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  1. The Gran-Acolyte jumps from the hood into the passenger seat of the Speeder. They take a swing for K’rowk, looking to score a strike on the Chiss. However, the Chiss is able to avoid the blow thanks for cover and his above average agility. The sound of a WWISH breaks the air as a flexible Ancient Sword swings.
  2. If Bellona creates the armor mechanic build...I’ll resume the role of the Pilot Seeker - Navigator/Arbiter or Ataru Striker.
  3. Yes it is. First time Wes is whipping out the LS. . @LaGouache hope I didn’t pressure you into whipping out the LS. I got caught in the moment. Roll the crit! Major damage on one of the acolytes. Well go with it. Unless you want to mulligan it Important OOC post to come once this combat is finished. Attack on K'rowk: 2eP+1eA+2eD+1eS 0 successes acolyte on hood missed their attack on Krowk. You guys are getting the rolls!
  4. @LaGouache and @MrTInce The acolyte trying to get away is at extreme/long range. It will take a maneuver to accelerate the speeder towards Pylon 2 and then an action to fire the turret. There will be a setback dice to all of this due to the Acolyte still being on the speeder with you guys. The speeder is in your party inventory.
  5. Fitz’s blast throws the wounded gran into the other, causing them to tip and lose balance Tapping into the force, both acolytes are able to have enough coordination to stay on. —————————————- With a sly grin, the little fella Taquib the champ sneaks up to the side of the wounded gran acolyte and stabs... ”Heeeheeehee” Taquib grins (I like writing this scoundrel) the gran acolyte goes wide eyed before crashing onto the windshield of the speeder, smattering glass. Taquib promptly dives back into the speeder seats. ———————- pylon 2..... the disarmed acolyte peddles back and runs for the hanger door. Smashing a button a small doorway sized door opens up, as they plan to go in. Meanwhile the other acolyte continues to spin his body and sword attempting to stroke at the Steel band Adept, but has no line penetrating Kurokage’s Defenses
  6. @Bellona heavy blaster base damage is 7 not 8. I adjusted damage above. By the way good post! I liked how you incorporated her character into the shot. Actually all of you guys are doing that so thumbs up
  7. Taquib knifing wounded acolyte Taquib knife.: 1eA+1eP+1eB+2eD 2 successes, 1 advantage Got ‘em ——————————————————— acolyte attacking tramp at pylon 2 Attack on kuro: n2eP+1eA+2eD+2eS 0 successes miss you guys are getting the roles— One acolyte is heading for the hanger at pylon 2 so will not attack this round his one is the unarmed one ————————————————- @LaGouache is up again. One target left on the hood. Average check with blaster or LS. 4/12 wounds on threshold. Soak 4 ill get an ic post up when I can.
  8. CooL, I made two coordination checks for each acolyte to stay on the speeder. Have to flip a force dice to use enhance for one of them to stay up. @Bellona one acolyte is 11/12 on the wound threshold another is 0/12. Average diff still for the shot.
  9. Nice roll! Fitz was shooting at the already damaged acolyte? And feel free to spend the Triumph and advantage any way.
  10. Melee defense. I write melee defense first ala the books dawn of the rebellion, RoS. They have melee defense due to them wielding ancient swords
  11. Works for me. Or even better you can disarm the weapon so it flies over the edge of the bridge/dock.
  12. Maybe kuro could plant two feet into both of their chests knocking the wind out of them but dealing no damage, resulting in both acolytes having an upgrade on their attacks next action? and then use 2 advantages to recover strain?
  13. Nice shooting! Acolyte group 2 is out of the encounter. Leaving their initiative slot empty. @Edgehawk next followed by @Bellona (Taquib will switch again) average diff check to shoot at the two acolytes on the hood of the speeder with ranged light. Average diff with one setback for some type of melee check One of them is already wounded due to a blaster bolt from Wes Proga.
