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  1. Maneuver one would be move into shoe range. Then your action would be to fire at one of the minion groups. There is one group already damaged and one without any hits you can fire upon. Vs 1 purple you can also spend an addition maneuver at the expense of 2 strain to aim which adds a boost or blue to the roll
  2. The nikto is at long range. Thorkans gun is short range sadly. THhrkan the hurt can move within short range of minion group 1 and 3 and fire. It would be vs 1 purple
  3. Recently with the COVID-19 virus and stay at home orders. I picked up my Baldur's Gate Archer playthrough (over 4 years old, started in BG1). I finally managed to beat Siege of Dragonspear and am pacing along in BG2 (Video game hall of fame worthy) in a non-reload game (unless main dies). This has got me in a fantasy tabletop mood. I know what I'm going to get with D&D 5th. A few years ago, the "One Ring" Tolkien based RPG caught my eye. I played a one shot when the game first game out. I remember the Fellowship and Adventures phases of the game. A game store owner who plays the game regularly quoted "It is my favorite RPG ever. Orcs are terrifying." Does anyone have experience with the One Ring RPG? For the most part, if there is positive feedback for the game I might introduce it to our current gaming group as a possible alternative.
  4. Grys the Nikto's turn resolved in the IC thread. @April's turn. @Xcapobl @Bellona @MrTInce @Edgehawk @P-47 Thunderbolt Mr Tince and I have been collaborating regarding Foggy's character development. There is a chance Foggy might explore the dark side. Maybe Mr. Tince can explain it better. Foggy will not be going the route of murder hobo. More, I'll touch upon the dark side to protect my friends. More Wolverine and as opposed to Palpatine. Wanted to make sure the rest of you are okay with that going forward because I mentioned in the OOC regarding no evil characters. I am okay with it because @MrTInce is a PC that I trust. Thanks.
  5. Grys the Nikto growled when Prok Espio was able to 'bolo' him. Despite having above average strength, Grys was unable to break through the netting. The shot had been to precise. Grys wriggled and pulled and was able to snap some of the netting as there were a few snaps and breaks. Athletics check to break Bolo: 2eP+2eA+3eD 1 failure, 2 advantage (Failure on the Athletics check. He will try again next round with boosts)
  6. Theee choices: 1. Suffer 2 strain 2 add a 1 setback to both Xcap or edgehawks next action 3. Add two setback to either xcap or edgehawk Maybe foggy almosts hits one of them with his shot or shoots up debris temporarily blinding or affecting their attack?
  7. Yes. That is fine. Next roll will be vs three purples and still one setback.
  8. Viggy should be fine. There is already a lot of chaos going on that the enemies will be focusing on the rest of the group. Viggy is able to get to the door using 2 manuevrs and then using her action to attempt to break into the door (If you would like). Hard skill check (Computers, Mechanics,, or Skullduggery) with 1 upgrade ( I flipped a destiny point which is already reflected in the OOC post). There will be 1 setback added to the roll to represent the chaos/stress of the situation. (2 purples, 1 red, and 1 black) vs Viggy's roll. @April Good news: Thorkan the Hutt is able to spot a flammable 'oil drum' that can explore upon impact. Bad news: The 2 disadvantages - The oil drum is near the cook's shack. Meaning, the blast affect would harm everyone within engaged range of that, which includes @Xcapobl and @Edgehawk
  9. Feel free to re-roll. Perception vs 1 red and 1 purple. the upgrade is in reference to making one of the purples turn red.
  10. Sure. I'll make it a average perception check with 1 upgrade. 1 red + 1 purple.
  11. @P-47 Thunderbolt Note adversary 1 addition to Grys the Nikto. Thanks.
  12. -Great. That attack can take down 1 entire minion group. Updated initiative order with @Bellona roll. @P-47 Thunderbolt is next. Note minion groups 4+5 will be heading to engage the Jedi. @P-47 Thunderbolt Can attack minion groups 4 + 5 with a long ranged attack. Grys the Nikto is currently at Medium from Prok Espio.
  13. Posted IC with the initiative order of the enemies. The Cook rolled a triumph which automatically activated his 'defensive cocoon' within the shack. Thing of the reinforced doors in the intro battle scene of the TPM upon the Trade Federation ship. It will take 3 turns to punch a roll through the shack's defenses with a LS. Updated the first post in this thread with the current initiative order. So far Edge and Xcap are going first. Bell still has to make her roll. Cheers.
  14. The Cook turns around and replies to Astrid, "Monkey Brains. Although popular in Coruscant cuisine, are not often to be found in this part of the galaxy." The Cook grins. The cook has a great resemblance to Tim Curry from the movie Clue. The grin the Cook throws towards Astrid is very "Evil Tim Curry-Esque." Initiative: 2eP 1 success, 2 advantage, 1 Triumph Although slower to respond then the others, the "Cooking Shack" the cook finds himself in closes with automatic reinforced barriers making if difficult for any blaster bolt to penetrate the armor and it will take time for any lightsaber to cut through it. Who knows what schemes the Cook will "Cook up" within the reinforced shack. The minion groups consist of a mixture of Quarren and Humans. They are a combination between Zirkon's corrupted students and members of the Ciggo servant line. They are each armed with blaster pistols. Each is also armed with a frag grenade. Nine of the minions surround the "Cooking shack" with blasters in hand. Initiative Outside Base: 2eP+1eA 1 success, 2 advantage Armed with a large spear, Grys the large red Nikto twirls the weapon with great skill beckoning for Prok Espio to engage him. The Nikto orders the minions surrounding him to assist with the Jedi on the North Side. Initiative Outside Base: 2eP+1eA 1 success, 3 advantage
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