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  1. So, to make sure that I am fully understanding the interaction of Krayt Dragon Fury with her other abilities, if Tress were to be equipped with: - the Bo-Rifle with the Weighted Head attachment - her Cybernetic Arm And have the following abilities: - Dianoga Sweep (2xp) - Krayt Dragon Fury (4xp) She could spend her two Style tokens to add: - Any combination of up to 3 surges or damage to the attack results by spending two Style tokens for the first two and exhausting Krayt Dragon Style for the third (using the top ability of Krayt Dragon Fury for the surges or her Cybernetic Arm for the damage) - Using Dianoga Sweep, you could spend 2 Style tokens to add Cleave 2 to the attack results, exhaust the Weighted Head for another Cleave 1, and exhaust Krayt Dragon Fury to add a surge to the attack results, which you are likely to be able to spend to add yet another Cleave 1 to the attack results for a minimum of Cleave 4, plus whatever the dice have rolled. If Krayt Dragon Fury works the way that I understand, she could be exhaust the Bo-Rifle to perform a ranged attack, see the attack results, and cherry pick from the two points above to either drop a lot of damage onto one figure or have a guaranteed minimum Cleave 3, with a small possibility of Cleave 4. And since ranged cleave is wonky, she can apply those 4 separate instances of Cleave1 as she sees fit within the accuracy that she rolled, as long as she has line of sight. Assuming my very long-winded interpretation is correct, I don't see why people appear to be judging Dianoga Sweep and Krayt Dragon Fury so harshly. Yes, it is a little niche, but that is a pretty awesome attack to have once per round.
  2. Oh my goodness, a1bert, that is so incredibly gross! That'd be even more disgusting if you were able to tie in IG's 'Relentless' ability. Pull that off once and your Rebels will always immediately target IG anytime he deploys!
  3. Combine Nemeses' "Leave Them to Me" with Maul. "Leave Them to Me" allows the Imperial player to deploy Maul for 2 Threat. This is already a very strong combination, but Maul's unique ability, "Sustained by Rage" will prevent the Rebel team from removing him during the round that he was deployed, no matter how much damage they deal to him. This guarantees him at least a single activation in the upcoming round. This is already fairly nasty, as Maul has a very strong and flexible attack. However, if you add the Agenda card, "By Any Means Necessary," you allow Maul to immediately perform a second attack with the same target. If he's already suffered damage equal to or greater than his Health, you have essentially gained a free attack.
  4. I have wanted to make Kayn Somos viable from the when I entered the game shortly after the release of Return to Hoth. He seemed really cool, he has some strong abilities, and it just feels very flavorful to have a Stormtrooper commanding other Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, he is very expensive for what he delivers. Not only is his deployment cost high but his abilities are restricted to adjacent friendly Troopers - for the same 10 points, an Imperial player may choose to bring 2 Imperial Officers which offer more versatility, at the very least. He is widely regarded as overcosted, many on these forums believe that he should be somewhere in the range of 6-8 points. Personally, I feel that 6 is very aggressive and I want to limit the interplay between Kayn and the soon-to-be released Death Troopers. Originally, my fix for Kahn was limited to what was suggested in Christopher Emmick's "IA Skirmish Fixes for Deployment Cards." Now, I don't feel that is aggressive enough. Kayn has two great abilities and struggles to use both of them. I created "Vicious Tactician" to help him earn his place in an army. In keeping with his theme and in order to keep him from becoming too strong, I decided to allow him to ignore friendly Troopers while drawing line of sight for a cost. He is described as being overly vicious, it felt like a nice way to include that and balance him a little bit. By changing his attack pool to Blue/Green/Green from Blue/Blue/Green and changing his ~: +1 Damage to ~: Pierce 1, I have tried to keep his damage output relatively the same while reducing his accuracy and increasing his chance of getting the surge that he wants to Focus another Trooper. He doesn't need to be sniping from across the map, it makes more sense to me if he had the same attack pool as a Focused Stormtrooper. Finally, I included a built-in Advanced Com Systems into his abilities to increase his effective range. Please let me know what you think! Did I go overboard?
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