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  1. Like others have said it really depends on the play style that appeals to you more. Imperials cost more points and will generally have fewer activations than the Rebels with not so much reliance on heroes. Veers and Krennic are cheap commanders that like to stay back and support the army. Vader and Palpatine are very expensive yet hard to kill and can be used aggressively for area denial. So if you want a larger more shooty list you'll primarily use Veers or Krennic and if you take Vader or Palpatine you'll be using less activations for more of an elite list. Overall they are easier to play with. To use them- basically point and shoot and march them up the field, certainly fitting for Imps Rebels are cheaper overall points-wise and hero focused. Heroes will be the backbone of your lists and tend to be the harder hitters, will take objectives and are more survivable. The heroes are also relatively cheap with most lists running two while still having enough points left for a pretty high number of activations. There seems to be more synergy between Rebel commanders than Imperials who will usually only want to take one. They have good attacks yet are susceptible to damage and like to focus on taking objectives. I think Rebels have more of a challenge/learning curve to be successful with but there is fun in that which is why I'm starting to work on more and more Rebel lists. -->Also note that using operatives might also swing your decision for which faction to choose- if you like bounty hunters, Imps have Boba Fett and Bossk (coming soon) who act independently and go after enemy heroes or objectives. Rebels have Chewbacca and Sabine (coming soon) that have more synergy and like to work with the commanders and the rest of the list. If you're not wanting to play Republic then you're probably not interested in the core set coming out this fall. Therefore, I also recommend getting two original trilogy core sets as well. It's an insane value and having extra of everything is helpful, especially dice. All the units in the core are very viable today and you need a third corps unit for a valid 800 point list anyway so it's a no brainer. Either choose a faction and trade/sell off the half you won't be using or keep both factions and do what I do- focus on one faction and then dabble in the other. I have multiples of every Imperial unit (except for commanders) but only buy the Rebel expansions that interest me. It also means you'll have an army for friends or family to use (or for you to use if they want to play the faction you like better
  2. Love his command cards, I can't wait to paint him up and get him on the table. Voracious Ambition will be interesting to use, even though you'll be pulling 3 random order tokens, you'll have 4 (since you have to activate Krennic) out of the entire pool that you know what they are, and can use instead of randomly drawing. So in an 8-10 activation list, knowing 1/2 to a 1/3 will help determine whats left in the pool to pull from and played correctly (and lucky) you can have a lot of control over that round. Very interesting...
  3. I was just saying this in another thread, it's hard to release one thing for one faction but not for the other when there were so few options to begin with. Even in the mirrored or symmetrical releases so far, there are definitely different play styles and flavors that will make them even more different based on how the list is built and played. What I see happening is FFG is covering a lot of the "bases" with the OT era (most of what has been seen on screen has been released or announced) while also "teasing" possibilities to come, i.e. the release of units from Rogue One and Sabine means they'll continue to pull from the anthologies and Rebels series in the future. All this has been set up before the release of the Clone Wars era units. I can see them doing that; so while they begin to build up the foundations for the Clone Wars factions, they can start to sprinkle in more unique and "exotic" OT era units. But it will be interesting to see the release schedule for OT stuff once the Clone Wars start to become available. Im ready for my droid army!
  4. Very true, I think we will start to see the mirrored "trend" go away as time goes on. For balancing purposes this early on in the game's life- it's hard to release snipers, etc for one faction and not the other so mirroring is most likely necessary. And the fact that we only have two factions doesnt help the pattern rationalization either, once we have 4 factions I think it'll start to change and blossom out. That's why Im personally hoping the new Imp support to not be a Dewback (even tho I feel it will be) but rather something different like a probe droid that would be more asymmetrical. So Rebels would get creatures and Imps would get (combatant) droids. Then next time around the Rebs get some droid and Imps get a Dewback. Who knows, but Im sure it'll be a Dewback and I'll definitely not complain about painting it when it comes out 😆
  5. It's funny, Im interested in the 40k models due to their nicer sculpts and the larger range of options but for some reason I just can't really understand the gameplay. I've heard a lot people say Kill Team is fun and easy so might give that a shot. But $60 for 10 models is pretty pricey when I realize I can get two units and a commander for Legion for almost the same price depending where Im shopping.
