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  1. Great essentially all of you go first. Will get the order for initiviate up tomorrow sometime given my wife doesn’t need our pc the entire day.
  2. The B-1 droids continue to pursue their target, the sixteen year old teenager fleeing from them. From a far distance they begin to see figures emerge from the northern city gate of Dee’ja Peak. Lowering their blaster rifles they begin to fire. (They are still at long extreme range but will close in on Lon range by next round. Roll initiative vigilance). Droid initiative. Initiative.: 1eA 0 successes, 1 advantage
  3. Latest IC post up. Human target at long range approaching the city. The others are at extreme at the moment, approaching the city. Feel free to post actions IC, if you want to take initiative it is a vigilance roll. Those who have binoculors or long range sight are able to see 15 battle B-1 droids in 3 packs of 5 walking towards you at Extreme range.
  4. (Takes place after the Interlude) Beep..beep..beep....BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! While manning the scanners, Elas begins to pick up a signal in the distance of 16 forms approaching. One appears to be humanoid in nature and the other 15 robotic. The life forms appear to be descending upon the city. The humanoid appears to be moving at a swift pace, while the other 15 roboit more of a stride or walk. The signals appear to be coming from the northern part of the city. (Spoiler below for those who approach. The northern part of the city.)
  5. Scanner is looking food. IC post is coming up. Work has been pretty hectic. Healthcare field in Florida usually gets busy around this time because of the North East Snow Boards returning to avoid Winter.
  6. Beep. Beep. Beep.....pzzzttttt Elas began to operate the scanner system. But after two minutes of getting the device to work it begin to sputter out like an old car failing on the highway. Panaka stands in the corner of the tent with arms crossed. (To attempt to fix the scanner system is an average mechanics check that anyone can try) edit @oneeyedmatt87 wimple bellies as your try to haggle with him. “Hooo hoooo. I like you. Tell you what, Wimmel will give you a good deal. 95 credits for the sling.”
  7. Hi everyone. Sorry tonight is table top night and I have to work all weekend. I’ll try and get an Ic post up on Sunday or Monday. Thanks have a great weekend
  8. Great roll! I’ll let you know what you pick up. I’m out now. Hopefully I won’t be to tired to post something tonight.
  9. If anyone wants to man the base scanners it is an average computers skilled check.
  10. @oneeyedmatt87 - Feel free to add a negotiation skilled your check in an IC post if you decided to reply and shop from Wimmel the merchant. It is a average difficulty check. Every success negates 10 credits from the 100 base credit price for the sling. Every advantage takes away 5 from the base price. A triumph will take away 25 from the price. If you have any net failures that is 10 added to the 100 credit price and net any disadvantages adds 5. You or one of the other party members with mechanics will have to mod the sling to your carbine.
  11. The Ithorian's name is Wimmel. Light brown in skin and dressed in a purple vest with matching baggy silk pants. Wimmel had been on the planet of Naboo for the better part of a year. He had taken advantage of the reputation the Ithorian's had for being kind in nature. Within a few weeks Wimmel had polluted the Ithorian reputation with his dealings Ithorian Speech... "Ho! Ho! Ho! Helloooooooooooo the name is Wimmel and you won't find a more honest merchant in the galaxy. Ho. Ho. Ho. You eight look like the kind of folk with credits to spend!" If Itorian's could grin, Wimmel here would be ear to ear as he gestured towards the eight of you to look at his various cylindrical cargo containers. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When commander Hek inquired about previous investigations, Panaka narrowed his eyes and seemed to focus on one specific point on the horizon. "The colonists are angry the government and military because we were unable to assist them during the initial Trade Federation invasion. They hold a grudge for not being there for them. What they don't understand that the capitol of Theed had been overrun, and there was nothing we could do. The Gungans....well they are Gungans...yes one joint battle will do much to bridge relations between the us and them...but you are talking about years and years of tension between our people. It's not going to be solved overnight between our two races. Especially out here away from the capitol. The group arrives at a large tent near one of the outskirts of town where the various military soldiers had setup a base camp. In the center was a giant circle shaped machine that served as a holographic map for the surrounding area. In the center of the holographic 3 dimensional virtual reality map was the city of Dee'ja Peak. "Dammit. Where is there no one to man the scanners?!" Panaka cursed being able to identify what was needed in the base camp immediately. "Is there anyone among you that could check or scanners?" Panaka concluded by inquiring to all of you.
  12. Hi Matt, you can stay and talk to the merchants if you want. The group might move on so we’re not stuck and have you catch up. (Panaka won’t take offense). I’ll have to roll on the random personality chart in the core rulebooks. For some reason the constant cough trait is always fun ala Grievous. Not sure if I’ll have a chance to edit the post to include the merchants hailing you down tonight but feel free to take the initiate.
  13. Panaka motioned in the direction for them to take a walk. He was bringing them further into the smaller city. Behind them, was a peak that stood over the city walls. A giant waterfall cascaded down the peak into a river below. The current in the waterfall had picked up as they were beginning the walk. "Of course. Stun grenades and A99s breathing devices will be made available to you along with anything else you request. Queen Amidala has asked me to assist you to the best of my ability. If we have it, you shall be provided."
  14. From your combined brainstorming you guys are able to decipher that Brec Airgang has a reputation as a Smuggler:GunSlinger type mercenary who has taken frequent jobs for the Intergalatic Banking Clan and the Technocratric Union (Wat Tambor and San Hill)! He is also somewhat polarizing, in terms of the types of work he takes. Sometimes it is wetwork other-times protection. @oneeyedmatt87 - Based off your post you may also make a Competitive Perception check. It is a HARD skill check with one difficulty upgrade (Based off my previous triumph) along with 1 setback dice. Competitive Check vs OneeyedMatt87: 3eP+3eD 0 successes, 1 advantage I blew it
  15. @Quigonjinnandjuice PM sent with your findings on Airgang.