  14. Cool. Nice shot. Acolyte 3 a has taken 4 wounds. Damage 8-4 soak = 4 wounds. Pylon 2 acolytes both missed attacking Kuro. @Tramp Graphics is up. Remember you can aim with a melee attack. Also you guys have a lot of destiny points. @MrTInce after that Krowk cannot use the light cannon on the two acolytes on the hood due to not being able to use gunnery while engaged. But I will let him take a shot at the acolyte on the street approaching the speeder. Sihilouette 2 on the speeder vs Silouette 1 for the acolyte. @LaGouache suffer 1 strain for threat. Remember you recovered strain from last encounter
  15. One of the acolytes standing on the hood of the speeder yells out in pain as Wes Proga is able to draw second blood in the skirmish with a blaster bolt to the side. The brawn and heavy clothing the acolyte was wearing helped them stave off death. —————————————————— the two acolytes by pylon 2 engage Kurokage in a dance of blades as metal rang against metal like a 1980s Chinese Wuxia movie. After some sparring, the two acolytes pull back from he bounty hunter momentarily after failing to penetrate his defenses. They notice a slight pattern in his stance.
  16. @LaGouache is up with a boost. Then acolytes at pylon 2 followed by @Tramp Graphics and @MrTInce
  17. You notice they are using ataru and have a set basic pattern to their attacks. Being able to follow it, kurokage gets a boost to his next attack to one of them. You may also aim as a maneuver for melee attacks. - that is how I play it. Because aim states something along the lines of next combat check.
  18. Tramp! Glad you made it. Hmmm. I guess it is Ryuto's turn to go along with Lagouche. Try and catch up with the thread. But there are enemies for you to attack. Two on the speeder with the group. 1 heading towards them on the docking bay. And 2 more acolytes at hanger 2 or pylon 2. I suggest attacking the one on the docks or the two at hanger 2. Edit: Both @Tramp Graphics & @LaGouache are free to act whenever. Difficulties to hit the dark acolytes: 1. Engaged will be two purples and 1 black. 2. Ranged will be base ranged distance. Both Kurokage and Wes are able to start off either on the speeder or somewhere on the street docks.
  19. Feel free to take on the pilot role for Revan's War. However, I prefer Lagouche to take the primary role of the mechanic if that is where he will be going with the Soresu Defender/Armorer. (Armorer is geared for mechanic).
  20. @Bellona If you would like to try the pilot, I wouldn't mind giving a 'dedicated' or hybrid healer a shot. Edit: That way @LaGouache - Can fill the mechanic role with his soresu/armorer. ( I have a soft spot for Lagouache for some reason, probably because he was the first to join Bounty Hunting Doesn't Pay).
  21. @LaGouache is up. The two acolytes are standing on the hood of the speeder after successfully performing force leap. They will attack next round. They are currently engaged. Ranged light attacks have average diff ranged heavy hard difficulty melee average diff with one setback (def from ancient sword) sorry I botched the spoiler tag in the thread 😀
  22. Taquib gladly handed Navi his heavy blaster and then said with a wink “Thanks toots.” Before pulling out a small vibroknife in preparation of what is to come ——————————————————- The two acolytes standing at the apartment door lowered their heads and removed their hoods to reveal their species. Two pale looking Grans with rotting skin and scabs on their lips. The third eye on the top of their heads a blood shot red color. Tapping into the force they charged the speeder, “For the glory of Lord Maul! Live or die we shall serve!!” They screamed the name of their mentor, the former Darth Maul, now simply Maul. Each acolyte has been passed on a force power that Maul had possessed. These two had managed to become adept in enhance...reaching the near epitome of that talent tree...force leap.
  23. @Bellona no enclosed cabin. Open convertible type ala Luke’s speeder. More so the speeder cad bane and his men used to infiltrate the senate building at the end of the first season of clone wars. Acolyte 1 will be switching initiative with acolyte group 3.
  24. Nice shot. @Edgehawk is up. With a boost to his action. Medium range for acolytes at Taquibs apartment @Bellona Taquib is switching his action with you. Average coordination or athletics check to pull Taquib up.
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