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  1. Hello! In our game session yesterday (Chronicles of the Gatekeeper) the characters encounterd two DROIDEKA (DESTROYER DROID) and survived After defeating them, our mechanic made an very succsessful mechanics roll and removed the fully functional: Shield Projector (maneuver to activate or deactivate; while active, gains defense 2 and upgrades the difficulty of all combat attacks targeting the droideka once, but droideka cannot use the Move maneuver) Now he plans to Build a personal Shield Generator out of the Shield Projector. Any Ideas about the possibility of the idea?
  2. The career skills it provides are brawl and vigilance. Thats fine. So I' m happy with the idea learning Force Powers and Lightsaber from the Holocron.
  3. Hello! 'cause there is no Game Masters Topic in the Force and Destiny Forum, I'll try my best here. We've got one Force User in our Group and soon we'll play Chonicles of the Gatekeeper. The Force User got only HEAL/HARM and Move Basic Powers and one Force Point. No Lightsaber Talent Tree. So I'm about figuring out, what possibilities there are in Wardes Holocron besides the Power Wardes Forsight. He (Warde) is trained in "Enhance" and "Move", so I think this Powers may be learned from the Holocron. But when I look at Wardes Lightsaber Skills... Improved Center of Beiing, Improved Reflect, Improved Parry, Saber Throw ... So he maybe is trained in Niman, Soresu, Makashi, Artaru, Shien and Shii Cho?
  4. Thanks to my misunderstanding, i gained no conflict through force usage. Hopefully next week, i gain enough XP for Force Rating 2 ...
  5. So it makes sense, that this part wasn't mentioned in the german translation.
  6. First of all, please excuse my bad english, I’m just a Gamemaster from Germany. I’ve got one question about the usage of the Dark Side Pip. In my German Translation and in this Community it seems that a Force User can use Dars Side Pips simply by using a DP, Strain and Conflict. But when I read the Text in the English Core Book it says: “However, the dark side of the Force is always offering easy power, tempting a Force user to give in and accept its aid. A Force-sensitive character may use one or more DSP to generate one additional FP each—in addition to those generated by the LSP. The consequences that come with this choice can be dire, and can gravely affect the individual who gives in to this temptation.” FP=ForcePoint DSP=Dark Side Pip LSP= Light Side Pip In my Understanding, DSP can only be used if you rolled at least one Light Side Pip. Am I wrong?
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