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  1. Reading the entry in the RRG, I don't think that Spur is limited to once per activation. It's limited to one per move, so you won't be going speed 3, but I think you can Spur on each of your moves.
  2. Thank you! I thought as much, but wanted to be sure. E-Stims could be really good on him.
  3. Which one triggers first? They both say "at the end of your activation," so could you theoretically have Bossk down to 1 or 2 wounds, put a couple wounds on E-Stims, then after his activation regenerate enough to survive the E-Stim wounds?
  4. I agree about the heavies. Naked stormies and snowies are both pretty useless as offensive weapons, especially if you're shooting into cover. However, I can see this as a possibly decent deathball list. I personally would still drop something for 1 or 2 flamers, and maybe some impact grenades (flamer rts would utterly wreck this list). Also, targeting scopes are unnecessary on Boba. He'll rarely have more than 2 to reroll anyway. Also, with RGs on the board, you could probably ditch duck and cover. Just keep him in cover (easy with jump), and very few non-crits will get through. Also, if you're using the RGs and snowies to just soak up fire and take potshots, I would also think about dropping one of them for another couple corps units. Gives more activation control, more wounds, and fewer points per wound. That being said, I'm hardly a pro, so run your list, see how it goes and report back to us so I can eat some crow.
  5. I find that the utility the electrostaff brings is hard to pass up. The ability to lock down a Skywalker, or at least make them avoid you, is huge, and if they're not on the table, the staff is the same price as the other minis in the unit, so you just kill that guy first and move on. Might as well be stapled on, IMO.
  6. So, bikes play differently than really any other empire unit. They are fast, fragile, and hit like a truck. To be effective, they usually should be run in pairs (or triples), and away from the front. The goal of the bikes is to get around the flank. Only enter the enemy's range when you're ready to attack, and then only one enemy at a time. Then, swoop in at the end of the round, blast that unit to smithereens with both units, and prepare for the next run. This is the ideal situation, but it rarely works that way. If you're going to be entering the range and LoS of enemy units, try to minimize how many of them can get a shot. Use that compulsory to your advantage. Stay back, then compulsory up and take a shot. If you will be exposed to fire where you are, then skip the aim and take a dodge or move behind LoS blocking terrain. Just be careful when moving and plan ahead so that you can be back in firing position with your next compulsory. They die a lot faster than most empire units, so you have to baby them a little. It's ok to take the first round just moving into position. With 3 speed 3 moves, you can cover quite a bit of ground.
  7. I've only played one game with palpatine, but I don't think that it's always necessary to double move. In fact, I found myself slow playing him (even more than he has to). While he lagged behind a bit, he was also not in danger until I put him there myself. While I didn't get to use him with my snowies, Pulling the Strings was fantastic for sending my royal guards across the battlefield, where they were able to take out Luke and most of a Z-6 unit in turn 3. If I hadn't pulled their strings twice, it would have ended very differently. On that note I only have 1 set of guards, and I have tried using them as meat shields before, but this game I took esteemed leader and found that they are fantastic when they get into the enemy lines (weird, I know). I don't think I'll ever keep them back as pure meat shields again. If you have a second squad, then maybe you're fine, but otherwise I'd do esteemed leader.
  8. It's up to your playstyle. I think both are a lot of fun, but I do think that Boba gives a little more utility. I agree with dropping the extra troopers. You can keep the HH-12 if you're worried about armor, but I almost never take the extra stormy. Trade a couple of those for another DLT, and it's basically trading 2 white dice and 1 wound for 2 red dice and impact. The snowy does help to pad that flamer, though.
  9. Standby for ground vehicles is awesome. Makes the AT-ST an even better area denial tool.
  10. I personally wouldn't want to take the uplink and not Weiss. To get better value out of it, you'll have to recover anyway, resetting Weiss, too. The mortar is something I can see not taking, but I've put it to good use often enough that I still think it's worth it. If nothing else, you can probably drop 2 suppression on, say, a sniper team. That has a decent chance of denying the aim.
  11. Having played a couple 1000 point games, I definitely think that 800 is the sweet spot. 1000 seems a little clunky, and I like that you have to choose between your expensive units. Vader, Ol' Palpy, and even the AT-ST are meant to be the centerpiece of your army. You can take multiple, but you make sacrifices for it. Now, when you play a casual game there's nothing wrong with changing the points, but the I think competitive games should stay at 800.
  12. I've had quite a bit of success with the AT-ST locally. Also, wasn't there one "big" tournament that was won by an AT-ST user? Either way, there hasn't been enough of them to really tell, especially with new units. The game is still fairly new, with new stuff coming out constantly, so people are still figuring out how to play certain styles. You could be right, and the units are poorly balanced. Or, people are currently having success with more forgiving lists while they figure out the more complicated playstyles.
  13. Saying one is objectively better than the other "if you want to win" seems a bit ridiculous at this point, especially since they are so different. Maybe for you that's true, but individual skill and playstyle have to be taken into consideration. Plus, terrain changes, as does your opponent. Points spent vs points killed is a useful, but very limited metric. There are a ton of other factors that matter in a game, however. The AT-ST is a tank, meant to claim an area and keep it. Boba is a harrier, meant to cause trouble on the flanks. I think both are viable, but require very different game plans and supporting armies.
  14. Well, you're right. Some of us, like myself, were introduced to hobby wargaming by Legion. Maybe you have a perfect plan for your army aesthetics, but I sure don't. I'm just learning the basics of painting and basing, and I like to have fun trying new things. I like the options between different units. I got tired of painting more white armor, so I committed the ultimate sin and did non-canon paint jobs. The snowies have totally different style options in my mind, so I love it, and have no problem calling them assault troopers because mechanics-wise, they are. Themed armies are great, but not everyone has the time, money, or experience for that. I just want to pretend my cool looking spacemen toys are shooting each other. You do you, I'll do me. No need for elitist gatekeeping.
  15. That's because it's not the unit itself doing the attack. The saboteur is just triggering it. The charges is exploding, making a totally separate attack. Edit: Additionally, the scout troopers don't surge to hit, where the bike troopers do. Grenades are one of the few things I haven't heard a complaint about at some point.
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