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  1. The following bullet point should be added under "Move" on page 20 in the Rules Reference: A player can move shields, upgrades, and downgrades to a character who is at their respective limit. A player cannot move damage to a character over its remaining health.
  2. The following bullet point should be added under "Resolving Dice Through Cards" on page 9 of the Rules Reference: If one or more "after" abilities are triggered from resolving one or more dice through a card effect, those abilities enter the queue and will not resolve until after the card effect has fully resolved or until it is their turn in the queue.
  3. Rules Reference Correction: The Infiltrate glossary entry should state, "When playing a scenario that does not use the normal battle cards, such as the one found in the Downed AT-ST expansion, the Infiltrate keyword cannot be used."
  4. Rules Reference Correction: The Bounty glossary entry should state, "When playing a scenario that does not use the normal battle cards, such as the one found in the Downed AT-ST expansion, the Bounty keyword cannot be used."
  5. Rules Reference Correction: The Detonate X: Charge Type glossary entry should state, "After a unit controlled by any player attacks, moves, or performs an action, each unit that has a weapon with the detonate x: charge type keyword may detonate up to x friendly charge tokens of the specified type."
  6. Rules Reference Correction: The Objective Tokens glossary entry should state, "Objective tokens cannot ever be placed overlapping other objective tokens."
  7. Question: When deploying the TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank, does the entire base have to be placed within a deployment zone? Answer: Yes, the base must be fully within a friendly deployment zone.
  8. Question: While Entourage cannot be effected by the upgrade card Battle Meditation, can it be effected by the upgrade cards Commanding Presence, Comms Relay, and Long Range Comms? Answer: Yes. Using the Entourage ability to issue an order is a form of issuing an order.
  9. Question: When I use the upgrade card Improvised Orders to draw a second order token, if that second token is a "dead draw"--an order token of a rank that I cannot activate--do I remove it and then redraw another order token? Answer: Yes. The draw made with Improvised Orders checks whether that order token can be used to activate an eligible unit; if it cannot, it is removed and another token is drawn in its place before proceeding with the rest of the Improvised Orders effect. However, as long as each order token can be used to activate a unit, even if it is the same unit, do not remove that token and redraw another one. Example: A player has one corps unit left and, after drawing a corps order token, they use Improvised Orders and draw a second corps order token. Because both order tokens could technically be used to activate an eligible unit, the player does not remove and redraw any order tokens at this time.
  10. Question: While Reptilian Rampage is in play during his activation, can Bossk suffer multiple wounds to perform multiple free move actions? Answer: No. As with all card text that allows an effect to take place "during" a specific window, that effect can only be used or triggered once during that window.
  11. Question: When using the command card Brains and Brawn, can Leia Organa choose an enemy unit as a defender that her weapon does not have range to so that Chewbacca can add his weapon to the attack pool and attack that unit? Answer: No. Leia must be able to add a weapon to the attack pool in order for the attack to be eligible. If no weapons are added to the attack pool by Leia, the attack does not happen, and therefore Chewbacca cannot add his own weapon.
  12. Question: If Sabine Wren is equipped with the Darksaber and is defending against Darth Vader's melee attack, does she roll three additional defense dice thanks to her Impervious keyword, even though the Darksaber grants her the Immune: Pierce keyword? Answer: No. If a unit has both the Impervious and the Immune: Pierce keywords, the Impervious keyword has no effect because Pierce is not being used for that attack.
  13. Uneti Force Tree: The last sentence of this support's ability is considered a "then effect" and should read: "Then, you and that player each draw a card."
  14. LAAT Gunship: Should read: "[special] - Roll a trooper die on one of your cards in play into your pool and resolve it. Otherwise, remove it. Reroll this support's die instead of removing it."
  15. Downgrades: When a player plays a downgrade card, they attach it face-up to one of their opponent's characters (not their own). Downgrades have repeatable or ongoing abilities and stay in play unless an effect discards them or the card they are attached to leaves play. A downgrade is controlled by the player that played it, even though it is in an opponent's play area. Each character has a downgrade limit of 3. If a character has more downgrades than its downgrade limit, its controller chooses and discards downgrades from it until its limit is met (a player can play a downgrade on a card that already has 3 downgrades).
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