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  1. I mean... just look at the numbers in the various FFG online communities... Xwing is what... 10X everything else, at least?
  2. ignore the circle, but one in the lower left, and one further back in the upper right at first glance. probably more.
  3. The 2400 is seen in the trailer screen shots pretty clearly. I think there were 2 of them.
  4. True. This would still be their first large base ship though.
  5. Nu Class shuttle for republic!!
  6. Definitely excited for the LAAT. For me, the Nu Class shuttle is the next one I'm waiting for. Hope it comes soon as the republic doesn't have a shuttle yet. And obvious the Arc170 is my fav, and luckily we've had those since 1st edition.
  7. ohhh she's pretty. Can anyone grab me one or two?
  8. Arc170Chris


    Why is everyone worried about hyperspace? just play extended. They have said so many times hyperspace will constantly be changing. That's fun.
  9. You might want to click on the actual link posted then. You know.. with the X wings flying over galaxies edge. And not just the Boeing plane. Read the whole thing before complaining
  10. ahh, cool! i see. yeah it is a big ship, definitely large base.
  11. Where's the cockpit on the Guavian Death Gang ship?
  12. This is what I was thinking for Republic or rebel Arcs and U wings. They could be the leader and small bases on the supporting row. Would be cool to see Rogue One Squad - Uwing with supporting Xwings
  13. Because it's part of the product we are buying. At least that is what FFG told us when they started 2.0. The app was suppose to be part of the experience playing the game. I'm registering my purchased products on it, I'm building lists on it, I'm using it to create local games for our group, etc.
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