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  1. That's only infantry. I think Jere is the only place I am allowed to place cavalry, if I'm understanding the rules correctly. But if I am allowed to place that extra cavalry somewhere else, then I'll place it in Nganzai.
  2. Knit faster! All 3 Cavalry goes to Jere. Militia goes to Nganzai. Hero goes to Jere. I'm not sure if the Agent is placed on the map. If so, Jere. (What is the timing window for using the Agent?) @GhostofNobodyInParticular I'll trade my 2 of Spades for your Jack of Diamonds, and my 4 of Diamonds for your 10 of Clubs.
  3. We have higher MDL, doesn't that count for a reroll?
  4. I'll take Militia, Hero, Agent, Culture+1. After that, I think the following is all inevitable. @GhostofNobodyInParticular your turn. (Your only option is Agent, MDL+1, Culture+1.) After that, @LTD gets Agent. I take MDL+1. GNIP takes MDL+1. LTD takes MDL+1. Let me know if I made an error.
  5. I went to my work's office for the first time in a long time today (they don't allow many people in the office right now due to COVID) and saw "Fire Command Center" painted on a door, really wished "Fire" was changed to "Bomber."
  6. Maybe a way we could speed it up in the future is to say "if LTD moves to Ikom, I will not move to Etung" or something like that in the original campaign orders. Then resolve it according to MDL.
  7. I made my declaration; we technically have to wait for @LTD to make his declaration. But if you're staying in place, then there's no battle. It feels like this is going to increase our playing time significantly. It wouldn't be so bad if we were playing in real time. We'll see I guess.
  8. All of my armies are performing my movements as declared.
  9. "Once all players have placed orders, they are revealed, and armies move simultaneously. A player may choose NOT to follow a movement order placed - the army instead remains in its province. Such declarations MUST be made in declining MDL order." What is the reason for this? It seems like the game would just take longer if people can take back their order.
  10. I'll take 1 Cavalry. LTD gets the last Infantry.
  11. I'll take 1 Cavalry. LTD takes the last Artillery. Now there are 0 Artillery, 2 Cavalry, and 5 Infantry.
  12. Yes, I think LTD intended for us to proceed without him due to the time zone difference. LTD can only choose 1 unit. And if my infantry bonus applies only to placement, not recruitment, then the same goes for me. I'm beginning to think your interpretation makes more sense than mine. If that's the case, I'll take just cavalry, LTD will take artillery, and it's your turn again.
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