  6. Since this is primarily an infantry based game, I'm betting any new ones would fall under more infantry unit types than more bigger weapons like artillery (even though that would be awesome). There are two that I would like to see. One would be a rank below Operative for other characters that don't really fit the commander or operative role. Examples could be characters from the Rebel's Ghost crew, Rogue One cast, etc where they could simply be a one mini unit, costs 60-80 points decent health and courage value with maybe one command card to offer. Maximum of 1-2. I guess we'll see what other character become operatives to see if another character rank is necessary. Second would be a "flyer" unit class. I think the T-47 should have been in this separately with rules for coming on the board in later turns and being able to do strafing runs to exit and return to the board. It basically operates like an attack helicopter when in the movie its moving pretty fast the entire time. I think being able to come on the board later on would be a way of increasing its longevity. The Clone Wars seems to have a lot more low level aircraft that could be used in a flyer class too so maybe a distinction could be made between heavy support and flying units.
  7. With the Rebel Veterans and Tauntaun Riders announced, this can only mean one thing- the Empire is getting another corps and support units! So what do you guys think they'll be? For corps: My best guess are Shore troopers or Death Star/Naval troopers. Judging from the fact that a lot of the card art has teased whats up and coming- we have not seen Shore Troopers in any art but with Star Wars Celebration doing the Scarif diorama with Legion miniatures it could very well be the next corps to be displayed there. However we have seen a taste of Death Star/Naval troopers in the Imp Specialists pack and they appear in the background of Vader's "New Ways to Motivate Them" card art. And they would be a mirror to the Rebel Fleet troopers. I'd love to see these guys and maybe their deployable heavy could be a K2-SO droid. Hmm... For support: A Dewback seems to be the obvious choice / mirror to the Rebels getting Tauntauns but what role would a Dewback play exactly? Because the Tauntauns are basically Rebel speeder bikes, but a Dewback would be a slower unit with probably more health than a Tauntaun and a bigger gun, maybe better melee? Which means its basically a living/smaller tank to the one thats already about to come out. Could it be a creature equivalent to an AT-RT? Maybe so... But my best guess for the next support is actually either a probe droid or maybe a pair of them. One appeared on the "Covert Observation" card and is pretty much the only thing left in all the card arts that we havent seen released or announced. It could also offer the "Infiltrate" ability to the Empire.
  8. This narrative and terrain look like it will not only be a lot of fun to play but to paint too! I can see this opening the door to more non-competitive miniatures like narratives with Jawas and Tusken Raiders, an AT-AT to use and play against, or even a Rancor that attacks both players' units... But I think this a great option to add to the game and clearly isn't necessary for every Legion player. If you prefer organized /competitive play, obviously this might not be for you. If you build your own downed AT-ST / other vehicle terrain, the cards for Act 1 and 2 will eventually be spoiled online somewhere so I can see those players skipping out as well. I think this expansion is primarily targeted to those who aren't as hobby-inclined and is a one-time-buy for a nice piece of terrain to add the table and an easily accessible narrative mission/ mini campaign. The Operations can be fun but to the average player, grabbing this off the shelf might be easier. Considering the size of the AT-ST and the overall terrain with battle cards, I don't think $50 is too terrible a price when compared to other companies' terrain kits. I'm hoping the other set of battle cards are just the Act 2 cards and not standard cards for normal play, $50 becomes a bit steep for those only after the standard cards.
