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  1. Sincereagape

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Page 72. Force Users within the Rebellion. It specifically mentions that the box is in reference to Kannan, Ahsoka, and Ezra. For example under abilities Ahsoka has force powers enhance, move, and sense but then only has enhance detailed under her profile. Ezra has enhance, foresee, move, and influence. Then only has foresee and influence detailed.
  2. Greets, Been playing a Maul vs Vader exhibition match from Dawn of the Rebellion in my head. As the title states. In this system is there any ruling on whether or not the reflect or parry talents work against a Lightsaber throw attack? Also: Is there anyone willing to take the roll of Vader in said exhibition match? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I deeply apologize for being MIA. Real life punched me in the gut and it has taken awhile to get back up. I actually had to take a break from GMing my tabletop game for a bit too. Once again I apologize. If you guys are interested I might re open this in the Force and Destiny section and upgrade everyone to knight level play in the future. Everyone who signed up for this game will have priority for that one.
  4. Sincereagape

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I would be more than happy to try this if someone would be willing to take the roll of Vader I can play Maul.
  5. Sincereagape

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I know I meant Maul does not have move in It's Dawn of the Rebellion stats Maul also uses move throughout TCW and in the Rebels episode Holocrons of Fate to disable Zeb in a quick fight.
  6. Sincereagape

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    It is funny. The printed version of Maul in Dawn of the Rebellion almost reflects TPM more so than TCW and Rebels. Edit: Maul's statistics from Dawn of the Rebellion have ---- Maul does not have move. Maul does not have reflect. Maul does not have improved parry (It is still a beast in melee). The major aspects of this version of Maul that mirror It in Rebels is the cybernetic legs and the force power sense.
  7. Sincereagape

