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  1. Yup, those were early pictures got some trees and other stuff in the works to fill the map up!!
  2. Toontotalwar

    Scariff mk2

    Love it!! Well presented and tempted to,make my own now!
  3. Basically these are parts from shore trooper uniforms (arm guard, leg plates and ammo pouch) and general veers uniform with a cape!
  4. We are a group based in Newcastle upon Tyne, so let me know if your around as it would be a 2.5 hour drive from Manchester
  5. hoth, Tatooine and Endor now complete
  6. Awesome paint job on these troops man!
  7. Very nice indeed! Similar to my versions without too much shading
  8. Would have to buy 7 general veers and then mod the units to get a set of Mud troopers in action! Sounds expensive though
  9. All stock finished fleet troopers from a new hope and Leia from ROTJ
  10. Ok my Leia and first wave of rebel fleet troopers are finished!
  11. Love this extra detail that adds immersion to the game!
  12. Very nice!!! I have an at-st diorama to share soon
  13. Scarif Shoretrooper troopers and death troopers a must!! Also Director Krennic!
  14. I painted mine in white with deck tan for the coat, trousers and gloves and accessories from Vallejo paints
  15. finished snow troopers!!
  16. Just started on my snowtroopers squads and will have screens tomorrow of finished units
  17. Stormies look great! Those rebels are unique as well
  18. Lovely units! Very nicely detailed
  19. Love the shading on vader! In all these figures are really nicely painted like most of the figures I have seen on this forum.
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