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  1. Onager Class Star Destroyer (Rules Errata) Extreme Range, pg. 3 This section should include the following bullet point: While defending at extreme range, the standard effect of the [evade] defense token cancels two dice of the defender's choice.
  2. Admiral Raddus (Upgrade Card Errata) This upgrade card's effect should read: "Before deploying fleets, you may set aside 1 other friendly ship with a command value of 3 or less. At the start of any round, you may deploy that ship at distance 1-2 of you. That ship cannot be deployed overlapping squadrons and cannot be the first ship to activate that round."
  3. Question: Can a creature trooper both displace enemy trooper minis and start a melee with that enemy unit? Answer: Only if it also ends its movement in base contact with one of the unit's minis without displacing that mini.
  4. Question: Do the bases of miniatures block line of sight? Answer: No.
  5. Question: When panicked and moving toward the closest edge of the battlefield, do droid troopers perform a single move action or two move actions? Answer: Droid troopers, like all other trooper types, perform only one move action while panicked.
  6. Question: While the effects of the Limited Visibility condition card are active, can a unit use Fire Support even if the distance between it and the defender is beyond the ranges specified by Limited Visibility? Answer: No. The unit using Fire Support must be able to contribute weapons that are eligible to be used for a ranged attack as if that unit were making a ranged attack. The defender is beyond the range at which a ranged attack can be performed, and therefore the unit's ranged weapons are not eligible to be added to a ranged attack at that distance via Fire Support.
  7. Q: Can Snap Shot or Foresight be chosen as a special weapon to be used for a ship's attack during the Engagement Phase? A: Yes. The phrase "after an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack" allows the attack to be used as a bonus attack under the specified circumstances, but does not disqualify it from being used during the Engagement Phase.
  8. Question: If General Grievous is wounded and equipped with Tenacity and attacks two different units, does he add 1 red die to each attack pool? Answer: Yes. The Tenacity upgrade card adds 1 red die to each melee attack pool formed by the unit.
  9. Question: Can a unit be issued an order via another game effect after using the Battle Meditation upgrade card when it would have otherwise been issued an order via a command card? For example, the command card Give Into Your Anger is played and Emperor Palpatine uses Battle Meditation to issue an order to another unit instead of himself--can that other unit use the Comms Relay upgrade card to issue that order to Emperor Palpatine instead? Answer: Yes. Because Emperor Palpatine was never issued an order, he is still eligible to be issued an order by another game effect.
  10. Question 1: When Luke Skywalker uses his command card You Serve Your Master Well to perform a move or attack action with an enemy unit, can the player performing the action spend that unit's tokens? Answer: Yes. The unit controlled by You Serve Your Master Well is treated as a friendly unit by the player performing an action with it for the duration of that action, and the player can spend that unit's tokens. For example, if the unit performs an attack action, the player can spend its aim tokens to reroll attack dice. Question 2: Can that player use the unit's optional abilities, such as the Spur keyword, or abilities that grant free actions such as Charge and Relentless? Can that player exhaust its upgrade cards to use their effects, if they're applicable to the action being performed? Answer: Yes. Question 3: Can that player use actions that are treated as move or attack actions, like the Jump keyword or the Saber Throw upgrade card? Answer: Yes. Question 4: Can that player use Fire Support to add their own units' dice to the attack pool? What about an enemy unit's dice? Answer: Because the unit performing the action is treated as a friendly unit for the duration of the action, that player can use the Fire Support keyword of their own units to add dice to the attack pool. The player cannot use the Fire Support keywords of their opponents' units. Question 5: If the unit is a clone trooper, can the player performing an action with it spend the tokens of their own clone trooper units at range 1? What about their opponent's clone trooper units? Answer: The player performing the action can spend the tokens of their own clone trooper units at range 1, but not their opponent's. Question 6: If the unit being controlled engages an enemy unit, when does that engagement end? Are they still engaged after the move or attack? Answer: No, the engagement ends as soon as the command card effect (and any triggered card effects) ends, and the enemy units return to being friendly to each other. Friendly minis from different units can be in base contact with each other and are not engaged.
