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  1. Sounds like a good plan. I have written FFG at that link with the following in case anyone simply wants to copy and paste: ********************************************************************************************************* FFG I am writing you today with concern for the Page Tico and Deathfire ruling that was posted on March 21st in the X-Wing Official Rulings thread. While I understand that we wish to grant Page Tico and Deathfire their ability even if they already deployed a device, however, my concern revolves around the explanation given and the (until now) absolute of the Golden Rules. To officially state that they can deploy a second device (which is in conflict with a Golden Rule) solely because their cards do not state that they cannot deploy a second decive establishes a very real precedent that all Golden Rules are overridden by pilot ability for any card where the pilot ability does not also re-mention the Golden Rule. Here is a short list of examples that seem to be back up for debate due to this ruling: 3+ Attacks can be made through any ability that grants a Bonus Attack that does not include the verbiage "unless you have already performed an attack this round" Multiples of the same action can be made through any ability that grants said Action that does not include the verbiage "unless you have already performed a [that action] Action this round" Actions can be performed while stressed if granted by an ability that does not include the verbiage "unless you are stressed" Re-Rolled Dice may be re-rolled again (and again) if granted by an ability that does not include the verbiage "unless you have alreaddy Re-Rolled..." As a player who loves this game and wants to continue to be able to play it whithout having to constantly defend against the Golden Rules, and to help TOs from having to rule against an Official Ruling, I am emploring you to overturn this ruling, and instead take some other course of action to grant Page Tico and Deathfire thier ability (i.e. Change the Golden Rule via an Errata to be "Once per Phase", Errata thier cards to include the verbiage "Even if you have already dropped or launched..." and Errata Edon Kappehl to remove its verbiage as it is redundant to the Golden Rule, etc...) I do appricate your help with this.
  2. I am also feeling the the Knights of Ren were (unfortunately) written out of the trilogy, or more like thrown away (like other TFA concepts) by Ryan, as well as Kylo's Helmet. I would be very surprised if they show up in Episode IX
  3. The lead trooper (in the front and middle of the formation) looks awfully Clone-ish. Might just be me, though...
  4. unless they are bringing back the Clone Troopers... this looks totally fake.
  5. Me an @Lyianx are going to be the Brothers Champions of this cause. I already got into a handful of unpleasant conversations because of the Paige-Deathfire ruling. As stated, the ability for those two pilots to do that is NOT the problem. The problem is that in this ruling, FFG has officially now said, "Pilot Abilities supersede the Golden Rules unless the Pilot Ability also includes the Golden Rule" which opens up the floodgates for all kinds of mayhem (Tie Interceptor Autothrusters can now allow for multiple Barrel Rolls in a round, Any ability that grants an Action allows said action even while stressed, Ships can perform more than 1 Bonus attack if granted by an ability... dogs and cats living together...)
  6. Arggggg... Yeah, this is bad. The Rules-Benderd are going to be pointing to this ruleing to make a whole ton of stuff work. It completely overrides the "Do what the card says, not what it doesn't say" swim lanes that are so important to the rules of this game. For funzies and sarcasm, lets start a list of all the things you can "now do" due to the this ruling: Perform an action while stressed if granted by an ability that does not also state "Unless you are already Stressed" Perform a third bonus attack if granted by an ability that does not also state that "Unless you already performed a Bonus Attack" Aquire a Target Lock at any Range if granted by an ability that does not also state "At Range 0-3" Aquire Multiple Target Locks if a TL is granted by an ability that does not also state "Unless you already have a TL" Perform multiple Barrel Rolls or Boosts if granted by an ability that does not also state "Unless you have already performed" said action .....
  7. Even from the minimal amount of posts I have on here, it can be seen that I play Empire and FO. For second edition, I was so excited to see Tarkin, as in 1st ed. he was Epic only (which i did not play) My vent... with the exception of the Decimator (which is cost prohibitive to put a commander on), there are no Empire crew carriers that have Target Lock. The result... Tarkin is now forced to be best buddies with Krenic. From a cannon point of view, this is lame as they pretty much are the opposite of buddies. From a synergy point of view (outside of Krenic adding the TL which is required) they have no synergy with each other. I want to run Tarkin without Krenic... Run him with Vader, or a Tac Officer, or something that would be useful, cause his ability could be great. But nope... just a bromance that no one wanted. additionally, Tarkin's timing seems to leave something to be desired. By making it the system phase, it forces the TL acquire to happen in the previous round. If his ability fired at the beggining of engagement, then that would be awesome!!!! Sad...
  8. My perceived interaction with the obstacle in my path while setting my dial: The the interaction with that obstacle that then ensues:
  9. Another Future Proof would be if there is a Gunner released one day that allows for Launching. At that time, if Deathfire equipped said Gunner, then a launch could occur.
  10. Excellent. It is sounding like it benefits higher initiative more (as they can also react to other ship moments) than lower initiative ships. But yeah, the 100% more actions is helpful (guess I never ran the full scenario in my mind) , and while I try to avoid flying near rocks, the ability to sidestep them if I do sounds pretty cool. Yeah I will stick to FCS on Vader, but the Advanced Sensors on TIE Defenders is interesting... the flexibility to ensure the token sounds promising. Thank you all. I do appreciate it.
  11. 100% more actions. Now your talking my language!
  12. So yeah, forgive me. If I go 2 straight and then barrel roll vs barrel roll then go 2 straight, am I not ending up in the same place? However, I would be able to sidestep a block (at high init) or an obstacle... so there is that.
  13. Please be gentle with me on this, but I, after playing 1st edition for a year and now am playing 2nd edition, I am still not understanding the power of Advanced Sensors. I would say I am still a beginner / intermediate player, but some concepts are still evading me and I would like to understand them so that I can improve my game. In the forums I am constantly reading about how the sensor slot is so good as you can equip Advanced Sensors, but... why? For the timing window, is the advantage / power really simply so that you can perform an action and not have to worry about being blocked? and or perform an action before you dial in a red maneuver? (I think this is the one I am struggling with the most, as you are going to have to shed that stress at some point, so not really anything gained here... in my beginner mindset) As an Empire player who loves Darth Vader and TIE Defenders, it seems that Advanced Sensors hampers their ability, and yet I hear of lists where they also are equipping it... confused. I would love some advice so that I can fully unlock the awesomeness that is Advanced Sensors.
  14. Here is one for the Empire getting into the Double Tap game: Ruthless II - The Revenge (36) Tie Aggressor - LT. Kestal (1) Ruthless (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (2) Dorsal Turret Points 45 (32) Tie Aggressor - Onyx Squadron Scout (1) Ruthless (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (2) Dorsal Turret Points 41 (32) Tie Aggressor - Onyx Squadron Scout (1) Ruthless (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (2) Dorsal Turret Points 41 (32) Lamda Class T4a Shuttle - Lieutenant Sai (10) Admiral Sloane (14) Darth Vader Points 71 Total points: 198 I am not sure that the Dark Lord will be too happy with me using his Shuttle (and him) as Ruthless fodder... but he won't be around long enough to tell anybody...
  15. I try to come up with Movie Titles: Beauty & the Beast - VT-49 Decimator Captain Oicunn + Countess Ryad The Phantom Menace - Triple Phantoms (Whisper and two Sigmas)
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