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  1. Can you in detail explain how does this interaction work then?
  2. Is there anyone we can tag who can put an official statement on this? :D Resilience to this interpretation is strong within my local group.
  3. Scum Han may have Qi'ra onboard. My question is related more to Collision Detector tough
  4. Is here any official statement on it? I need it for my local tournament
  5. In what order is electronic baffle on Quickdraw resolved during end phase? Does First Player remove his token first or is that done automatically for both players at the end of the end phase?
  6. How does that work? Does collision detector or Dash and Qi'ra prevent the ship from receiving damage?
  7. I kind of get a feeling that whoever was responsible for general design either didn't play X-Wing or didn't use existing apps.
  8. I'd like to know why developers rejected some free UX inspirations that are there loved by X-Wing community, lying on a plate. And presented X-Wing players a forcefully fancy concept. Any ideas?
  9. I have +200 Upgrade cards. Some of them are bought from other players, like Emperor Palpatine. How is that going to fit with the conversion kits?
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