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  1. I really like this setting, you are doing a fantastic job tbh.
  2. I still haven't read it all but it's looking great tbh. Great work @TCArknight.
  3. @Mogloth I think it means player handbook.
  4. Your work looks awesome @Khoram, I can't wait to see it finished! So well done.
  5. This is why I would like thematic or tone books like in Savage Worlds, to add or expand mechanics to add to our settings. Terrinoth is cool but I would have preferred a book about Fantasy theme, Horror theme, Supers theme, etc... There they could have created or expanded on things like magic/creating spell lists, some horror mechanics to make the tone really feel terrifying and make players feel vulnerable, mechanics to use and create superpowers and really feel like a super (I mean heroic abilities are cool but I don't see Superman lifting and throwing a truck once and then it's over till the next session) and those to name some of the things that I see people mention in the various forums, things that I struggle with too. I really like the narrative dice system and I see nothing wrong with wanting to convert your favorite games to a system you enjoy, it's been done thousands of times before. But, as much as I like this system, there are some tools missing in Genesys IMO.
  6. This could be as good as Savage Worlds (if not better cause I like this system more than the SW one) if they let 3rd party content creation. If they don't I agree with @glewis2317, this game could die fast.
  7. Thanks for the help @2P51! I'll check the app. So are you giving the caster classes only spells and no talents? Wouldn't that make them a bit weak? Just asking cause IDK how to make balanced classes haha.
  8. Hi there, I recently bought the Genesys Core Rulebook and the Terrinoth Setting Book because I fell in love with the amazing system in the Star Wars games so I wanted to be able to create my own "games" with it. But being new to this "create your settings" thing I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with. The first one is that I have a big collection of setting books (never played most of them but I liked the settings so I couldn't help but buying them lmao), many of them from Savage Worlds, Fate, Cypher, Unisystem, Modiphius, D&D, etc. My question is: I guess that using the setting per se in Genesys doesn't seem to be that hard but what about converting the specific mechanics that make the setting unique? For example, can Genesys easily handle unique magic systems, unique weapons or powers effects or even unique abilities tied to a certain character career? The second one is somewhat similar to the first one but it's specific to the Cthulhu type of setting. I would like some advice on how to handle the insanity issue. Are the rules explained in the horror tone enough for a hardcore horror setting (mainly the sanity thingie) or will I have to try and build my own rules (or try to steal someone's lmao)? Thanks in advance and sorry if these questions sound somewhat ridiculous.
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