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  1. So pleased to see that they are releasing this. The April Fool's joke was just so appealing as a concept. I agree with Allonym that comedy standalones aren't really what I'm after but this looks like it is so well done, that it is a must-buy for me.
  2. This is my favourite too. Though I also think of it cute rather than creepy. I always smile when I draw this card because of those lovely little whippoorwills...but then I read the text underneath. I agree that it would be a great playmat. Jeff (aka Mostly Harmless) over on Board Game Geek (I'm sure he must be somewhere on these forums too) has a version that you can see on his excellent YouTube channel: No idea where he got this from but it looks great.
  3. Exciting to see this on its way...and it looks like Murder at the Excelsior Hotel is right behind it too. Before the Black Throne remains, mysteriously and inexplicably, 'In Development'.
  4. You need The Path to Carcosa and all of its mythos packs in order to get value out of the Return to The Path to Carcosa. The 'Return to...' sets essentially tweak the existing scenarios and encounter sets (plus add some player cards) but require you to have the full cycle already. It improves replayability and changes the experience a bit (and gives you somewhere sensible to store your cards) but is an addition to, rather than an alternative to, the main cycle (in your case the Path to Carcosa).
  5. I wonder when they will spot that we've all had Before The Black Throne for some time now too. That aside, I alway look forward to these 'Return to..' releases. The boxes are great (er...I mean necessary) and always good to get more player cards (some good ones in this release) and variations on the scenarios. Return to The Forgotten Age couldn't come soon enough for me...anyone hazard a guess as to when this might appear on the horizon? Probably a different thread needed for that.
  6. Looks like we will get the Return to the Path To Carcosa next week. It is on Asmodee's list of products to release next week.
  7. Looks like Before the Black Throne is releasing a little early...my copy should arrive tomorrow. Still a long way from getting TCU to the table...but new player cards always welcome.
  8. Yes, Asmodee's official release information (for the UK at least) says Before the Black Throne will release on the 26th (i.e. Friday). Some stores seem to have stock already. Interested to know what comes off the boat next: The Dream-Eaters, Return to The Path To Carcosa or Murder at the Excelsior Hotel. I'm hoping it is the Return to...I need the storage and dividers.
  9. I have the large Arkham Antique case and it is pretty sturdy. The strap handle holds up even when loaded with cards but I wouldn't really carry it by the handle for long periods or when walking as it is bound to give out at some point and it wouldn't be comfortable to carry any distance. I do travel with it but only by car. If you really want to transport it, I would recommend putting it in a backpack or a wheeled suitcase (flight carry-on size is fine). It will still be pretty heavy but should work out. If you don't need to take all your player cards (i.e. if you just need a few pre-built decks, a campaign set, core box encounter cards, chaos tokens etc.) then you are probably better off decanting these into something easier to manage. I've found the Kakapopo cases are pretty good for this. The other thing to note about the Arkham Antiques is that they look fantastic but you shouldn't expect to hold your entire collection in there. I can pretty much only hold player cards, investigator cards and basic weaknesses, plus a playmat in the tray. All my campaign cards are stored elsewhere. Mind you, I sleeve everything so that makes everything take up more space. Dave at Oplaser has retired but the cases can now be obtained through: Lasered Games.
  10. Looks like my order shipped today...so hopefully anyone else still waiting on a reprint will have theirs too.
  11. Well I haven't had an update...status is still on hold for my request. Hopefully something moves on that front soon if others have had theirs shipped now.
  12. Can you have spoilers for player cards? You can have pre-release reveals but I think the only thing that could be counted as a a spoiler would be a scenario card.
  13. It is out through some channels. The Arkham Chronicle have had a video up already for this:
  14. Yes, I have also got the update that my request is on hold until a reprint is made. Nice to get an update all the same.
  15. I put my request in on the 17th and, similarly, haven't seen the status update. It's not urgent as I have other cycles to complete before I tackle RttDL...but it would be nice to know that they will be forthcoming at some point.
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