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  1. Upgrade pricing doesn't need to be improved, it is sufficient to play the game.
  2. The Jedi dropping. Obi-wan down by 6 points was very surprising. Guri up by 1 was surprising. Juke increasing was surprising. I thought it was good where it was at. Only the phantoms needed to be increased in my opinion. Trick Shot up by 2 came out of left field for me but makes perfect sense why it happened. Vynder going back to 41 is surprising. Sure some lists with him won some tournaments but he wasn't nearly the pain point like Rebel Beef and Quad Phantoms.
  3. Vultures weren't the problem. The ESC was the problem and I believe they said it was going up.
  4. Confirmed Wave 5 expected Q3, Wave 6 expected before end of year.
  5. Confirmed Card Packs being announced at GenCon with Wave 6.
  6. Confirmed July 12th street date for wave 4
  7. #1 favorite pilot: Major Vynder. He was my favorite in 1.0 and is still my favorite. #2 close second: Old Teroch. Pilot and ship ability make for good fun. Nothing like boosting into range 1 in a faceoff and feeling confident I won't take any damage. #3 newcomer to my top 3: Guri. Advanced Sensors and Outmaneuver is ridiculous and ridiculously fun. Other favorites in no particular order: Vader, Vermeil, RAC, Kavil, Republic Ahsoka, Luke but I find the T-65 chassis to be so limited, Rhymer: Nobody expects the R1 ProTorps and R2 Prockets, Norra (ARC), Whisper, Echo, Tavson because crazy action economy on an unwieldy shuttle is hilarious. I want to like Joy Rekkoff so much but to make any use of their ability you have to pop an ion torp on them and now they are more expensive than Old Teroch. So why not just go with Old Teroch?
  8. What?! VTG doesn't mean Veteran Tail Gunner? It was turret gunners on Y-Wings all along...
  9. Excellent write up. I knew it was my dice and not my flying!
  10. I wouldn't say we were promised card packs. The closest they got to saying X-Wing is getting card packs is that they would like to do card packs in all their games. They did, however, promise that people wouldn't have to buy out of faction, for the now 7 factions, in order to get upgrades. That promise so far is a lie. Even if they eventually release generic upgrades to all factions but it takes years I would still count that as a lie because realistically nobody is going to wait years for a generic to come to their faction.
  11. No, and this is how I understand it: Obviously FFG intended for Leia to work with Cova. Based on the clarification of what revealed maneuver is in Rules Reference 1.04, Cova's ability happens outside of the ship's activation. So the scenario I see is this: Cova reveals red during activation, Leia reduces difficulty to white during activation, now in engagement phase the maneuver that was revealed is red because it "is the maneuver selected on its dial".
  12. Dare I say simplicity? No scaling cost cards that scale on Initiative, or is it the number of green dice, or is it hull, or base size? Will it scale based on how many you already have of that card? Maybe based on where in the alphabet the third letter of the pilot name falls? Strain is unesessary and complicated compared to other mechanics, but I guess they wanted to add as many new things so people would be more incentivized to buy into the new factions. I'm curious when people who don't buy into the new factions will officially be able to pick up some gas clouds from FFG. Fewer factions is better than more factions. Resistance, and especially FO, just feel like weaker Rebel and Empire with fewer choices, respectively. I don't think that will ever change because FFG won't be making as many ships for either of these factions. Missiles were better in 1.0, so were cannons. Scum was more scummy in 1.0. Now the scummiest faction is CIS. For all the things FFG said about making 2.0 more accessible and user friendly for new players and people who might want to start playing, it really isn't.
  13. Anything that suggests increasing the cost of Sigmas is alright by me.
  14. I disagree. 43 points for a 2/3/3/1 ship with 2 force, that ship ability, and that set of actions at Initiative 4 is pretty good. Luminara is not horrifying, she is just not as good as the other jedi pilots for the cost. The only truly horrifying ship is the JM5K because no points reduction will actually fix what is wrong with the ship.
  15. Skitch_

    Arcs, not ARCs

    Well, I think people sometimes use "front-arc" to describe two different things because it is just easier and faster sometimes. I'm not saying you are wrong because you are right - the 180 arc, primary turret shots out the front, etc are not attacks. Again, I may have misunderstood your question and tried to answer something that wasn't asked. I will edit my post to remove that confusing answer.
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