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  1. Are we still playing the current game though? I'd like to finish it (with patches) but I'm not sure what the consensus is.
  2. People tried to get close to 500 in previous games, even though it didn't give a "bonus" beyond 410ish. The reason is because if the battle is a "tie" (one side is 500, the other is 451, a 7 is rolled) the larger fleet wins.
  3. Warship bonuses max--makes sense. If clones lose on ties but don't have a +1 on every die, they would SUCK at defending, and droids would win 90% of their invasions. It would be a reverse situation. I'd rather just make it the same cost for GF and same ability for both sides. Or maybe LTD's rule only applies while clones are attacking, but they win on ties while defending--I just don't know if clones would be worth 1.5 times the cost. (The only time that would be relevant is when both sides roll a 6.) Maybe 10 point clones/ 8 point droids.
  4. I think this is the first time I've been mentioned in a meme; I am honored!
  5. I remember @Snipafist saying that Proximity Mines move with naturally mobile obstacles (like Purrgils) but I wasn't sure about using GSR on a dust field, asteroid, etc.
  6. Having played both your ground combat system in your game and the Risk system in Jabba's game (And having won both games...) I think I prefer the Risk system. Otherwise it took a really long time to build up GF just to invade one guy's Capital planet. Maybe that was mostly due to Capitals having 4 extra GF; I would at least prefer not to play with Capitals again. I agree with all the other suggestions you made though. I would also add that the fact that the Republic's cheapest flotilla is 20 points, and the CIS' cheapest flotilla is 23, is probably another cause of imbalance in this game. I've been dominating the bottom left of the map with mostly Venator-Is and CRL flotillas. A lot of planets are worth exactly 20 points, and I can build my cheapest ship (which holds 2 GF) on that planet in one single turn, while my opponents cannot. That's huge. The cool thing about the Risk system is that it gives the attacker an advantage (3 vs. 2), providing an incentive to attack (as opposed to boring games where no one wants to fight). But the defender wins on ties, which sometimes results in interesting upsets in which the invasion unexpectedly fails. The problem is once you mess with that formula, either by giving the Republic attacker a +1 to every die he rolls, or allowing him to win on ties (the result will be the same as the +1), The Republic GF have a HUGE advantage over the CIS GF, and they're worth their weight in gold.
  7. The Interdictor can't take Weapon Battery Techs. And the Interdictor title actually doesn't help HIEs due to its timing ("When a ship activates...")
  8. If a mine is on top of a dust field, and you move the dust field with GSR, does the mine move with it? I don't think so but curious.
  9. Thank you, I was trying to look for that passage about "When" in the RRG and I couldn't find it. Now I wish I did--I stand corrected.
  10. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/rebellion-in-rim-obstacles-and.html "When a ship ends its movement at distance 1 of a proximity mine token, remove that token from the play area and roll two blue dice." "During your activation, you can perform 1 of your attacks after you execute your first maneuver." The phrasing isn't the same, so I'm not sure it's the same timing window. "When a ship ends its movement" vs. "after you execute your first maneuver." My opinion would that the proximity mine's timing is the same as the mines from Minefields: "This card’s Special Rule effect resolves during the Move Ship step while executing a maneuver." (From the FAQ, p. 11 https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/68/e1/68e127a4-62df-4fe8-beca-f812ed6540f2/armada_faq_v412compressed.pdf) In the case of Minefields, "during the Move Ship step" comes before "after you execute your first maneuver" so the Minefield goes off before Demolisher takes its Demolisher shot.
  11. 1. They all go off. See Lemmiwinks' response below. 2. No. After the first maneuver, check if you're at distance 1 of any proximity mines. If you are, the mines go boom. After Engine Techs, check again. If you are at distance 1 of proximity mines (they wouldn't be the same mines as before, obviously), the mines go boom.
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