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  1. Hmmm. this does not necessarily disqualify you from being a PC. I can alter the campaign just enough. IE: Changing the killer of Naritoki, making the Ryoko Owari ninja an actual threat.... But you could also be a perfect scorpion PC with just enough insight into the city to manipulate the comings and goings. ala Little Finger or Varys from Game of Thrones/Song of Fire and Ice lore.
  2. Year 1122, The 19th Year of the reign of Hantei XVII Ryoko Owari Opium, the sweet nectar of the sinful man. In the city of Ryoko Owari it was a way of life. Opium served as the fuel that kept the city prosperous and vibrant. The heir to the city, a handsome samurai known as Shosuro Jocho, found Itself in the House of Foreign Stories, one of the most infamous Geisha Dens in the entire Emerald Empire. Sprawled on the floor was a nude women with pale white skin and thick dark hair. One of the prized entertainers of the establishment. She laid drenched in sweat and out of breath after her marathon of love making with Jocho. The samurai, if you were to call It that, slipped on It's crimson robe before calling for It's minions. "You may come in." Three men slid back the rice paper panel and entered into the room. Wicked grins spawned from their faces as they noticed the geisha laying on the ground trying to catch her breath, "Heeeeeeee," they let out an almost inhuman cackle. "Report," Jocho commanded with a deep sigh and bored demeanor. "Our spies report that the Dragon envoy is on their way and have entered into the lands of the Scorpion, they shall arrive at Ryoko Owari in a few days..." the lead minion responded. "And?" Jocho replied. "Heeee. They carry the koku meant for the Dragon sensei......an estimated large amount," the minion rubbed his hands together. The minions composed of Jocho's military contingent of the city. A small branch of the thunder guard known as the samurai squad. They were the most corrupt branch of the organization. "Excellent...the three of you are to hire bandits to assist you in stealing the koku before they arrive....then leave evidence that the deed was committed by Fade...." Jocho placed It's mask, or what you would call a mask. In actuality, Jocho's scorpion mask resembled a diadem over a face covering. An item which enhanced It's Adonis like looks.. "Heeeee. Yes sir!" Ryoko Owari would soon be Jocho's and without emerald magistrates to stand in the way, no one could stop the Opium addicted creature....
  3. Hello. I have been in the mood to play or run in a political based RPG (thank you old Game of Thrones clips). From 2010ish to 2014 I ran a very successful table top L5R city of lies box set campaign that met 1-2 times a month in person. It was a wonderful campaign and the best tabletop RPG experience I have had to date. I am looking to revive that experience either through Play by Post ), and am currently looking for players. Due to time constraints in RL and work life I am unable to devote the amount of time needed to learn the new 5th edition system. thus the game will be based off 1st edition. https://thetrove.is/Books/Legend of the Five Rings [multi]/2nd Edition/Core/Legend of the Five Rings - (2nd Edition).pdf -all 1st edition clan book character creation rules are in play along with books like Winter court etc. (feel free to send me the link to look at). -when I ran the campaign I just used the core rulebook and City of Lies box set, along with the 1st edition gm screen. I am looking for 3-5 players where the group will take the role of emerald magistrates working for Doji Satsumi to take the place of the recently deceased ashidaka naritoki and his assistant true word. EDIT 11/28/20: With some thought and discussion with a potential PC, I am also considering making this campaign centered around the criminal elements of Rokugan. Meaning the PCs can also take the role of power seekers and political players who are attempting to garner influence and shift the opium trade in the Emerald Empire. the year is 1122, pre scorpion clan coup and pre clan war. Playable clans: -Lion, Crane, Crab, Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn, All Minor Clans, and royal families (Seppun etc). I may allow scorpion characters under special circumstances. thank you so much for showing interest in this possible campaign. Cheers
  4. Artifacts Unbound is a play by post table top came set during newly formed High Republic era. Players take the roles of Jedi Knights and their allies who are attempting to stop a powerful dark side force users from gathering Sith & Jedi artifacts which are hidden throughout the galaxy. During the course of their adventures the PC may lay the foundations for a future legacy to be established. Current storylines adapts elements from Nexus of Power. Current ExP: Starting Exp + 215 Earned. (35 of which must be spent on Force Powers, if playing a Force User. Mentor rules apply). @Edgehawk - Astrid Andasca Emotional Strength - Reason & Curiosity Emotional Weakness - Sophism & Obsession Motivations - Treasures and Knowledge @Bellona - Vigdis Andasca Emotional Strength - Idealism Emotional Weakness - Naivety Motivation - Cause - The Weak/Charity @P-47 Thunderbolt - Prok Espio Emotional Strength - Compassion & Accountability Emotional Weakness - Hatred & Guilt Motivation - Cause - Downtrodden & Code: Rule of Law @MrTInce - Fog "Foggy" Dyme Emotional Strength - Curiosity Emotional Weakness - Obsession Motivation - Mystery/Life @April - Thorkan "The Hutt" Emotional Strength - Enthusiasm Emotional Weakness - Reckless Motivation @Xcapobl - Savah Kihotay Emotional Strength - Enthusiasm Emotional Weakness - Reckless Motivation - jedi Code Reserves: @Shlambate @rocketrobie2 Destiny - Light - 5 dark - 4 ******************************************************************************************************************* Group Resources PB - 950 Patrolboat Current Encounter: In front of Zirkon's base. Initiative Order 1. @Edgehawk 1. @Xcapobl 2. @P-47 Thunderbolt 3. @Bellona 4. @MrTInce 5. Grys the Nikto (Nemesis) Def 1/1, Soak 6, Adversary 1. WT - 4/?? & SS - 6. @April 7. Cook (Rival) - ? 8. All Minion groups (five in total.) Def 0/0 Soak 4. 5/5/5 wounds. Minion groups 4 +5 are currently at long range of the Jedi's original position. Dead/2/5 Dead/Dead/Dead 5/5/5 5/5/5 5/5/5
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