  11. Question 1: Can Darth Vader use his command card Vader's Might to move a unit that is being transported? Answer: No, the transported unit is not on the battlefield and therefore cannot be moved. Question 2: When measuring the distance from the unit's current position to its new position, do you measure from unit leader to unit leader? From any mini to any mini? Or from each mini in the old position to each mini in the new position? Answer: Each mini moved to the new position must be within range 1 of at least one mini in the unit's previous location, as if it were two different units. To do this, choose any mini in the unit at its current position, measure range 1 from that mini, then place each mini in the unit within that range (and in cohesion). It may be helpful to move the mini that range 1 is being measured from after all the other minis in the unit have been moved. Question 3: Can a unit be moved out of base contact? Answer: Yes. Question 4: Can a unit be moved into base contact? Answer: Yes
  12. Question: If a unit, such as Luke Skywalker, moves into range 1-2 of two enemy units that both have standby tokens, and the first enemy unit spends it token to attack Luke Skywalker an defeats him, can the second enemy unit also spend its standby token, even though Luke Skywalker is no longer on the battlefield? Answer: Yes. The triggering event (in this case Luke Skywalker moving) still occurred, and thus the second unit may still spend its standby token. It may also choose not to spend its standby token since, while multiple game effects can be triggered by one event, they are resolved one at a time and are not "declared" simultaneously.
  13. Q: After a Nantex-class starfighter executes its maneuver, if it uses its Pinpoint Tractor Array ship ability to assign a tractor token to itself so that it can rotate its turret arc, and then it barrel rolls itself over a debris field as a result of becoming tractored, giving it a stress token, how does this resolve? A: After a Nantex-class starfighter executes its maneuver, it has the option to add an ability in the queue with the effect of "gain 1 tractor token to perform a <rotate> action." When this ability resolves, the Nantex-class starfighter pays the cost ("gain 1 tractor token") to resolve this effect. The Nantex-class starfighter gains 1 tractor token, then performs the rotate action. Note that it does not resolve the game effect of becoming tractored (which triggers after the first time a ship becomes tractored each round) until after it fully resolves the ability by completing the rotate action. Once the ability is fully resolved, the game effect that triggers after a ship becomes tractored is applied to the Nantex-class starfighter (before any other abilities on the queue are resolved), prompting the Nantex-class starfighter's player to move it, if they desire. If they do and this movement takes the Nantex-class starfighter onto a debris cloud, it resolves the effects of moving through or overlapping the debris cloud, including gaining 1 stress token. Finally, any other abilities on the queue are then resolved in order.
  14. Q: How do abilities that alter the speed, difficulty, and/or bearing of a maneuver that a ship reveals during its Reveal Dial step and executes during its Execute Maneuver step resolve? For example, if Hera Syndulla [Attack Shuttle] is equipped with R4 Astromech and Seasoned Navigator, and also has the Damaged Engine Damage Card, what happens? A: R4 Astromech and Damaged Engine (and other constant effects that alter the difficulty of a maneuver, such as Nien Nunb [Crew], L3-37's Programming, and Leia Organa [Rebel and Resistance, Crew]) apply only during the Execute Maneuver step and for effects that trigger after that ship executes a maneuver. So, after Hera's dial is revealed, Hera's player may add Hera's pilot ability and Seasoned Navigator's ability to the ability queue in either order. Both abilities resolve, and if Seasoned Navigator's ability is resolved, the difficulty of the maneuver is increased during the Execute Maneuver step (i.e. the difficulty has not yet been increased when Hera's pilot ability is resolved). Then, during the Execute Maneuver step, all abilities that alter the difficulty of the maneuver are cumulative as normal. Note that abilities that alter a maneuver without causing the ship to select a new maneuver on its dial do not affect the ship's "revealed maneuver" as referenced by abilities such as Ric Olié's pilot ability.
  15. Q: If a ship with Fine-Tuned Controls (or another ability that triggers "after you execute/fully execute a maneuver") fully executes a maneuver in arc at range 2 of a ship equipped with Snap Shot, how is this resolved? A: This is resolved one of several ways depending on which player is first player. In all cases, both abilities ("After you fully execute a maneuver, you may spend 1 force charge to perform a boost or barrel roll action" and "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack") are added to the ability queue. If the first player controls the ship with Fine-Tune Controls, that player resolves this ability before Snap Shot is resolved. If, after performing a boost or barrel roll, the ship with Fine-Tuned Controls is no longer in range or arc to be chosen as a target for Snap Shot, Snap Shot cannot be resolved and is removed from the queue. If the second player controls the ship with Fine-Tuned Controls, their opponent resolves Snap Shot first.
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