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  1. Continuing the conversation... This ability is very reminiscent of (the same actually) 1.0 Juno Eclipse. I wanted to make her work so bad as I loved her back story and squadded her up with 2 Black Eight Sqd Pilots (Tie Punishers) to complete the lore. Unfortunately, even at PS 8 (1.0 terms) I didn't find myself using her ability that much, except for situation of losing some stress. Its a cool concept, but outside of being on an initiative of 5 or 6 pilot, it doesn't have the consistency of usefulness. Adding to that is Vader is just so good, if you are going to field an X-1, Vader is the one you want to field. PS. I am kind of sad they didn't carry Juno Eclipse or the Black 8 Sqd Tie Punishers over. Her backstory is so good, if you have not read about the bombardment of Callos that she led and the effect it took on her... its is a great story, an honestly would have made an excellent "Star Wars Story" stand alone movie.
  2. Close, @gadwag It is a Photoshop job over the Death Troopers upgrade card. 🙂 Pilot Name Font: Bank Gothic STD Medil https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/bank-gothic/medium/ Ability Text Font: Eurostile LT Std Condensed https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/eurostile-lt/std-condensed/
  3. Wasn't thinking about anything on the back side, so maybe I need to get the right verbiage. Perhaps it is "...to flip this card face down." The thought was that you could elect to damage yourself to disable the card, as the card prevents you from using the force too so you may want to disable it at the opportune moment. Spoiler Alert (Highlight to see) Similar to how Thrawn set off an explosion to kill all the Ysalamiri in the Cloning Facility at the opportune moment.
  4. I know it is from the Expanded Universe (but hey, there are still pilots in the game from that lore) so here is my wish for an upgrade card. I think this would be awesome! Thoughts? Comments?
  5. After reading all the responses, I can agree. This does work, as having a calculate token (in the state of calculating) is not a requirement on the card. See this is why healthy is debate is good, we all can learn things.
  6. I believe this would be disallowed by rules surrounding "requirement for an ability" Rules Reference page 31 The second sentence of the answer; since, in your scenario, Ship B did not posses a Calculate Token "At the Start of the Engagement Phase", it then could not add its ability to the queue after it received the Calculate Token from Ship A leaving Ship C out of luck... Non-Brobot Example: this is what keeps a swarm of Nantex from passing tractors to each other indefinitely with Ensnare.
  7. Yeah. This is a tough one. I am sure that the "intention" of the phrasing "perform 1 action, even while stressed" ( as opposed to "perform actions, even while stressed") is to deny any further linked actions (or other ability actions) while stressed, limiting the exception to a single action during the Perform Action Step. However, yeah, the new phrasing is similar to other phrasing that grants an action irrespective of the Perform Action Step action. However, however, I do think include the timing window language on the card "during the Perform Action Step" focuses the ability to the action that normally occurs during that step, and simply modifies it, granting the ability to perform your action (one action only) while stressed. I am an Empire / FO player, so I am not sure of the full ramification of this, except to say "You Rebel Scum!" if I was playing against someone who interpreted it this way. 🙂
  8. If you use your Action to "Repair This Card", do you then roll for stress, since you performed an action? or does the repair interrupt the card's instructions?
  9. Agreed. I am still hoping FFG adopts the generic term "deploy" as a generic term for [drop/launch/place]. It would make it a lot less confusing.
  10. Finally! According to the current article (let's hope it holds up) the Targeting Computer does not have any ship size restrictions on it like it did in 1st Edition. This means mean Grand Moff Tarkin can finally shove Krennic out the airlock and get a decent crew member to sit beside him in the Lamda Class Shuttle. Thoughts on who it should be? For theme, I am thinking Tarkin + Vader
  11. That would be the "Ultimate Inquisition" list... I love it!
  12. Now that the Decimator (my favorite ship even though it is not that good) is getting its third crew slot back (and keeping its Gunner Slot) what fun Party Bus ideas do we have to make the Empire great? Do you go all Darkside and pair Palpatine and Vader up together for a leisure cruise bromance across the stars? Maybe a handful of officers along with Grand Moff Tarkin for some moral support? Best and fun ideas are welcome...
  13. Never mind... my bad. Intimidation can be on a different ship.
  14. I am just curious, cause I only play Empire, is there a pilot that can take a Force and a Talent? where this would come up?
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