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  1. "Nice t-," she clears her throat, "an honor to meet you," Ayaka finishes, the words sounding rote and trained rather than her natural greeting. She throws a glance back over her shoulder to the main terrace, then turns back. "Yes, so it seems. I can spare a moment for friends, but I must keep it short." She turns her arms over to show her tattoos to Jinyo more. "Yes, they are relatively fresh still, though I'm sure your trained eye already caught that. New paths in life, new symbols of that path."
  2. Ayaka inclines her head, then tucks her thumbs into her obi. "Yes, reliance on the Fortune of Strength is essential in time of war. The question remains whether he can be remember as highly during the new peace. So, Kuni-san, who are your friends?" She gestures to the two who didn't introduce themselves.
  3. "Ah, I was fairly certain it wasn't the water. This residue was on the water glider as well. Aruzhan-san, do you know of any ritual that requires this phosphor?" He offer the jitte handle-first to her.
  4. Hekasu drops the bucket in surprise from Aruzhan. "Calm down, mom, it's just a taste. I scooped the gunk aside. I," in the words the GM used, "know the practicalities of drawing water from a well without getting a mouthful of algae." Hekasu then reaches for his katana, frowns, then looks to the others. "If any of you have a tanto or similar dagger, there's some residue right there." Then he glances at Aruzhan, "but don't worry, I won't touch it directly. I think that's what ignited here, when it touched the water."
  5. Von - just give the results in spoiler boxes in the main RP thread, like we do in Magnus Grendel's game.
  6. "Burning water?" Hekasu blurts out, surprised. "Ah, hmm. I guess it can do its own boiling," he jokes. He dips a pinky in the water then taps it to his tongue, trying to get a taste of anything that might be off about the water itself.
  7. Ayaka returns the bow in kind. As she does, you see a tattoo on each inner forearm: a simple three-tier temple on her left arm and a yari on her right. The tattoos look like they were done within the last month or so. "Suda Ayaka, formerly a taisa of the Legion's vanguard," she says, to explain knowing Kamaitachi.
  8. Several courtiers snap open fans in surprise, the whisper growing more intense. For her part, Ayaka gives a characteristic smirk, one Kamaitachi would recognize as her "pre-battle chutzpah," and bows back. "Kamaitachi-san! What a surprise to see you so far north. But please, 'Ayaka,' between battle sisters, is more than enough for me." She gestures for you to lead the way. Now that you get a better look at her face, you see two light scars, one running over her right eye and one parallel down her temple right beside it. Her eye itself is fine - it looks like the cuts must not have been deep. This is new since the war.
  9. A bit of quiet surprise moves through the main area. A mid-20s woman walks into the terrace, midnight-black kimono with a simple yari mon patterned in red down her right arm. She wears three layers, suggesting she is lower-ranking than many in attendance, yet wealthy enough not to wear merely two as a high-placed servant would, and she has no family or clan mon either. Her hair is pulled up into a warrior's topknot, but she carries no short blade to suggest her status as a samurai. In short, the hubbub seems to be centered around her contradictory appearance.
  10. "Though, the water beneath the surface might just be good, especially with a bit of boiling..." He grabs the bucket, looking at it, "I do think this was used recently, though." He glances to Aoi to see what reaction the man has.
  11. "Well, I feel a bit relieved if we're not going to have a showdown with a spirit. I had begun to, ah... wonder, slightly, when it looked like an entire horse disappeared!" Hekasu looks back at the water, "Well, define 'drinkable.' You could probably scoop a cup of it and pour it into your mouth... but it's going to be chewy."
  12. "Hiruma-sama, that well over there," Hekasu gestures toward it. "Is it commonly used?" He makes his way over to inspect it.
  13. At the mention of sake, a nondescript servant appears, eyes downcast, holding a well-crafted wooden box, steaming in the almost-warm air. The servant's robes are marked with the Isawa mon, indicating the family he serves. The bottle is marked with the kanji 'Kyou' - Apricot. He bows, presenting the bottle for approval or dismissal.
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