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  1. Unfortunately most of the images won't show. Or is it just me? Love these builds though
  2. May I assume you have already seen my Zeta shuttle that I'd got from Shapeways? Okay, it's not for free, but a beautiful piece nonetheless. The best location to look for stl files is www.thingiverse.com But I've been searching here for a while as well, but currently I haven't found any available stl yet.
  3. Painting the left wing was a bit of pioneering, but in the end it worked out quite nicely and I'm pleased with the result. Now it's up to the other wing.
  4. For some reason I always have a couple of months where I just don't do any scale modelling. I don't know why, it just happens that way. But now I prepared my wet pallet and did a bit of pin washing to get things started again. So, the black wash (oil paint) brings out more contrast. That makes the top of the fuselage nearly complete. Then it's time for the wings. I'm afraid they will be quite difficult to paint. Large flat surfaces, not so many panels, so I'm not quite sure how to modulate the colours. Time will tell...
  5. Actually... no 😅 It holds like a table spoon of resin and the resin is expensive but since it's so little it still is cheap. But there is quite some work in cleaning everything, curing the model under uv and the occasional misprint.
  6. I think it is because of how the 3d image is rendered. The rest of the model isn't showing the layering.
  7. I did play that weekend, unfortunately using a different fleet, so I was not able to test this one. During the Christmas holidays I found a bit of time for some painting. I've probably posted it before, but I really like the painting of Ben Komets and how he shows the tricks in his videos: So with these videos on my tablet I started practising washes, loaded brush and feathering techniques. Please keep in mind, that I'm not an expert on these techniques, this is just my first attempts. It still looks to smudgy for my taste, but perhaps that all blends a bit better after some more feathering of nicely thinned paint. Again a close up of 1 loaded brush technique and 2 of the first feathering
  8. I'm sorry, I've seem to have missed your question. I've found the STL's on ThingiVerse, here are the links to both the regular A-Wing and the prototype: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2178698 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2449962 I even have found an A-Wing spearhead (RZ-1 predecessor) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1909311
  9. I've used my different kinds of paint, enamel, acrylic, oils and original car paints (thinner). Those car paints are the strongest by far, but since you only need a few drops, you probably will not be buying those. Enamels are resistant too. Even better if you give them a coat of clear varnish. What do you want to do exactly? High light the tokens? Darken the recesses? Paint the bevels or perhaps a full repaint?
  10. OMG... has it been that long already? I had to look at page 7 😲 So in the past few weeks I was busy doing 3D prints and small painting. But in the meantime I did some airbrushing on this one as well. I tried to create the color gradients on the main fuselage. You can still see a dark spot in the image below. Later on, I will glue a brown cylinder there, so it acts as a shade. These pictures are from this morning when I had glued all cylinders in place. Next, I will probably give the model a thin layer of gloss, so I can put on the oil paint better. When that is done, another coat of flat varnis will protect the paint from handling. All in all, I hope to have a nice convoy to use in one of my epic battles. It's a nice sight already 😊
  11. Wow. That is looking good. Although the model has not been fully painted yet, this weekend I will be playing a bit of x-wing so perhaps I will play test these.
  12. Sounds great. Are those in pdf? And did you make them yourself? Are those compatible with the 1.0 game rules?
  13. No, no stats yet. I would like to create a small Imperial fleet around which I can do battles/scenario's. When all my current projects are finished my fleet can contain: Raider, Gozanti, Tanker (WIP), Lambda class shuttle, Zeta class shuttle (WIP), Decimator, TIE Reaper (WIP). It will all still be in 1.0. I don't have 2.0 yet and will not move over to 2.0 unless there are rules for Epic. Since I only play casual games with friends, we use Epic quite a lot. And I must admit, I hope that 2.0 will fix the balance between the factions, but I fear it's just for financial gain for FFG. I've seen this so many times with GW... but that's a whole different discussion.
  14. A bit of progress. I took my airbrush and gave the model a layer of primer. And a close up of the hinge Arno
  15. I had this problem in the past. It was with Modelmasters metallic paints. After many thoughts the only reason I could find was that I didn't use the correct thinner to dilute the paint. Never had the problem anymore when I used the Modelmasters thinner. And this was only the case with brushed on paints. When using the airbrush I've never seen this problem before. It seems that you preparation is good. Wash the model in soapy water, then wash off the soap using plenty of tap water and leave it to dry. Preferably by air. Then prime your model and put on small layers of paint.
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