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  1. We'll figure out how we'll respond tomorrow. Meanwhile @LTD I transfer ownership of my Quasar to the 5th Sector. (I hope we both did this right). I claim the Summer house VP.
  2. This treaty? I never signed it. Neither did Jabbawookie. I made an individual alliance with clon and an individual alliance with GNIP.
  3. Somehow we can still get internet access in dsL.
  4. Looks like Tarkin Care of Business won! Who was that?
  5. Can we finally reveal our names? I was The Fizzles. The name was inspired by the FART moniker geek came up with (old definition of fizzle: "to break wind quietly").
  6. The FUNK must decline. 1. We already agreed to get the Quasar to the Mandalorians, and we're trying to get the job done as quickly as possible. Going from L to N to S to dsB to dsQY to G doesn't satisfy Ozzy's Razor*, which states that the best path from one point to another point is the one with the least number of pit stops. 2. Taking on this additional duty doesn't get us closer to scoring objectives, which is what we need most at this point. We've already got plenty of credits. 3. The Berserkers and FUNK are not in an alliance, and one of us could invade the other at any time without warning. *Ozzy is one of our mechanics. Yes, he came up with this principle all by himself.
  7. 1.How many GF? 2.Where are these GF now? 3. Do you have a ship on this planet with the GF? I'm not sure if this kind of transfer is even possible. You would have to peacefully transfer the GF to our Quasar, and then we would have to transfer the Quasar, with the GF onboard, to the Mandolorians.
  8. @clontroper5 @The Jabbawookie Quasar construction will be complete this turn. 5th Sector, we can jump your Quasar to deep space J 86.75.309 on turn 4 and transfer it on turn 5. Mandalorians, your Quasar begins its trek to G this turn. You see, we're not completely unprepared...
  9. Beginning of turn 6 would be ideal, but we're not in a huge rush if that's not possible. We have control over planets Retreete, Ennui and Layzee, and could come to Brotein if that's easier for you.
  10. Bertie Wooster

    Regionals Win with MSU

  11. If anyone is interested in producing / selling GR-75 Medium Transports or Gozanti-class Cruisers, the FUNK is interesting in buying. We'll pay 1.5 times the price of production and will pay for fuel.
  12. So if GNIP can buy an Imperial ship, could I buy a Rebel ship and transfer it to my fleet, and use it as normal? I didn't think that would be possible. Maybe I missed a rule somewhere.
  13. Bertie Wooster

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    Now THERE's a Regional that would make the Emperor proud!