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  1. Hekasu grimaces, well... this should be great. What I wouldn't give for a bow would be a very short list. Completely at a loss on how to fight on horseback, Hekasu steels himself to die for no good reason. The pain in his shoulder flares, reminding him just how bad of an idea this is. He dismounts, draws his sword, and sets his feet to receive a charge.
  2. So you wanted the entire planet to wear one, single, hat? Even though any map very clearly showed there was more to the world than the borders of the Empire?
  3. Looking forward to seeing Ronin Shugenja and Courtier schools!
  4. I had a monk that just made up sayings, and always concluded with "Shinsei said that." My favorite one was: "Sorry is the man who cannot laugh; sorrier is the man who cannot laugh at himself."
  5. Just as a note, it's Doji Hayaku. He was then awarded the right to found his own family, and "Daidoji" means (in-setting) "Defender of the Doji." He was one of Doji and Kakita's sons.
  6. Hekasu rises and bows to the pair. "You've been more than kind, Yasuki-sama, monk-sama. I thank you for your compassion." Inwardly, he forces himself to keep breathing and to focus on the feeling of his feet beneath him.
  7. Hekasu, looking distinctly more pale than he had moments ago, nods as he sits down. "Yeah, there were birds."
  8. So, drawing on the previous editions a bit, the Moto Avengers seem to be a combination of the White Guard and the Death Priests. There isn't really any lore about them in 5e, save for the single page in Shadowlands.
  9. Ah, haven't gotten through that module yet.
  10. Well, I suppose I get that from following the story from the last 15 years. I did miss that they'd revealed who Master Chrysanthemum is. Which story? I've fallen behind in the fiction.
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