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  1. Hello all! Admin please remove if this isn't allowed. Created my first Foundry product! (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/315439/Skill-Adventures) Skill Adventures This 80 page, fully illustrated book contains some 20 ready made Skill Adventures (sometimes known as Skill Challenges) and enough assets to help even a veteran GM create more! The Skill Adventures include Chases, Military Skill Adventures, Travel Skill Adventures, Social Skill adventures and more! The easy to learn mechanics of a Skill Adventure are spelled out with examples and complications to help any gaming session turn into a fun filled adventure. Moral Conundrums are included for many Skill Adventures which are perfect for Space Opera play if you want to heighten roleplay and spark chances to initiate some moral conflict for player characters. Skill Adventures in the book include: Urban Foot Chase Vehicle Chase Duel Infiltration Mass Battle Siege Warfare Train a Military Force Navigating a Battlefield Asteroid Travel Desert Travel Forest Travel Mountain Travel Other Biomes! Barroom Brawl Finding a Contact Gala Event Race Assassination Smuggling Run In addition to the easy to use Skill Adventures there are optional rules for introducing Interludes, a roleplaying mechanic based off the narrative dice system to further roleplaying at the game table. Remember—Don’t let rolls at your table be merely a skill challenge—let them be a Skill Adventure!
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    I see what you did there...looks nice.
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    Space 1889?

    Anyone working on a Space 1889/Red Sands setting?
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    Viking setting?

    You could just have talents that are Tier 3 or 4 (or higher) that actually then release the ability to use the magic skills? Obviously you would want to limit them to one "school" of the magic skills: Arcane, Divine, Primal, etc. Pushing the talents to higher tiers means that people may not invest in the skills associated with them right off the bat. Like no one will run as a wizard for a while rather gaining the skill later to limit how much it could possibly break things. I don't know how fantastical you want your magic. You could look at the new players book for more tips on how to control magic. You say a low-magic setting, but how low magic is it?
  5. I am waiting to enjoy the EPG (in the mail). But I was looking for an actual software/image creator to then put into a PDF easily. I know how to build characters--I just don't know how to build character assets for documents (easily).
  6. Jesus. Do they even ask the player base? A simple poll on this forum would have told them to not waste their breath. As others said--so many better settings. FFS
  7. Page 390 of the EoTE Core rulebook states that GMs can track strain on certain rivals. Its a good way to make rivals more flexible than full on making them a nemesis. I do it often. So as precedence I would say that its no problem at all that he created As for the sucker punch question--It hasn't been an issue in my groups. But that is because they normally either talk to folks or fight them (not a lot of mixing it up). I would say that they would, as you suggest get to recover some strain/wounds per normal rules. The GM could spend a Story Point to say they get a second wind (at least 5 strain automatically), theoretically they could have stim packs or what not. But honestly it doesn't come up enough to be an issue.
  8. I know I am resurrecting this...but any chance you might make an NPC creator? Like for Genesys Foundry? Could be much more streamlined since NPCs don't follow the talents rules, etc. Like one that is ready to plop right into a PDF. Also have a custom area for Talents where people include the ability text.
  9. I picked up Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and I am having problems being able to get the dice symbols where I need them in the text boxes/areas in general. I know "copy and paste" the symbols is the answer but it automatically defaults to a different text (non-Genesys) and won't display the symbols. Anyway to keep the text boxes from auto selecting a text or something? I am a complete noob to Adobe and I am just getting frustrated that I cannot even get the dice symbols to appear on the pdfs. Is there a simpler way? Edit: I think I am figuring it out. Question 2--can we use the Shadow of the Beanstalk template but for non-Shadow of the Beanstalk stuff for Foundry? I am thinking of making some sci-fi things but using that template. Is that a no no? Or is it okay?
  10. I planned on running Chronicles (it was my second time) so I planned ahead. First I did the starter box adventure (but did not do the continued free pdf adventure). They find Warde's holocron after saving Heathan Romund (the starting damsel in distress) who then has a contact...which led to Lessons from the Past. I replaced the holocron of the Jedi with a Datacron--basically like a holocron but no Force Ghost, it contains an immense plethora of information and is in Star Wars lore. That way when they find Ward's holocron its not crazy. Granted a Datacron is still valuable, but not as omg awesome. I gave them the free trained skill as recommended. I also did not give them lightsaber crystals as I was planning on running them through Hidden Depths [GM kit] to get lightsabers--well they had a choice--search for lightsaber cyrstals [Hidden Depths] or find Ward's crystals [Chronicles]). Have your players already gotten the holocron in Lessons from the passed?
  11. I am afraid that its not on any records. It just comes solely from the Chronicles of the Gatekeeper adventure. I wish I knew myself. Also--that 19 hours number is probably assuming a type 1 hyperdrive so you would double that for most civilian ships (which contain a type 2). I just randomly rolled for its location (had a Letter generator and then rolled a d20 and got G 17 (assuming you use the traditional Galactic Map floating around http://www.swgalaxymap.com/). I like the location because it also puts them way far away from Korriban...er I mean Moraband. This means they have plenty of time for small adventures along the way. Sadly these "new planets" never get any information about exact location.
  12. I think Vigilance is a good call. I also firmly believe that adding difficulty to Initiative checks is reasonable and even has precedent. On page 21 of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (hey--I know its FFG SW but its basically Genesys) the PCs can run into Bearsloths. It says they make an opposed Perception check OR Vigilance. Any character who fails the check makes their subsequent initiative check an Easy check (thus adding a purple to a otherwise simple) and adds setback dice for each threat. Just like if people have weapons drawn on the heroes and hold them dead to rights--makes sense that your initiative would be more difficult (or conversely add a **** ton of Blues or upgrade NPC who are already drawing a bead).
