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  1. @Jaryk Xira @satkaz @oneeyedmatt87 @NovaGman Awesome. Looks like everyone's character has been approved. I'll try and get the first IC post up this week. We still have room for one more player, so we'll leave the slot open for now. Please roll Destiny Points for me in this thread! Thanks.
  2. Managed to touch base with Zalgondr earlier and they told me they had just joined two games and wont be able to commit to this one. We still have one roster spot open but enough to start the game. Added Kalu to the original post/character roster this marking he has been approved.
  3. Hi Zalgonder! I'm so sorry I just saw your post! There definitely still is time and there is room for one more slot and It is yours! I'm not sure if a deadline of Wednesday the 20th is okay with submitting a character? Thanks in advance, and thanks for being patient. Editing original post to include you. @Zalgondr
  4. Hi guys, here is apart of the story I drafted in anticipation of us starting the game soon. Hope you enjoy. The writing is in part of what is going on behind the scenes and is potentially what is in store for your characters. Edited original post to include additional information about the players and their characters. Added Dalwowk to the character roster. @NovaGman Character has been approved. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Zalgondr @oneeyedmatt87 @NovaGman @satkaz @Jaryk Xira (Somewhere on the world of Dathomir, 9.5 years BBY) Form IV….Ataru…Maul had perfected this fighting technique from Its former master….the same master who had left It dead nearly 12 years ago. The images of Darth Sidious besting It (along with Savage Opress) on the planet Mandalore brought about feelings of shame…..and RAGE. Opening It’s eyes, the creature known as Maul found Itself being fueled by the dark side. Every now and then horrible memories of Sidious would plague It. But at a beckons call, Maul would return to Palpatine without any hesitation, there is no doubt. Maul had killed the Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn on the planet of Naboo. The Pinnacle of Its career as a Sith Apprentice. Back then It was young. It was vibrant. It was quick, athletic, full of life, and full of hate. Now 20 years after the Trade Federation’s invasion of Naboo, Maul had not aged well. What was once a creature in Its prime, Maul was now considered middle-aged. The Zabrak’s face was haggard, It’s bones frailer, It’s muscles withering… If it wasn’t for cybernetic legs that had been installed years ago to replace the lower half of his body that had been transversely cut by Kenobi…Maul would potentially be considered an old relic of the Force. It had not taken care of It’s body as best as It could. It was unable to take care of It’s mind. BUZZ! Maul let out a deep scream as It violently sliced a boulder in two to finish off the training routine The creature known as Maul flung a recently forged double-bladed lightsaber across the cave. A depressing dwelling if you were to ever find one. For what lived in caves? Creatures. Animals. Exactly what Maul had become. Despite these things, Maul could still be considered more powerful than 90% of the sentinent entities that existed in the known galaxy. A testament to the power of the Force. A testament to the power of the dark side. The hatred was caused by one man. A Jedi by the name of Obi Wan Kenobi. Rage. Hate. Malice. In some senses Maul despised life because of Kenobi. Ironically, it was Kenobi that kept Maul alive after It’s failures. Kenobi had given Maul a reason to live. It was a hatred for Kenobi that inspired Maul to form the Crimson Dawn. It was the malice for Kenobi that provided Maul with a desperation to find a Jedi Holocron. It was the anger It felt towards Kenobi that motivated Maul to eventually have a purpose. Revenge. Destruction. Murder. The Crimson Dawn was the perfect tool to fulfill Maul’s plans. For it dare not leave Dathomir in fear that Darth Sidious or even worse Darth Vader would determine Its presence. Hopefully the member of BRITANA MERSCOL’s crew had delivered on their promise. Otherwise months of planning on the behalf of the Crimson Dawn would have been for not. The thought of not being able to corrupt BRITANA’s soul brought Maul back to madness. “YARRRGH!” The lightsaber came back into Maul’s hands and a new training routine began.
  5. You have 5 more duty open to you for spending. I increased the starting duty to 15 to reflect the scale of the enemies. Other than that, it looks great! This is turning out to be an interesting party....Ace Pilot, Soldier Medic, Hired Gun Merc Soldier @NovaGman
  6. Sincereagape

