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  1. I'm also going to miss Mimi's mysterious '.' posts.
  2. Yes. I think the pattern is that the Return to...will get announced first and then 1 to 2 months later we get the next cycle announced. It's a crazy time to make predictions but I would think we could get the Return to announced in Feb and next cycle announced in March.
  3. My Horror in High Gear arrives tomorrow...glad I don't rely on Asmodee directly. UK distribution has been pretty good over the last twelve months.
  4. Yes. It is essentially all of the content of the scenario sheet but also remembers things for you like, for example, how much doubt vs convistion you have in Carcosa or how many damage you've done to that boss in TFA or who has which assets in TFA etc. I'm not a big fan of mixing apps with games but this is really useful.
  5. The AC App is excellent. It is great for tracking your campaign, navigating setup, hiding options and text that are not part of the path or resolution you took and remembering which tokens are in the chaos bag. It also integrates well with Arckhamdb to track your investigator XP. Highly recommended.
  6. It seems a very ad hoc approach to inventory management. I sort of imagine them checking behind the sofa, looking through the kitchen cupboards, checking coat pockets and desk drawers like they're looking for their car keys...and occasionally they stumble across the odd Mythos pack.
  7. I don't have much to say on profiles per se but if you got to here: AHLCG Forums it will take you to the forum posts overview...which is where I normally go first. At the lefthand side just under the main menu bar you should see something called Quickbar. Hit one of the '+' symbols under this and it will give you a link to the forum that you can get to quickly from anywhere on BGG when you're logged in. See you there.
  8. I wonder whether FFG have already planned each of the cycles they intend to release for the game so sort of know what they want for the last cycle in terms of a big finish. For the next one, I would certainly be up for a Mountains of Madness-style exploration in Antartica...and I would also be up for a globe-trotting adventure that see the investigators travel to different and diverse locations (e.g. Arkham>Scotland>Egypt>India>Tibet>Polynesia) following clues to some global conspiracy.
  9. Just pre-ordered Horror in High Gear...this will be my first order due to arrive after the UK leaves the EU (don't get me started on that fiasco)...so interesting to see whether that makes things as unpredictable as they seem to be in the US for pre-orders these days.
  10. I also spend time on BGG but liked the different feel of this forum. It felt more like a small community. Good humoured and interesting and more manageable than other places. I'll miss the Shipping Now thread in particular.
  11. Disappointed to lose the Forum on FFG. Always found this a great place to go to for information, questions updates and just knowing what other players are up to. Hopefully you're all on BGG, so we don't lose contact.
  12. My Devil Reef and WOTOG has arrived. Seems like distribution in the UK is slightly more predictable at the moment than in the US. I suspect that Thanksgiving, COVID, Black Friday and general busyness at this time of year is having an impact on deliveries this month in the US.
  13. The good thing about using the starter decks on FFGs site is that they only contain cards from the Core set plus the campaign you're playing with...so if that is reflective of your card pool, it could be useful...but apart from that, it is not really recommended. I find ArkhamDB to be a great way of building decks. The Hall of Fame is good for some examples but they may require a larger card pool. If you can't manage to build a deck that you like, in the Hall of Fame, with the cards that you have, just try to follow the general theme of the deck and swap in cards that you do have. Remember that AHLCG is not really about deck optimisation so much as creating something that is fun and adaptable. It is good to try out new cards rather than just try to work out what the 'best' card is.
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