Fiction 2018 - Small Mercies

    Por que no los dos?
  11. Hida Jitenno

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    "Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your cow. Dis..." Fixed. :p
  12. Hida Jitenno

    Kaze no Shiro Story Archive Site moving

    @Oni no Pikachu thanks for bein' awesome!
  13. Hmm, Utaku or Iuchi, which to vote?
  14. Hida Jitenno

    Kaze no Shiro Story Archive Site moving

    Thanks for your hard work and archiving awesomeness these years! When is the move happening?
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    That'd be the one. My first, and still my favorite.