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  1. Much appreciated! I downloaded the App last night and, assuming it's accurate, the "Collection Manager" bar gets filled up more by "Labyrinth of Ruin" and "Shadow of Nerekhall" than it does any other expansion so I was going to go with one of those two barring any advice tot he contrary. Thanks for your help.
  2. So, A friend of mine recently purchased Descent and we spent a day playing the first campaign using the "Road to Legend" App. This is a game we're going to be spending some serious time with and, given his birthday is rapidly approaching, i figured i'd get him one of the expansions. This begs the question: Which? We will almost always be playing just the two of us, cooperatively and using the App. What expansion would add the most value to us?
  3. This is pure conjecture on my part but i'm wondering if they're wanting to see what the sales bump is from introducing this particular content and whether further development is cost effective. I'm guessing the earlier the Expansion the greater the number of people who already own it. Therefore releasing an app campaign based around a more recent (less popular?) product may have more of an impact on associated sales, especially as the App itself is free.
  4. I'm really excited for this, I've been putting off purchasing an expansion for IA, waiting to see which the App used next (I only play it co op on the app). My only slight bug bear is the relatively short campaign (i really enjoyed the first but it seemed to be over far too soon). I'm assuming there is no continuity between this one and the LotA one and that we have to start new characters from scratch? I'd love for them to be combined as part of an over reaching campaign, like maybe you crash on tatooine two missions into the LOTA campaign...
  5. thanks guys, that's much appreciated. My head says to wait for an announcement but my heart wants me to buy and paint more.
  6. So, I purchased Imperial Assault about a year ago, didn't really get on with it - i tend to play with just one other person and we didn't like the dynamic of one Player being on each side, it just wasn't fun for us. (Empire seemed way overpowered) Then the App came out and we really, really started enjoying it. so much so that i then purchased all of the Ally/Villain packs for the Core Set and actually painted them. I'm now wondering which Expansion to purchase. What would people recommend? I'm leaning towards "Twin Shadows" and "Return to Hoth"
  7. I like the idea of 2.0 but im not happy having to fork out another £200 (give or take) just to play the ships ive already purchased. I'm going to see what the rules look like and then maybe upgrade one faction or just continue to play 1.0 - i built my collection up over several years, there's no way i can buy all the conversions in one go.
  8. i only ever purchased one, ive only every played casually and collect it for the ships/game. I've never bothered with cookie cutter builds or eeking the best out of everything.
  9. i didn't, but that was my choice. I didnt have to buy that in order to continue playing the current version of the game. Also that included 2 brand new ships. Also £24 not £80.
  10. It's not a new game though, it's version 2.0 of an existing one for which a lot of people have spent a lot of money buying a lot of ships. I'm Well aware that no one is making me continue to play or upgrade to 2.0 but essentially, if i want to play 2.0 with my existing ships i need to fork out another £200 to do so.
  11. I know this is a completely different company and product but KR multicases do exactly this: https://www.krmulticase.com/star-wars I imagine a similar process could also work in this instance.
  12. it's not though, it's £50 to update the ships that you happen to own that are in that kit. This is something of an extreme comparison but imagine, for the sake of argument, someone who just liked to play huge tie swarms in epic play and had 40 tie fighters (unlikely i know) They'd actually have to get 10 conversion kits. I myself have maybe a 3rd of the ship types covered in the kits but several of them rather than just the 2 or 3 in the kit. I need at least 2 of each kit. Essentially you're paying $50 to convert a load of ships you may not have in lieu of some you do have. A pick and mix or modular conversion kit would go a long way to resolving these issues.
  13. I don’t mind the idea of 2.0 and am actually really looking forward to elements of it but I’m really unhappy that I’ll need to spend £200-£400 (depending on the cost of epic conversions) to be able to use ships that I’ve actually already purchased... (i'll currently need at least 2 imperial and 2 rebel conversion kits and the core set and then whatever they release to convert the 2 imp and rebel huge ships) I mainly play epic and HotAC and the conversion sets in their current incarnation just don't cater for this. Some of this could be alleviated if they did mini, 1 ship, conversion kits for a couple of £ so that people could fill in the ships that the main conversion kits didn't have enough of for them without having to buy an entire second, or third full conversion kit. (i currently need to buy a second rebel conversion kit just for 1 x-wing, 1 B wing and 1 y wing and a 2nd imperial one just for 4 Tie Fighters, 1 Defender, 1 Advanced and 1 Phantom) As it stands, and given i mainly play EPIC & HotAC I'm likely to just continue playing 1.0 for the foreseeable future.
  14. Nothing other than the fact you've gone from being able to use your entire collection to suddenly not being able to. However, the thrust of my post was refuting the assumption that just because you have a large collection you automatically have the money to buy as many conversion kits as you need.
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