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  1. So there is no proof for Utouchable passing Gate of Infinity created by psyker? Only pernament portals like that Necrons construction? So sad for me :<
  2. That Warp Gate was made by psyker or it was a constant gate? Built by someon not created by psyhic powers?
  3. So if i will have limiter or "inhibitor" turned on, i will can pass Gate of Infinity casted by my teammate? You have any proofs for that, like quotes from book for example? I have restricted friends, and even description about Frauka in wiki isnt enought for them "Is just turning off his powers, no proofs for that he can pass gates or have any benefits from Warp" they saying
  4. So when my teammate using Gate for running away from dangerous situation, i can pass that gate? " Another example can be found int he Eisenhorn/Ravenor/Pariah novels, all really good by the way. Ravenor has an untouchable (Frauka) as part of his retinue. The notable thing about Frauka is that he wears an "inhibitor" which allows him to "turn off" the null field at any time. It's a simple, elegant solution to getting a psyker to play nice with untouchables when needed. Can he go through the Eternity Gate? Sure, why not? Just give him an inhibitor. " Its a quote from other forum, you know something more about that guy (more than wiki) and that "inhibitor"? And what is that unshielded/shielded gate?
  5. Hi, I'm wondering what means " Can never gain nor benefit from the positive effects of Psychic Powers or any other related unnatural talents,traits, or abilities that call on the Warp for power." in Untouchable advance. Friends whos playing with me, says that im immune for all Psychic and Warp spells and talent (that what lore telling about Blanks), what are you thinking about that? Untouchables are immune for all Psychic spells, or maybe just for that which giving benefits for him (Warp perception, etc.)? What about crossing Gate of Infinity, he can or not?
  6. Hi, im playing Arbites Crusader from Feral for about 18 months and if u wan to be shield for your firends go and buy True Grit (less critical as big as your TB) Shield Wall (reroll after parry fail) Deny the Witch (dodge after Psychik attack) Sound constitution Step Aside (one more evasion) And boost Parry,WS and Thou If u also want to make some dmg after that buy Counter attack, Crushing blow One on one Double team (if u have other guy with that skill which making melee damage) Bth, how u want to get that two traits? Unnatural Strength u can get by buing muscles but Brutal charge? I dont have ide how to get that :<
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