    Clone Wars Supplement

    wow! awesome job! i'm still new to gming FF star wars but some of the stats seems high..like vulture droid +4 handling. But I could be under-scaling everything. great job!
  7. Awesome! I'll let my players know. I believe they are more support the game store guys, but I'll let them know the book is available on Miniature Market.
  8. This happened this past Tuesday.. After stealing a holocron from an Imperial politician the group also stole a speeder. The bounty hunter ground pilot punched it and used evasive maneuvers on the streets of Reles to avoid blaster bolts from members of the Crimson Dawn while the two force users engaged fire back. An AT-ST and a Storm Trooper checkpoint stood between them and their spaceport (escape) One of the force users rolled a Despair while shooting which caused the Bounty Hunter ground pilot to make a pilot check in order to avoid a crash. He ALSO ROLLED A DESPAIR on a pilot check. The speeder completed a vertical spin before landing upside down in the middle of the Storm Trooper checkpoint....
  9. Hi Matt, Going to send you some feedback on the character. For the most part it looks great. Wanted to remind you. You start with 30 additional experience to be used post CC. Meaning you can use them on talents, skills, specializations/careers, but not attributes. You can definitely drop duty to 0 in order to obtain 10 experience and 1,000 additional starting credits. Cunning of one is okay. Kalu is a military intelligent military medic. As someone who personally works in the health industry I don't really use my deception or coercion to treat my patients lol. At least I hope not. Walter Albright (Satkaz) has a cunning of three so that should be able to balance the group out. That is not even taking into account what the other two players who have showed interest so far are planning to make. Hope this helps!
  10. Sincereagape

    Party Resource: Holocrons

    Sorry to bring back an old thread....for those who have tested giving additional benefits for being in possession of a Holocron, what do you guys recommend? Background: The group just completed Lure of the Lost/FaD Beginners Box stories. They have all three holocrons (Jailor, warden, curator). The main antagonist of the story is ultimately Maul (Dawn of Rebellion stats). I have throw into the story that Malefax and Rav Nareern were both working for Maul in attempts to gain one of the Holocrons to take back to the former Sith Apprentice so Maul can use it to find Kenobi (Taken from Rebels). The group redeemed Malefax and Rav Nareern is in stasis where the group had found him. (Rav is the former master of one of the players and Malefax was a child hood friend of two of them). Maul sent some Nightbrothers who are apart of the Crimson Dawn to try and steal the Jailor from the museum in Splintir but the PCs stopped them. There is going to be a small break of stories where they find their lightsaber crystals and track down a missing Jedi. Behind the scenes: Maul can't leave Dathomir in fear that the Emperor will sense his existence in the galaxy. Maul doesn't want to risk Palpatine or Vader coming out and kicking his butt again. So, he is planning to attempt to lure the PCs to Dathomir in order to try and steal one of the holocrons. In order to do so, one of the PCs will have to have one of the holorons on them potentially. Hence: They might be carrying one of the holocrons on them when/if they visit Dathomir. What types of powers/benefits do you guys suggest in 2018 for a holocron to provide a player? I"m still trying to figure out the balance between having an OP item and an underperforming one. Thanks.
  11. Not sure if this is true, but I heard from two of my players that Dawn of the Rebellion era book is out of print through fantasy flight? And that the FLGS they order through was unable to get it? if that is the case I believe a store near me might have it if anyone is interested. Edit: I just checked....dawn of the rebellion is out of stock on amazon and only one vendor on eBay is selling it from Alaska.
  12. Awesome. Welcome aboard. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking to set a deadline of next Wednesday the 20th for characters and players to be submitted/finalized.
  13. Update: I'm probably going to start everyone with a additional plus 2 in wound threshold as if Duty has been triggered for the session due to the encounter with the iconic npc. Been touching base with Jaryk Xira over PM and they are looking to make a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer. If we only get 2-3 players, I am probably going to fill the void with NPC characters who are apart of the 'rescue/cell' team. To make sure that there at least 4-5 members of this team trying to find out the whereabouts of Britana Merrscol and her missing crew. If I have to add some NPCs to the team, I am open to suggestions for what their careers/species/specializations will be. Thanks!
  14. Is there are many ninja they are terrible at fighting and the arts. If there is one ninja with different color garb and ornaments then he or she will kill you all. TPK