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  1. Only Imperial or First Order builds? From what I can remember from the only canonical appearance that I can think of (EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II) shouldn't there be a Rebel or Resistance build? Or are they saving that for a different model, because the Corvus was modified midway through the story....
  2. DoubleOdd

    T-70 article.

    First and foremost, who else is anticipating buying the expansion and repainting the model? Secondly, me still being new to the game, what do you see as the more commonly used T-70 build in the Meta?
  3. Also, I did some digging... To answer my original question, "can I use my Resistance Millennium Falcon model with Rebel pilots.?" If the tournament rules are to be believed, the answer is a no...because each model has some differences between them. Some organizers might look the other way on this, but maybe not...
  4. If the latest article for the Resistance Conversion Kit is to be believed, then the Resistance version of the Millennium Falcon is called the "Scavenged YT-1300 light freighter"
  5. Just as a question, can I use a Rebel build for a YT-1300 on the Resistance version model, or have the rules changed enough to distinguish between the three versions of the YT-1300? I ask because I don't know if I should wait for the Resistance Conversion Kit to be released before I can use the YT-1300 that came with the "Heroes of the Resistance" pack...
  6. Right now, the only thing we KNOW is how many Maneuver dials per ship is contained in each conversion kit... Anything beyond that can change between now and September.
  7. To partially answer your question, FFG has already stated that 1.0 pilots will be included in the Expansions and Conversions but they might have also mentioned that the Expansions may come with more pilots for a ship than conversion kits. So I think that Conversions have pilot cards that have already been released per faction, including the ones for small ships released with Epics, but the Expansions will have more new pilots like the 2.0 Core set does
  8. You forgot Iden Versio as one of the TIE/ln pilots... Saw her card on one of the Covenant vids on 2.0...
  9. This just occurred to me... Since the Resistance and First Order factions have far fewer ships than the other three factions, hopefully those conversion kits won't cost as much as the others...
  10. I might have to wait a while, since I have the following: TFA Core Set Heroes of the Resistance TIE Silencer Imperial Veterans
  11. To bring this into X-wing... Who wants to bet that if FFG releases the Millennium Falcon from Solo, it will likely be a Scum build?
  12. I think that applies to the number of maneuver dials per ship in each conversion kit... Not how many of what upgrade is contained therein.
  13. From what I can fathom, X-wing 2.0 is more of a hard reset as it adds things like medium base ships, Force tokens, eliminates point cost and upgrade slots on the cards, reassigns Pilot Skill levels, redesigns maneuver templates, gives all ships bullseye firing arcs, redesigns how turret primaries work, etc. If you buy a Core Set now, like I did not long ago, the only thing(s) you can use from it at 2.0's launch are as follows: Original: The Model ships (requires Rebel/Imperial conversion kits) The dice IDK if the maneuver templates can be used... TFA Core: The dice. (See above about maneuver templates)
  14. This is frustrating, because now I have to buy ANOTHER Core Set, an Imperial conversion, a FO conversion, AND a Resistance conversion kit... Essentially, it means that I have to start all over again...
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