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  1. You may laugh but I have a diploma in mechatronics and love technology and building computers etc... But I am (on purpose) well behind in these social media and streaming type things. I try to spend my other free time with the kids and outdoors walking and mountain biking. I have never listened to a podcast and I've been online since like mid 90s haha. Is it also available on YouTube? Or is this audio only? laugh away!
  2. Cool, I'm sure we all are excited for it I am because I like the idea of having such cool models out and to have a theme for a battle. Very thematic. I'm one step ahead on the mats. I got the starfield and planet mats right at the start before we knew what would happen with epic because I knew I wanted to play it! Good times ahead!
  3. Ok thanks for that, a very clear explanation! I will order the epic battles and the huge ships that I actually want. Thanks again guys
  4. Thanks mate, seems quite straightforward then
  5. Hi guys, I am a casual family player of X-wing 2.0. I have been building my collection (of 2.0 and legion) but due to having been very busy with life and work since 2.0 (and legion) came out I have only played the odd game - my intention is to have plenty of options for when things calm down a bit! Anyways, I want some epic ships and I read through a lot of the new news etc... But had a couple of questions because there is the epic battle expansion and epic ships being released at the same time and there is a lot of info to get through for a small time player. *What's the deal with the imperial Raider? It's not really mentioned in the blurb from epic battles (that I can see), is it something to be used only on 3x6 play areas but not in specific scenarios - for example - you just decide to field it or not *Are there proxies for the ships in the epic battles? Or even missions that don't use the large ships? *Are the bigger ships separate from epic battles - so you can use them together or apart depending on how you want to play? Thanks for any simple explanations!
  6. My opinion is that if they did the battle again they would have had lots and lots more ewoks so they appeared to be more of an overwhelming force. O just always got the impression that this was what they were going for but it just didn't quite work out and instead it looked a little too far fetched. I still love this battle for what it is, it's fun and crazy in equal measure and I love to watch it with my kids who also love it. I don't like to take these films far too seriously because they have grown with me and they will grow with my kids. Nothing in this world is perfect and I can't be bothered stressing over it all too much.
  7. I think I'll try this. I've played a couple of games with the Mrs and a couple with a friend, I've been too busy with work and journeys in middle earth to play much x-wing lately. Now the 3 of us kind of know the rules it would it would be wise to go for 200 points and a timer. We have been playing less points and no timer and yes the game seems to drag a little. When we did add more ships the game was a bit more exciting. It does seem reasonable that maybe we shouldn't be trying to destroy every single ship into the wee hours of the night. Thanks
  8. Fair point as well. That does seem to limit it. You can only play one at a time and therefore are no longer at the start of your turn.
  9. Hi guys, we wondered the same thing last night but I had a further question, Is there a limit to how many prepared cards you can use in a turn? We were taking down the troll and I used 2 "leading the charge" prepared cards to allow the Mrs to attack 2x after my first action (which was attack}, when she attacked she also used some of her prepared cards etc... When I used my second action at the end of this I took down the troll. It did feel like we were maybe having too much of an advantage but we had prepared some good cards for an expected battle. Thanks
  10. Or X wing Or legion I think ffg know what they are at by now!
  11. Is there any way to link the expansions in different formats? E.g. I have M.o.M and have the app on my phone and steam. If I did this with JiME would I need to buy 2 copies?
  12. I don't bother listening to the opinions of my co-workers. If it's not alcohol, football and gambling it's a waste of money to them...
  13. This is the best stuff I've come across. I have the thin, the thick and the resin glues for making model cars. It's fantastic stuff. Particularly the flexi thick as it has a little give rather than being very brittle like normal CA. I've dropped a fair few minis while learning to paint them and since I switched to this none have broken off the bases when dropped. I might add it's by vantage modelling solutions
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