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  1. I love your version of Plo Loon and I think it's a really interesting take on him.
  2. Straight up honestly, I'm just really tired and mentally fried. It's been a day, don't mind me haha
  3. On a related note, does the player get to choose where they place each of the 3 tokens or is it supposed to be random?
  4. Do we know how many of each token he comes with, by chance?
  5. I've actually found some use out of using Overwatch on Rex during the turn I use his 1 pip too; if you take a standby with another clone activation, he can spend it to get him closer to the action, which makes it a little more challenging for your opponent to completely play around it. I'd still agree it's limited in its use but it isn't completely worthless
  6. Thank you so much. I wanted more input on how to use them effectively and I had seen some ideas for how to run them beforr... and discovered that it was at the top of this post. That's what I get for only responding to new comments ha.
  7. Ok, that is exactly how I thought he was supposed to be played but I have to say I'm a little disappointed - I was hoping that he was going to be an absolute melee monster, especially with his 1 pip. Thanks for your tips, Mokoshkana.
  8. By the way, how do you run Grievous effectively? I'm looking to learn how to play droids, I've mostly played clones with some Rebels mixed in there and I'm still trying to get a feel for them.
  9. I would like to begin by saying that I'm not trying to troll, demean, or be rude at all. You misunderstand - Obi-Wan's defense matches Fett's when he uses Soresu Mastery - he spends a dodge token to gain Surge: Block *and* can deal damage back to the attacker for every surge result. That is one of the ways he contributes. That is strictly better than what the clones would roll. Also, you should re-read how Soresu Mastery works: Obi spends a dodge token - which blocks one of the incoming damage. If he uses Guardian 3 to its full effect, he is only rolling 2 defense dice, not 3, and his defense is strictly better than the clones because now his red defense dice increase to the aforementioned surge:block. I also tend to only take 2 offensive units and two naked Phase I's for token generation. The big guns can potentially attack twice each by spending the Phase I's Standby token and they become far cheaper. Add in Padmé and your offensive line increases further. With Obi protecting the clones, you can be more offensive with the heavy weapons and take an aim before shooting each time. That's just my $0.02, for whatever that's worth. Hopefully, that helps explain what I was trying to say earlier.
  10. I actually do the exact opposite and use him strictly to defend my clones. I tend to run him with Rex, so I try to keep him as cheap as possible by only taking Reflexes and Battle Mediation. Most people will tell you that Meditation is a waste of points, but he doesn't need a face up token to defend his clones and none of his command cards require him to have an order token himself; however, clones LOVE face up order tokens for Fire Support, Strict Orders, Aggressive Tactics, generating tokens, etc. Kenobi's a sacrificial piece to me, his job is to keep as much of my forces alive through the first 2-3 rounds as possible. Kenobi is specifically wonderful at removing chip damage from his clones - if the attacker only got 1 hit through, he can just spend one of his stack of dodge tokens to completely negate it. At the very least, he's protecting an entire unit of clones, but he's likely to mitigate far more than the 6 hits it takes to bring him down. Like any other hero, he doesn't lose any offense or defense before you lose him - clones lose a lot of offense for each one they lose. In an ideal situation, your opponent will be close enough and softened up enough when Obi dies for Rex to take over and go on the offensive with the remaining clones and clean up shop. His command cards should give him his much-needed dodge tokens, as can 3PO & Padmé. On that note, 3PO & Padmé combined are amazing support for your clones: 3PO can "Calculate Odds" on Padmé, then she can use "Quick Thinking" to generate two aim and dodge tokens that any friendly unit within Range 2 can use. After that, Padmé still has a second action to move, attack, or generate a fifth token, e.g. aim, dodge, standby. Yes, 140 points for all three is a LOT, especially in the Clone army, but they can generate up to 5 tokens every round - two aims and a standby can help to mitigate some of the offense you lose to bring them. Padmé's 1 Pip, "Our Fate is in Your Hands": boosts her defense a little bit with Danger Sense; helps to mitigate the issue clones have with suppression by removing two tokens; and generates two free dodge tokens that "Daddy-Wan" Kenobi loves to help keep his clones alive. Back to Kenobi specifically, how did he take three damage using Soresu? He has Guardian 3 and has to spend a dodge token to use Soresu, which cancels one of the hits he's absorbing - he should never take more than two damage from any one attack. Unless you were just being hyperbolic, then ignore me. Hopefully, that helps - sorry if it overexplains things.
  11. I appreciate both points; the B2-HA being more valuable than it's alternative and I'm not the only one who feels that the fifth B2 is ...lackluster, at best. Any thoughts on him or how to run Bane? It feels like he was designed to play "cat and mouse" in a similar method to Grievous or Snowtroopers - the former using Scale and the latter sharing the Steady ability - peek out from behind cover, take a free shot, and duck back out of LoS. I want to take Hunter and his Gauntlets so he can be a little more aggressive if the situation presents itself, but he appears to be too fragile to put anything but Duck and Cover in his Training slot.
  12. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I already have 2 boxes, I've just been struggling with figuring out how to play them - I haven't felt like they've been worth the cost running them with the fifth droid..
  13. Oh, that's brilliant! I was thinking of trying to use foil but your idea sounds way simpler.
  14. Thank you so much for your tips! I really appreciate it, colki.
  15. How would you make a list with your suggestions?
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