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  1. Was certainly hoping for a wealth of Shadowlands powers. I had a homebrew school in a previous edition from a darker timeline, where the Kuni actively manifested Shadowlands powers in their version of the Damned. With Scorpion "Yojimbo" around them in case things got... out of hand.
  2. Hida Jitenno

    Dueling Question

    Given that "bushi" is a specific tag on a school in both this edition and prior editions, I took the post saying "bushi" to mean "bushi" and not generically "warrior."
  3. Hida Jitenno

    Some stories

    Part of the problem with two separate lore forums for the same setting. I've put up a couple here, mainly because I play the RPG. Thanks for sharing yours! https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/574-your-stories/
  4. Hida Jitenno

    Backstab and ambush

    I'd suggest one minor modification: only greater than Endurance, not equal to. You aren't incapacitated until you have fatigue greater than endurance, not just equal to; likewise, you don't become compromised until you have strife greater than composure, not just equal to.
  5. Hida Jitenno

    Dueling Question

    This is fairly covered in the Core Rulebook, sidebar p. 232: "Symbolism of a Katana: Only samurai are allowed to wear the katana, and further, only dedicated warriors commonly do so in Rokugan - most courtiers do not bother to keep their katana on their person at all times, their lighter and more convenient wakizashi proving their status as samurai. Thus, openly displaying the long sword tells the world at large that the wielder is a dangerous individual who knows their way around a swordfight." You carry a katana, you are expected to be able to use it because that's what you're telling the world. In previous editions, that was the same. Courtiers and non-bushi, in previous editions, could still learn the Iaijutsu skill, and if they carried katana, would also be expected to fight their own duels. Nothing about the rules that I recall said "if you're not a bushi, would cannot fight an iaijutsu duel."
  6. Hida Jitenno

    DIY Vassal Families

    Apologies for the thread necromancy, but made a new vassal family based off an NPC that my players seem to find pretty neat. The description is a bit rough still... The short version: Seppun Diviner/Astrologers that use their skills for matchmaking. Yan Vassal Family: Yan no Seppun: +1 Earth or +1 Void; +1 Courtesy, +1 Theology; 35 Glory; 5 koku One of the oldest, and smallest, of the vassal families of the Empire, the Yan descend from a group of Lady Seppun’s tribe that originally did not follow her into service of the Emperor. At the time of the Fall, an old man known to the Seppun as Yanbotsu chose to stay independent. For generations he had been a sort-of family advisor to several tribes around Seppun Hill. During births, he would take the readings of the stars to learn their portents for the child. As years went by, he would watch the children grow and learn their aptitudes, suggesting paths for them to go in life. By learning the people, he served as a matchmaker, and marriages he arranged were rumored to be the happiest and most fruitful of the early age of Rokugan. While most of Lady Seppun’s people followed her in fealty, several wished to be free to choose their own paths. To that end, Yanbotsu used his influence to be given a governorship over a district of the Imperial City and gave the freedom to those to pursue their lives under his protection. He pledged himself to the idea of the Empire, of a giant family all unified for the benefit of mankind. As the decades passed, generations grew under his guidance, but Grandpapa Yanbotsu remained the same. In the Fourth year of Emperor Hantei Genji’s reign, he divined the truth that his father had known and never shared: Yanbotsu was an ancient Fortune living among his chosen people. Genji promised that Yanbotsu’s people would only ever be asked to serve the family that is mankind, taking them as vassals to the Seppun. In exchange, Yanbotsu agreed to ascend to the Heavens as the Fortune of Familial Piety. In time, his two greatest students – Kiryoko, an astrologer and his hatamoto, and Nakodo, his apprentice matchmaker, rose to joint leadership of these vassals. Choosing the name Yan in his honor, they used divination to arrange some influential marriages between early shakers and movers in the fledgling Imperial Bureaucracy. This solidified their status as matchmakers, which has since been the primary role of the Yan. The Yan tend to dress in the tradition of their namesake: alkalpak headwear, wide-sleeved kimono, and grey cloth. Some wear majority grey and white clothing; others wear Seppun colors with grey accents. Their vassal mon is the Seppun chrysanthemum-and-bamboo, but with the constellation of the member’s birth embroidered between the boughs. #Vassal #VassalFamily #VassalFamilies
  7. My only beef is the short-shrift given to the Wall. It was built in the 8th Century thanks to the valiant sacrifice of Kuni Osaku. The earlier wall, built further into the Shadowlands, fell during the Maw's assault which wiped out the Hiruma lands. To me, that's one of the best stories that exemplify the Crab: an assault which devastated them, cost them so much, but they had to sacrifice and keep going with no time to stop, mourn, or bemoan their losses. But, as you mention, it is for newbies and I'm a little past that, haha. Thanks for sharing! It is a great primer.
  8. Crab also have a Shinobi school in the core. As mentioned before, Daidoji Harriers for the Crane are definitely well-established to be the not-honorable Crane saboteurs. Then for the Lion there are Ikoma Spymasters from Honor's Sacrifice dojo. I would definitely be happy to see them, as my current Ikoma player really wanted to play that school specifically.
  9. Hida Jitenno

    Coiled Snake

    Well, that was what Sotorii accused Toturi of doing in Old5r, which is why he ended the Akodo Family.
  10. Hida Jitenno

    I'm disappointed with the wiki

    Thank you for your hard work! I haven't contributed in a long time, but I still get the emails each time a few pages are updated. I keep going and looking at it thinking, "oh, I should add that." And I just... don't. Sorry to have left all that on your shoulders. I'll try to help with the load. edit: QFT
  11. I'm hoping for Daidoji Trading Council, but I may have to wait until the Unicorn book for that.
  12. I have little to add to everyone's helpful advice, save for directing you to Page 296 of the core rulebook which explains this exact thing.
  13. Courtier tend to need yojimbo, so this could be the book for Scorpion Yojimbo. Perhaps a [Bushi, Courtier] tagged like the Shiba Guardian. A bit of the left-handed duelist flavor would be cool.
  14. Hida Jitenno

    3-Roll Duels?

    Question: is Focus done in initiative order as well? When you go to Strike, is that a new round? If not, then Predict doesn't seem particularly useful. I do like the "cannot defend" as to this specific duel. In a weapons beatdown match, sure, defending is great. But in Iaijutsu, it's just two people squaring off, drawing and trying to hit. You aren't blocking, you aren't dodging, so how exactly do you 'defend'?
  15. Sure, keep me posted! Thanks.