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  1. Just last week I stepped my painting game up a bit and went to Ikea looking for lamps. I originally went for a $14.99 lamp but decided it was too small and couldn't raise high enough. I got a $24.99 Forsa model lamp. So far it is working great. I have no problem with Amazon but lately I have been soured because of all the cheap electronics that fail within weeks of using them.
  2. Because they want to highlight their other games and make sure people who are fans of those games get excited too.
  3. Grab the X-Wing Unified 2.0 mod from the workshop, it's the only thing you need. You can join the official discord and somebody in the lfg channel would most likely be willing to show you how it works. There are tons of resources from the devs to help. It's actually quite intuitive and straightforward.
  4. It feels that way but that's just because FFG has had so many releases and articles and updates for X-Wing compared to literally every other game they make. This isn't true anymore, FFG employees said as much. While still important, it isn't their bread and butter, whether from circumstance or from FFG actively moving in a different direction. I think they saw something on the horizon and want to put more effort into their other miniatures games. This is what has happened. FFG employees essentially said they want to focus more on Legion and Armada. Legion has been performing really well for them and Armada as always has been there and a surprise to them with it's performance. They want to lean into those two games more. Also, bad reprint choices in some cases. TTS is a great substitute for this. It simulates actual games well, although nothing makes up for the tactile feel of actually holding plastic ships and joking in person with buddies. How has that been?
  5. I see Armada whenever I go to my FLGS. Then my wallet is lighter and sadder.
  6. It seems that most cards get vastly better with higher initiative. Is it time that every upgrade is variable costed on initiative (when they aren't costed on something else)?
  7. There aren't a lot of rules and none is complicated individually, but combined they are a labyrinth to navigate lol. These rules could go on a college entrance exam for reading comprehension asking people to build a list.
  8. Two jukes makes this illegal. Rule 6 violation.
  9. Skitch_

    Happy Friday

    Slave 1 will go up. I want Soontir and Vader to go up.
  10. I hear HotAC for 2e is coming along nicely. You could give that a try.
  11. So I've been lurking for a while in general discussion and list building trying to figure things out with Armada and I have questions I haven't found answers for. This forum seems dead compared to XWing so hopefully my questions will get some discussion going. What is flak? Is that jargon for the anti-squadron attack? How much do people upgrade their ships? In XWing most people don't load out their ships to the max. There are so many options for the larger ships in Armada. Where do I start? What do people usually try to do with their ships? What is the meta? Do people go for dice rerolls? Adding extra dice? Removing defense tokens? Squadron activation? Is there a base tactic or upgrade that is applicable to most ships? What are your favorite upgrades?
  12. Yes. I edited my original comment to clarify what I am talking about in the original Saw's and Reaper packs.
  13. Don't wait. While there will be some differences between the second edition components in the "1e" version vs "2e" version, namely a slightly redesigned dial for the Reaper and the use of symbology instead of text on some of the 2e cards, get them if you want to play with them, especially if you can find them for cheaper than MSRP.
  14. I thought the Armada co-op campaign was still people playing against people. Are you saying there is an AI in the Armada campaigns? Everything I was able to find was that it's still people vs people. Was i missing something big? Back on topic, this is exciting. It makes me happy that FFG is trying to develop ways for people to continue to play with their physical ships during these strange times.
  15. This would be so goofy. This would allow the quadjumper to be in so many strange places and orientations. I love this idea.
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