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  1. I really like these boxes. My Return to the NotZ holds two core sets (apart from duplicate scenario and encounter cards) and the RttNotZ cards...all sleeved. What I don't understand is why these boxes are used for the 'Return to...' expansions rather than for the Deluxe expansions. It would be much more useful for the Deluxe expansion to come in this sort of box so that you have somewhere to store the cycle as it gets released and the 'Return to...' expansions to come in the flimsy boxes currently used for the Deluxe expansions. By the time a 'Return to...' gets released (in the case of Return to the Dunwich Legacy, 2 years after the cycle began) you need to have come up with an alternative storage solution...which makes the box slightly redundant. A pity really. That said, my RttDL arrived today...happy with that.