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    player2439757 reacted to FirstOrderProblems in Burglar's Turn + Banner of Elendil in non Saga games?   
    @sappidus thanks for sharing that ruling! It is a shame though because some of the biggest/most flavorful "scores" exist in the boon cards. Like what kind of amazing burglar would dare to steal Anduril? Or sneak up on Galadriel and pluck a few strands of her hair? Or her phial for that matter? My first thought had been the Treasures as well but then I realized they don't even have the Attachment card type so they were right out 😔
    @dalestephenson I think I'll try it with Burglar's Turn next time a friend and I play through a saga quest just to get a feel for it! Ally Galadriel is another way to cheat a Banner into play; between that and reforged and harvest you could have a pretty consistent orange splash in a standard deck. I've just always been fascinated with getting the exotic/exclusive cards into more games haha
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    player2439757 reacted to player3351457 in Actual Fellowship   
    I assume you are trying to stick to as many thematic elements as possible, in which case major props. I am not sure how many leadership decks I can run without steward!
    Regardless, sting is also a pretty good one to toss in, opening hand. If you can dispatch the enemy quickly, (like perhaps optionally engage another enemy, defend with sam, and kill with aragorn, then pull the one guarding sting... sam should be able to at least lay on damage with the stat line boost) then that +1 across the board on Sam is huge. Once the contract flips he becomes an absolute monster.
    Edit: I just realized Sting was in your side board. 
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    player2439757 reacted to weebaer in R2-D2 and C-3PO   
    The tears of all those empire players are delicious to me.  We all thought that Boba and Bossk were "auto includes".  In a competitive level that has largely been true.  It only makes sense to provide the rebs with an opportunity to obtain an additional victory point.  R2 is a strong figure, but he isnt broken.  Ive played with him a few times and used very effectvely once and terribly another time.  
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    player2439757 reacted to Derrault in Repulsor Blast damage   
    What? English grammar dictates that each sentence is parsed alone. If you wanted them to be taken in conjunction it would need to be written something like this:
    Choose an enemy, discard the top 5 cards from your deck, and deal 1 damage, plus 2 additional damage per energy resource revealed, to the enemy.
    But what they have on the card is entirely appropriate.
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    player2439757 reacted to SASUKE13 in Your top picks for Hero's and Villains!!!   
    Spiderman 2099
    Scarlet spiderman
    Red goblin
    Superior octopus
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    player2439757 reacted to Vince79 in Against the Shadow/Heirs of Numenor   
    I'll have to try it (including Gandalf).  But playing Siege of Cair Andros, it seems like I've been using a lot of resources to keep things building.  I'm not sure if there's been a point where I've managed to save up five to pay for Gandalf.  Maybe toward the end of the game.  
    I also noticed in playing this scenario that if I'm successful, I usually manage to knock out quest cards 2, 3, and 4, so threat reduction isn't usually a concern.  If I'm successful.
    Edited to say:  
    I've tried Siege of Cair Andros a few more times, with Gandalf.  Won one, lost one.  In the first game I folded because I lost Gimli in the second round (stupid shadow effects again).  In the second, I won fairly easily but Gandalf didn't show up until the last round, and I only had four resources at the time.  So he didn't play a part in either game.  So in this particular scenario, I don't think he's really a necessary inclusion.  I think I'll move on to the next quest.
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    player2439757 reacted to Welshie13 in Guess the new META: 500 point skirmish format?   
    Flamethrower units (snows, dewback, AT-RTs) will be super powerful as they have a shorter distance to close and can eliminate a unit in one go.
    Agreed AT-ST or tank parked in the middle will be powerful as will Vader.
    Might see more Scout Troopers and Fleet Troopers too.
    Sabine and Bossk and Sabs bombs will possibly be more useful in a cramped field but greater chance of friendly fire too.
    And of course Tauntaun!!! Dewback will be good too hopefully.
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    player2439757 reacted to JediPartisan in Has anyone tried larger scale legion?   
    I played a game with 4 players, each with their own army of 800 points and we played as normal except one person was an ally and the other two were opponents. We played Command Cards as normal and rolled off until there was a pecking order each turn. There were 2 rebel and 2 imperial (I was actually on the 2 imperial side). It was a lot of fun, but we had to pack it in early since after 3 hours, the place where we were playing was going to close. I totally recommend playing multiplayer.
    I think maybe for most multiplayer games it would be better to play 500 points each since time usually is an issue, but once in a while a big game can be a lot of fun. I would love to try a 500 point multiplayer where healing or using things like Spotter or Inspire can be used on an ally’s troops and even Clones can share from one ally to the other, but everything else is as normal. That would be a lot of fun.
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    player2439757 reacted to Zrob314 in Dynamic Duo--Artoo and Threepio Preview   
    standby tokens and overwatch are your friends for this goal as well. 
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    player2439757 reacted to Zrob314 in R2-D2 and C-3PO   
    Depends on the unit.  Tanks and X-34 speeders can do it at longer ranges than Death Troopers or fleet troopers.  
    I refer you to this chart
    When I made it I was calculating the point cost per average damage on each unit for a basic measure of offensive efficiency.  It has a breakdown of all possible configurations (bodies and weapons, not other upgrades) for each unit.  I have also not had an opportunity to update it to reflect Clones, Droids, Creature Troopers, Detachment units or the points balance.  
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