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  1. Look good to me - veers lets empire do under 800 pt games?
  2. Since esteemed leader gives Corp troopers guardian 1 within range one . if you have 2 units within range one of veers with esteemed leader does that mean 1 hit per unit ( 2 total) are allocated to stormtrooper or is it one hit per attack allocated to stormtrooper?
  3. Strategy is keep troopers close( range 2) to Vader) lead with troopers have them go from cover to cover. Keep them so ythey can support each other
  4. Darth vader force reflexes saber throw batttle meditaion 4x 5 man stormtrooper with impact or concussion grenades And 4 dl19 trooper ( one per stormtrooper squad )
  5. There will be an May the 4th Star Wars game 800 pts. at Eagle and Empire game shop 1520 belle View Blvd aleandria va 22307 at 6:30 pm good news is that bill white has finely painted heroic ( or rebel scum) rebels vs patriotic( or oppressive evil) empire armies to try out call 703 768 9777 for more info
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