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  1. I'll second this. I never flew aces/arc dodgers in 1.0 because it always seemed so hard and they always seemed so fragile. Vader might be the easiest ship in the game to fly and is handily one of the best.
  2. Well, it will make FCS on phantoms useful. A souped-up Whisper with Juke, TL, FCS could be a thing. Does 63-65 points sound reasonable for that? Would giving a TL to TIE fighters or Strikers be worth it? Mauler Mithel? Pure Sabacc?
  3. The most popular ones in North America all have it. Football: Center snaps the ball Basketball: Center swats and rebounds the ball Soccer/Futbol: Center(Back) stops the ball Baseball: Center(fielder) catches and throws the ball Hockey: Center passes the ball puck
  4. Nobody wants to see broken combos that ruin the game. The framework of 2.0 allows FFG to quickly right the ship when they mess it up. Nobody is saying they want Dengar/JM5K to dominate the meta like he/they did in 1.0. We just want all ships, including Dengar/JM5K and Dash, to be viable options.
  5. The racers are cool. The uglies are cool. The T-85s are cool. Realistically I only see Vonreg's ship making it into the game in the near future. If the racers made it I think they should be a squad pack and each ship would only have the pilot from the show, with the exception of the Fireball because we know there are at least 2 pilots for it, but that's a $100+ squad pack we're talking about. Who is going to pay for that? They aren't quite resistance, nor are they scum. Maybe season 2 will turn all those people into resistance fighters. Does the game really need more scum ships in the near future? We already don't see the majority of Scum ships being played. The tope 5-6 scum lists on meta wing are a Drea Scurrg swarm or a mix of Fangs, Firesprays, and StarVipers. I feel like the T-85s are/would be too similar to the T-70s and only cannibalize how often T-70s are played.
  6. The Gorilla Glue gel super glue is good. Plus it fills gaps better than your standard super glue
  7. I'm curious how many iterations they had with Dash while bringing him to 2e. I think a good alternative to his permanent ability would have been to make it charge-based. They really went for it with some pilots in 2.0, e.g. Poe, Dengar, Grand Inquisitor, Tallissan Lintra, Rebel Chewie, etc. You still get a great ability but it is not unlimited each turn and you have to wait for the recharge. I wonder how a Dash on a recharging 2-charge ability would fare. Seems like a more equitable pilot ability yet would keep the Dash flair from 1.0. Edit: I wasn't as clear as I could have been. This is exactly what I meant. I should have used better examples. Think Moff Jerjerrod or Leia but for Dash.
  8. Indeed. 1.0 is dead, so are the days of 1.0 Dash and 1.0 Dengar. Why do people still hate Dash and Dengar even though FFG has already proven in 2.0 that they will quickly destroy combos that they feel ruin the game. I think the only thing Dash needs is a points drop to become at least viable. Dengar and the JM5K chassis as a whole need a whole lot more than a points drop to be fixed since dropping points doesn't actually fix anything wrong with the ship.
  9. Thanks for your responses all! You have helped guide me on my decisions. This is what I am looking to do. I am looking to try either a medium base with intimidation or two small bases with intimidation. What I have gathered from everybody's responses is that you want your blockers to actually be able to be a threat as well. Which makes sense.
  10. What makes a good blocker? Low Initiative? Survivability? Maneuverability? Base Size? What do you look for when you look for a blocker? In your opinion what would you say the best blockers are for each faction? How many points would you think to dump into a ship you plan on using as a blocker? How many rounds do you expect your blocker to live? Do you fly your list to accommodate your blocker? i.e. do you fly your non-blocker ships assuming your blocker will do its job? How many ships do you try to fly in your list when one of them is a dedicated blocker? In your experience do you see your opponents targeting your blocker more so than your other "more important" ships or just out of convenience?
  11. LOL I forgot about that detail hah! Thanks.
  12. I love the idea of this bomb. It is such a unique design instead of just dealing damage. I'm happy to see FFG branching into other design space. Even if it doesn't blow up on any enemy ships the potential disruption you have created for your opponent's plans may be well worth it. Zuvio can launch it (1 forward or 2 forward with bomber crew), Scurrg can launch it (title required), aggressor can launch it
  13. Skitch_

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    Yep, you're right. I found my Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles and it said it was a bit more than 16m wide which is basically the same size as a B-Wing, while the ARC-170 is over 19m wide. So the line between small and medium is somewhere between 16m and 19m in one direction I guess. Scratch that, the BTL-B Y-Wing is 23 meters long. I'm just going to stop worrying why FFG chooses to making things small vs medium base.
  14. Skitch_

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    What FFG should have done is made the whole thing medium base and the pod small base, but I'm guessing FFG was more interested in giving the Resistance a small base shuttle and giving it everything they wanted the full shuttle to have.
  15. Anakin & Plasma Torps Padme & R2-C4
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