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  1. There is a list about what is covered by each kit. basically you'll need two per faction. There are 4 TIEs so if you use more than 4 you need 2 kits. If you use 3 Y-wings or B-wings then you'll need 2 rebel kits.
  2. Your analogy is not accurate. Where do you get your sales projection about how many new players will be generated? Lost sales are lost sales, I'm pretty sure they don't want people who currently buy their stuff to stop doing so. In terms of 2.0 for me it's either invest $400+ for a bunch of cardboard to upgrade my modest collection, or spend $400+ dollars on new games and models from another company. "This decision will be floated-debated-and finalized soon by me." My face will be all smiley (not pouty at all) at the nice new stuff I have, while people will still be punching out the mountain of coloured cardboard they bought so they can keep using the stuff they already bought! I'm already going to save some cash by not buying the Saw's rebels pack, which I had already decided on buying before this news came out. What new stuff shall I buy instead?
  3. So "kit" singular is correct? I can use one kit to convert my 8 TIE fighters to second edition?
  4. The models will be (unless reworked like the X-wing, Y-wing and Fang) except for the ACes expansion ships as far as I can recalle
  5. Is not the following statement by FFG inaccurate, misleading and annoying? "veterans can use each faction’s conversion kit to bring their entire collection of first edition ships into the game’s second edition. " "Kit" is not the correct word, as I'll need "kits" to bring my entire collection of each faction into second edition.
  6. Looks like you need the core set and then several upgrade kits.
  7. Apparently you can get it if you preorder the core set - which already has a damage deck in it.
  8. If I want to use all my stuff will it cost me nearly $300? For which i'll get a ton of cardboard and three ships I don't need? That comprises 5 upgrade packs and the core set (the three ships I don't need). There appears to be upgrades in the packs for only 3 A-wings, 2 B-wings, 2 X-wings, 2 Y-wings, 4 Z95 for Rebels (I have more than that and more can fit in a squad). So it seems I need 2! There seems to be only stuff for 2 alpha wings, 2 TIE Adv, 2 TIE def, 4 TIE Fighters in the Imperial pack (once again I have more and more can fit in a squad). Another 2 upgrade packs? I also have a small amount of scum, so another upgrade pack for that. Plus a core set with the three ships I don't need. Really $300 to switch to 2nd edition? Is there any incentive for me to do that? Maybe I'll wait to buy dumped ships on ebay and play 1st edition?
  9. If I want to use my 3 B-wings or 3 A-wings, or 4 X-wings or 3 Y-wings will I have to buy a core set and two upgrade kits for $140? Likewise if I want to use my TIE swarm or 3 TIE defenders, etc will I need to buy 2 upgrade packs for a low, low cost of $100 for zero new ships on top of the above $140? And I have scum too, so at least another $50? Nearly $300 for a lot of cardboard (and one X-wing and 2 TIEs that I don't need)? You really think people will do that?
  10. Each upgrade pack may cost 50 bucks, but if you fly 4 A wings, or 3 B wings, or 3 X-wings, or 3 Y wings, you'll need to buy 2 kits = $100. Likewise is you use 5 TIEs, 3 TAdv, 3 TDef, then you'll need 2 kits. Use both factions and you'll need a core set snd 4 upgrade packs. $240 for no new ships except 3 ships in the core set that you probably don't need anyway.
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