  13. As Anomalous said-- if you pre-roll initiative you can speed things up. You can also recruit a "Battle Master" (an intelligent and reliable player) who helps you do things like track initiative or even NPC health. If you have more than 6 players I highly recommend you run a game for perspective GMs to learn how to play/GM. You should Teach the Teacher--then you can lots of groups. For groups larger than 6 I highly recommend getting ready to split and make two groups. See if your LFGS will let you teach a "Learn to GM Genesys" night. Teaching people how to GM really helps the game grow.
  14. The cheap option is the literal scatter gun Adostic Arms 8-Gauge Scatter Gun. The better long term option is the double barrel Salus DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle : http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/weapons/2241/ Its basically a double barreled shotgun, has linked because Yes. and Vicious 2. Heck need some Hardpoints? Its got 3.
  15. I would have the pitch be an "old treasure." Guy sells them a map or datacron with the information about it. They find 500k to 1 Million credits, but they are from the Old Republic. Not worth Sith spit to the Imperials. However, they think they could get 100,000 out of the deal from potienal collectors, but that takes a finders fee, a broker fee, etc. At the end of the day they still make credits but not enough to make it worth it. You could have the roll Hard Education checks to know beforehand if its worth the effort at all. Obviously you could have other valuables in the "treasure" besides credits.
  16. I feel like the Brass Catcher is really odd, but meh okay. Ballistics can check the bullets found on scene to tell what kind of ammunition was used. Also--any criminal worth a darn would drop the weapon of a crime into a lake or melt it down--or for pistols simply change the barrel and bam--can't compare it anymore! The Sleeve Holster should be a piece of equipment, not a modification IMO. Its basically a Sling (quick draw for free once per round) but for a pistol. The other stuff looks good, though the shoulder stock could simply be made into a scope or improved sight to gain Accurate 1 without having to worry about adjusting Encumbrance or dealing with spotting their weapon.
  17. I am afraid I will have to challenge you on this. The Schofield revolver is single action only (except later versions). The S&W K-38 is a newer model revolver that is single action only but lets you load with a speed loader. But Yes--most single action revolvers are not compatible with a speed loader. As others have said the "extra clip" does not necessarily mean an actual clip of ammunition but thematically means enough rounds of appropriate ammunition (be it in a clip, a magazine, ammo belt, a cartridge, powerpack, etc.). I do think that "6 guns" and other revolvers should certainly be one that needs to use the Click-Click rules. I think the Click Click rules also work well for Post-Apochalypic settings where ammo is scarce too (and extra reloads should be expensive in those settings!).
  18. I would probably refluff Arcana. But keep it as magic, much like Deadlands Reloaded in Savage Worlds.
  19. I do Group Checks (where the majority of the party must pass). But depending on the check or challenge I may create a "Skill Challenge." If the PCs are trying to sneak into an Imperial Facility for instance I may go around the table (normally from left to right--not worrying about initiative) and say--"Okay how do you help the party get through the facility?" Players think of creative uses for skills. "I am going to sneak!"--Use Stealth "Can I try and keep an eye out for patrols?"--Use Perception or Vigilance. "Can I try to blend in? Act like I work there using Cool?" Sure--but you are a Xeno and stand out so you take a setback die. "I want to slice a computer terminal!" Use Computers skill. "Can I make a Leadership check to keep the party working well together?" Sure why not. These kinds of scenario can range from the above to trekking across a mountain. Let players use skills and talents, or even items (did they bring torches or glow rods? Give them Blues--or Blacks if they didn't!). Look at Skill Challenges from 4th Edition dnd or Star Wars Saga Edition as inspiration. Below is a link to a document I made for an entirely different system (Low Fantasy Gaming) but one that could easily be ported over to any system. Just change up the skills. Let skill challenges be good times to role play too. Give boost dice to good descriptions "I am going to bob and weave among the merchant stalls and try to lose the people following me!" is better than "I want to roll stealth." Good roleplay should be encouraged, from boost dice to simply flipping a story point. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1miryvFI_6lXZWV9Q1TjYFZq45lOyYIOS/view
  20. Your best bet is to use the snipping tool, and transfer the image of the stat block onto a word doc (or google doc).
  21. I am most thankful for the resources. And I do understand that Genesys is mutli-genre. I just figured that since its starting out its even easier to see if someone could get this going. Just as Stoogoff has different methods for narrowing down opponents the same could be done with Genesys by genre. I totally agree that many of the character's can just be reskinned. I just hope that in future such a site like Stoogoff could be made for Genesys!
  22. This is all very good stuff. However--its nothing like what I asked about. These are dropboxes and pdfs--not interactive webpages.
  23. While this is certainly great (thank you, totally saved!) . It is not nearly as accessible as the link in the OP. The OP Link is a searchable site with adjustable minion stats, places to account for wounds and strain shift. Colorization of NPCs as well as having multiple tabs for easy access. Just not quite the same unless my PDF-fu is really really lacking. There are clearly work arounds for PDFs like this--multiple PDFs open, search feature, snipping tool, etc. But still won't compare.
  24. Star Wars FFG has this site made--when will someone make something similar for Genesys? List of all published (and some unpublished) NPCs with super easy access. Minion adjustment. Colored tabs for tracking enemies/opponents. If Genesys had this it would make GMing it so much easier. http://swa.stoogoff.com/#accomplished-mechanic
  25. Speaking of Contribution and Duty--can the PCs request items that are (R)estricted? I got PCs asking to get new transponder codes for their ship 20,000 credits (rarity 6 or 7--afb). Are there official rulings on what can be awarded?
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