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  1. Niro750

    Wich glue do you use?

    This is the best stuff I've come across. I have the thin, the thick and the resin glues for making model cars. It's fantastic stuff. Particularly the flexi thick as it has a little give rather than being very brittle like normal CA. I've dropped a fair few minis while learning to paint them and since I switched to this none have broken off the bases when dropped. I might add it's by vantage modelling solutions
  2. Niro750

    1.4FD turret endor style

    cracking work
  3. Niro750

    Luke expansion Question

    Epic reply. The like button is not big enough! Cheers for that!
  4. Niro750

    Luke expansion Question

    That's great to know, it has been a while since I played as the Mrs is back at college but will finish in the summer, I'm trying to get myself sorted for expansions so we can begin to get back in to the game when her studies are done and I would like to have lots of mini's painted on the table when we play! As pointless but cool as that is! I did try the app when it came out and it looked promising, I did not realise that the JR game was also affected by that so it's a good purchase by the sounds of it. Thanks mate!
  5. Niro750

    Luke expansion Question

    Much obliged, the suspicion was there as I didn't see a Vader expansion so I thought something was up, maybe I miss read the Luke expansion details. I think I'm going to have a splurge on a whole lot of expansion characters just for the **** of it and get the JR expansion box as well, I'll maybe Order another box and some more characters next time I'm working away as well so I have most of the good expansions and characters for the game as I think my daughter is of the age to start playing with me and the Mrs and the wee man is 3 and has a very very very very (un?) healthy Millennium Falcon obsession and constantly runs around the house belting out the Imperial March. What have we created?!!!
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before, google provided no clear answers and as I'm working offshore my connection won't seem to allow the search function to work properly! Just need a quick answer before I mail my local Shop about ordering some expansions, I haven't played in a while and being away from home I can't check this:# out myself. Is the Luke expansion that was included in the core set the same as the separate expansion pack? Do I gain anything buy purchasing his expansion over what was in the box? Answers much appreciated guys, Thanks
  7. Niro750

    FFG your app is poor quality

    I am a beginner so I don't realise quite how frustrating the app is. However I looked at your post about the update so I opened the app, opened the saved squads page and there I saw, before my eyes... All of my sqauds disappear into oblivion! I hope they come back!! Turns out that I was signed out but the app is frustrating!
  8. Niro750

    How are you handling the new Systems Phase?

    That makes sense, almost frustrating for a higher init ship to be killed by a bomb of a lower init ship. thanks
  9. Niro750

    How are you handling the new Systems Phase?

    I'm new to the game and find it very difficult to do any damage with bombs in this phase. Was the old way of dropping bombs better in respect of player order or am I missing something? Ta
  10. Niro750

    Noob 1st game questions

    Haha, even if she wins, she will be punished! Now where is that Leia bikini outfit available for her to play in character ???
  11. Niro750

    Noob 1st game questions

    Lovely, those are a couple of perfect explanations for a question I found it hard to put into words. Thanks guys. The friendly help on this forum is excellent
  12. Niro750

    Noob 1st game questions

    If you will, I would like a little clarity on director krennic as I will use him to crush mrs rebel scum tomorrow night... (Probably get my *** handed to me) I'm not seeing a huge benefit to him, I plan on having him as crew in the lambda shuttle and applying the OP token to an advanced tie in my squad. I assume the krennic card allows my shuttle to acquire the lock described in the card but what's the real benefit over a normal attack with the advanced? Why would you spend a crit in any instance or a hit if the ship has shields?the defender wouldn't have a damage card to flip if he had shields in almost any circumstance (unless he regenerated a shield after taking some hits/ crits with no shield). If you spend a hit to lose a shield you are achieving nothing. If you use a crit to flip a damage card you might manage to make his life slightly more difficult depending on the text but you are going to make him take a face up card with a crit anyway and using a hit to flip a damage card may just cause a little more hassle to the defender. I can see why you would spend a focus result to take out a shield or flip a damage card though. What am I missing!!!! ?
  13. Niro750

    Noob 1st game questions

    Thanks all, the mistake I made with the debris was that we had been playing the asteroid and debris stress backwards. Maybe being out on the town last night played a part! Hangover! Excellent help, cheers again!
  14. Niro750

    Noob 1st game questions

    Hi guys. Played my first full game with the Mrs today and we had some fun (although I was doing the whole stop to read the manual a fair bit) we found a few sticking points and I would like to use this thread to ask (I could only find 1.0 answers) 1. Was 1.0 100 pt games and 2.0 is 200 PTS standard? 2. I've landed on or half on a debris pile, can I still take a focus action and if I attack while on the debris does the defender of the attack always get to roll an extra defence die? Or would it depend if the closest point of my ship is off the debris? 3. Night beast fully executed a blue manoeuvre but Landed on a debris field. As it was debris and not an asteroid the ship finished on we assumed he was allowed the bonus focus action his card text allows. Was this correct? 4. I was allowed (in the app) to add the fire control upgrade to the lambda class shuttle... It can't actually perform a lock so I didn't realise until we had started and therefore couldn't change and had a useless mod equipped all game. Did I miss something obvious!? 5. Night beast card text: "after you fully perform a blue manoeuvre you may perform a focus action". What is the proper use of this? Are you only allowed to add an extra focus token to your ship? Does that mean you can have 2 focus tokens so one could be used for defence and one for attack? Or you can take an evade token for your normal action and then a focus token usong the card text or does it mean you could perform another action in general such as performing 2 barrel rolls? (I feel I've started to answer my own question here now but I'm just not 100% sure!) Thanks and I hope I'm not being too confusing!
  15. Niro750

    What do I keep and what do I throw away?

    I'm a brand new player and I had to convert my just bought collection to 2.0 having never used it. What a nightmare for me. Today my Mrs and I played our first full-length game and the above is correct. I'll need to dig out my old target lock and shield tokens. Shocking how few shield tokens are provided and Sarah had an astromech allow 2 locks today... Not enough tokens for that.