  9. A lot of people forget that the game has only been out for about a year now... Having at least 2 options in hand/announced for 6 different unit types in that time frame is pretty good I'd say and will offer a lot of list variation. I think part of their plan is to hint / tease future releases on what's to come. For example we have 4 units coming from Rogue One and with Sabine announced we can assume there will be more releases for both Rogue One and Rebels in the future. They laid the groundwork with the basic units from the OT and Im sure we'll start to see a lot more fun and unique units from Rogue One, Rebels, and other sources. Specialists have shown that we can have more flavor to our basic corps units so Im sure more of those expansions will come out in the future. Like others have said, I really think the commanders and operatives are simply FFG's way of determining the "theme" and play style of your army in an easy way compared to coming up with various rules and stratagems to do so. FFG is also very much focused on organized play so I believe that may be a reason why the game is more "gamey" than tactical. PLUS if running a specific character bothers one so much, purchase a third party miniature online, paint it how you want, and sub it in for whatever commander/operative's rules you want to use. I mean we're about to have Bossk and Boba so that means you could have your own Bounty Hunter "X" and Bounty Hunter "Y" in place of them.
  10. With the Imperial Officer out now, what do you guys think of a Vader/Officer list with an IRG unit "attached" to Vader? My thought process is using Vader with an IRG for melee/area denial/character elimination asset while using the officer as a backfield commander for the rest of the army. Here's what I have so far: Vader: 215 pts Saber throw Force choke Imperial Officer: 50 pts Imperial Royal Guards: 100 pts Electrostaff guard Stormtrooper: x3 204 pts DLT-19 trooper Snowtrooper: 73 pts Flame trooper Frag grenades Snow trooper: 68 pts Flame trooper Scout Strike Team x2 88 pts DLT Sniper Total: 798
  11. Im guessing you mean the rest of the unit is completely out of LOS? In that case you'll just need to remove one of your out of line of sight minis from the table and then put the leader mini in that removed mini's place.
  12. Curious- what was your general strategy with this? Send in bikes for early damage and then follow up with the infantry? Also curious how you used the normal scout trooper unit too. I was thinking of running a similar list and finally got a box of scout troopers and second speeder bike unit to do so. I've only run a single bike unit a couple times in the past and it never did well so I figured 2+ were necessary if running them.
  13. I love the poses and really enjoyed painting my two squads up but it was sad to see the fitment be so poor- the cloak on the shoulders doesnt line up well at all and the staffs are way too flimsy, not to mention how impossible it was to get the hands in even after hobbying on them... *sigh*
  14. I would love a Legion scaled Imperial Probe droid- game definitely needs more droids, especially ones you can activate instead of just tacking on like the droids in the specialists (but I can't wait to have those though). I think the probe droid is on one command card art for the generic Imperial officer so that could be a hint of future release? 🤔 Operatives might be delegated solely to characters that don't fit the commander role but I can see probe droids coming as support units, most likely on a speeder bike base. I like your rules, but I'd have to agree that marking a unit for the entire game might be a little too over powered- perhaps they can stay marked as long as the probe droid is alive / in LOS of that marked unit. But then it can spend an action in the next round to mark a different unit... And maybe instead of a gaining an attack die the target just loses light and/or heavy cover when marked? That paired with infiltrate and self destruct could be super fun- deploy near enemies, mark them, and then move in close so they have to destroy the droid but will suffer for doing so with the self destruct. Could definitely be a cool counter unit to the pathfinders.
  15. I'm an Imperial player with a pretty full army, every expansion so far with multiples of some but I havent played enough games to get a feel for what Rebel expansions to buy next. Not planning on playing Rebels much myself but I'd like to have a decent sized force / selection in case friends/family want to play and they decide they want to use my Imps I have: --Luke --Leia --Rebel troopers x 3 --Fleet troopers x 1 --At RT x 1 --T-47 x 1 Just curious on what the community thought I should get next. I was thinking another AT-RT, Rebel Commandos and an FD turret (I really like the model) from whats currently available to buy. But any other ideas are helpful.
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