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Of course Maul does not need the talent. From a in game mechanics storytelling purpose, Maul's statistics written in Dawn of Rebellion RAW (Without reflect) does make a difference. Building off the events from the movie SOLO, my group finally encountered Maul a few weeks ago in one of our sessions. 3 out of the 5 PCs were fleeing from Maul, trying to make it to their freighter after rescuing some captives from a Crimson Dawn compound. The team's sharpshooter had stayed behind on the freighter and was providing cover fire for the group. I believe the Sharpshooter had an agility of 3 and a heavy ranged skill of four at the time. Even with adversary 3 and with a setback due to vision/darkness he was able to hit Maul at hard and daunting difficulties. I believe in total, the sharpshooter hit Maul 2 times for a total of 7-10 damage? This bought the group enough time to escape from Maul while the Sharpshooter leaped from his sniper's position onto the loading ramp of their G-9 rigger while it was in mid-air. If Maul did have the reflect talent, this encounter would have turned out differently. Maul has a total soak value of 5. (Brawn 4 - with cybernetic legs that adds plus one brawn + heavy clothing) with zero defense (Makes sense if this is Rebels Maul).
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the quick turn around Graham and Danny. I updated the original post to include you guys on the official roster. Almost even number of LS and DS. Matt got a good roll so that makes it 4 LS and 3 DS points to start off. Considering adding another 2 74-Z Speeder Bikes to the starting resource along with the Lambada Shuttle. When I sat down at the computer tonight I ended up writing the first half chapter of a Westworld Fanfiction and updating an old Initial D one with a new chapter. Heh. Sorry, I'll try and get the first IC up tomorrow or Friday. Cheers, Agape
  9. Sure. No doubt. I’m willing to wait in most cases in order to support the local game store when I can in regards to a budget. The local store we play it is owned by a very good friend of a few of the players hence why we/they want to support the store. The store has also been really great for us in terms of hosting and there is a face to face community aspect from purchasing from a game store. Matter of preference really.
  10. Age of Rebellion seems like the red-headed step child out of the three games. If popularity of these forums is an indicator I can see this being the truth. I don't have the sales numbers but I can see Age of Rebellion being behind Force and Destiny and Edge of the Empire in terms of gross/net sales. (Not sure of this though. But there are much less posts on the AoR forums as compared to EotE and FaD).
  11. Great news. Two more users/players showed interest in the game this afternoon. Making the total number of player characters - 6. Which is the absolute max (My experience as GM is 3-6 players). Six PCs should help with drop outs and possible encounters with powerful enemies in the story. @grahamabama @dannydragon I'm going to give them until Thursday-Friday to submit their characters. Believe they are both new users to the forums and require mod approval before posting. In the meantime I hope to get the first IC post up tomorrow morning/afternoonish (depending on time). Looking forward to starting up this week.
  12. @Jaryk Xira @satkaz @oneeyedmatt87 @NovaGman Awesome. Looks like everyone's character has been approved. I'll try and get the first IC post up this week. We still have room for one more player, so we'll leave the slot open for now. Please roll Destiny Points for me in this thread! Thanks.
  13. Managed to touch base with Zalgondr earlier and they told me they had just joined two games and wont be able to commit to this one. We still have one roster spot open but enough to start the game. Added Kalu to the original post/character roster this marking he has been approved.
  14. Hi Zalgonder! I'm so sorry I just saw your post! There definitely still is time and there is room for one more slot and It is yours! I'm not sure if a deadline of Wednesday the 20th is okay with submitting a character? Thanks in advance, and thanks for being patient. Editing original post to include you. @Zalgondr
  15. Hi guys, here is apart of the story I drafted in anticipation of us starting the game soon. Hope you enjoy. The writing is in part of what is going on behind the scenes and is potentially what is in store for your characters. Edited original post to include additional information about the players and their characters. Added Dalwowk to the character roster. @NovaGman Character has been approved. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Zalgondr @oneeyedmatt87 @NovaGman @satkaz @Jaryk Xira (Somewhere on the world of Dathomir, 9.5 years BBY) Form IV….Ataru…Maul had perfected this fighting technique from Its former master….the same master who had left It dead nearly 12 years ago. The images of Darth Sidious besting It (along with Savage Opress) on the planet Mandalore brought about feelings of shame…..and RAGE. Opening It’s eyes, the creature known as Maul found Itself being fueled by the dark side. Every now and then horrible memories of Sidious would plague It. But at a beckons call, Maul would return to Palpatine without any hesitation, there is no doubt. Maul had killed the Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn on the planet of Naboo. The Pinnacle of Its career as a Sith Apprentice. Back then It was young. It was vibrant. It was quick, athletic, full of life, and full of hate. Now 20 years after the Trade Federation’s invasion of Naboo, Maul had not aged well. What was once a creature in Its prime, Maul was now considered middle-aged. The Zabrak’s face was haggard, It’s bones frailer, It’s muscles withering… If it wasn’t for cybernetic legs that had been installed years ago to replace the lower half of his body that had been transversely cut by Kenobi…Maul would potentially be considered an old relic of the Force. It had not taken care of It’s body as best as It could. It was unable to take care of It’s mind. BUZZ! Maul let out a deep scream as It violently sliced a boulder in two to finish off the training routine The creature known as Maul flung a recently forged double-bladed lightsaber across the cave. A depressing dwelling if you were to ever find one. For what lived in caves? Creatures. Animals. Exactly what Maul had become. Despite these things, Maul could still be considered more powerful than 90% of the sentinent entities that existed in the known galaxy. A testament to the power of the Force. A testament to the power of the dark side. The hatred was caused by one man. A Jedi by the name of Obi Wan Kenobi. Rage. Hate. Malice. In some senses Maul despised life because of Kenobi. Ironically, it was Kenobi that kept Maul alive after It’s failures. Kenobi had given Maul a reason to live. It was a hatred for Kenobi that inspired Maul to form the Crimson Dawn. It was the malice for Kenobi that provided Maul with a desperation to find a Jedi Holocron. It was the anger It felt towards Kenobi that motivated Maul to eventually have a purpose. Revenge. Destruction. Murder. The Crimson Dawn was the perfect tool to fulfill Maul’s plans. For it dare not leave Dathomir in fear that Darth Sidious or even worse Darth Vader would determine Its presence. Hopefully the member of BRITANA MERSCOL’s crew had delivered on their promise. Otherwise months of planning on the behalf of the Crimson Dawn would have been for not. The thought of not being able to corrupt BRITANA’s soul brought Maul back to madness. “YARRRGH!” The lightsaber came back into Maul’s hands and a new training routine began.