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  1. Works for me. Do. Eeeet. 15 exp for mos shutta for everyone. Along with 1,200 credits. @Tramp Graphics is going to be joining the bounty hunting group to add some assistance for the unplanned but welcomed antagonist additions rob the story.
  2. @oneeyedmatt87 @Edgehawk @MrTInce @LaGouache @Silim - Newest IC post is up with a prelude to the main plot. I might fast - forward the plot to Nar Shaada to begin the next phase of the story. With you guys having dropping off Zig and Zag to the Black Sun - and in turn receive the reward of 6,000 credits for bringing in both alive. Also, each of your characters gains 15 exp for this little run on Mos Shuuta. There will be a three week time lapse between Mos Shuuta and the next phase. Let me know if this works for all of you. I'm planning to send a PM to Silim since I haven't heard from them in a few weeks. Thanks, Agape
  3. (Meanwhile.....somewhere on the Planet of Dathomir – 15 BBY) The creature known as Maul squatted within the hovel It called home. A large rotted tree that had died during the days of the Old Republic. Foreign insects and alien parasites crawled all over the ragged clothing Maul now adorned. For five years, Maul festered in this state -- plotting revenge, internalizing hatred, and welcoming in malice. The large tree like cavern housed skulls and artifacts. Skulls of victims that Maul had preyed upon here on Dathomir. Artifacts collected during the time of the Clone Wars – trophies such as the Dark Saber taken from the Mandalorian Pre-Vizsla. “Soon….soon….not yet. There are still steps that need to be done! We must gather more power. We must strengthen Our forces…before taking vengeance upon Sidious! But..first..We must find Kenobi…Oh yes..Kenobi…Heeeeeeee.” The nine other figures within the Creature’s home began to feel uneasy as Maul seemed to be speaking to Itself. Humanoid individuals of a variety of species all with one common trait…an attunement to the force. Each of them had been beckoned, drawn to Dathomir to heed the callings of Maul. Acolytes who sought to learn the power of the dark side from Maul. They were to become Maul’s aides in It’s quest for revenge, and in turn Maul would allow them to harness their powers for their own personal gains. “We must arm all of you with Lightsabers or your own!” Maul screamed at the nine. “The temple of Illium is kept under the watchful eye of the Empire….so are the caves of Jedha….that leaves only the fabled ACABLAS RUINS! The nine of you shall find your crystals there!” “Yes, Lord Maul,” they all replied in almost zombie like fashion. All of them knew, that Maul was considered one of the greatest lightsaber duelist of their time. The one who slew the famed Qui-Gon Jinn during the Invasion of Naboo. Needless to say, they were all chomping at the bit to learn from Maul. “Hmmmmm. But how to find them? How to find them indeed?! We see an Ithorian…the former Jedi keeper of the Acablas Ruins. Find them. Find the Ithorian known as Tobar Ka-Teen. Work together. Power awaits those who succeed. Death for those who fail. Once you find the Ithorian, bring them to Us…..come to Dathomir.” Each acolyte began to file out of the cavern one by one. Little did they know that the Acablas Ruins also housed a Sith temple…a place where Maul could finally locate and obtain a pyramid shaped Sith Holocron….
  4. Initiative: 1eP+2eA 4 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph cool initiative
  5. Asajj Ventress (Assassin of the Sith/Nightsister, Rise of the Separatists) vs. Maul (Fallen Sith Apprentice/Seeker of Revenge, Dawn of the Rebellion) Poor Maul. 1-11 in the three previous duels against Grievous, Dooku, and Kenobi. Asajj Ventress, a new opponent and one of the main characters of the Clone Wars Animated Series. This is perhaps a match up Maul can claim victory in. Maul has higher light saber skill and a significant advantage in strain threshold. Force rating goes to Maul. Ventress has a more powerful LS and melee defense. She has a greater diversity in ways to deal damage. Ventress has a higher initiative rating in Cool and Vigilance. Both are skilled with Form IV Ataru. Saber Swarm vs Hawk Bat Swoop. Best of Five. Match 1: Ventress wins initiative and throws two silhouette 1 objects at Maul (Enough DS points to activate). Both deal 12 damage, dealing 14 points to It's wound threshold. HBS by Maul deals 11 damage and knocks Asajj's LS out of her hand. Next round, Ventress picks up her LS and strikes down Maul, causing scattered senses. First round Ventress. Match 2: Cool, round starts at short to encourage LS combat. Ventress deals 15 damage right off the bat. Maul returns with 11 damage and a Sudden Jolt. Ventress picks up her LS again and deals 14 damage to Maul. Maul HBS - Deals 12 damage and a grusome injury (Brawn), Ventress drops to a knee but manages to deal one last blow to the oncoming Maul which cripples the creature and drops It to the ground. Ventress leans up against a hard surface clutching her side. She is victorious with 2 wounds left to spare and an injury that will affect her....permanently. Match 3: Maul wins initiative. Right off the bat It connects and 'winded' Ventress preventing her from activating parry on her own. Ventress stays in the match with an overpower attack that puts the match even. Their LS clash back and forth. Maul delivers the final blow but rolls two despairs which activates improved parry from Ventress. Their sabers clash and lock together, they complete a circular motion and manage to strike each other at the same time. -Maul goes down with scattered senses. Ventress on the other hand after taking two previous criticals...closes her eyes....with blood trickling down her mouth.....hit with End of Nigh...and dies. Maul wins third round. Match 4: Maul wins a cool initiative. Critical hit on the first attack along with 13 damage - scattered senses. Ventress deals 13 damage in return. Maul winning after initial clash. Maul deals 10 damage and temporarily lames the assassin. Only one thing can save Ventress....Saber Swarm.....linked..activated....She barrages Maul with her twin LS and downs the creature once and for all....maiming It in the process (Maul is maimed a lot). Ventress wins series 3-1. Analysis: Incredibly close matchup. Especially with LS. If they were to fight 10 times, Ventress would win 6 of them to 4. She has a higher melee defense, and more ways to beat you. Improved Parry, Move, Saber Swarm...standard attacks. That is why I would give a slight advantage to her. Edit: Further Analysis. Regardless, Ventress (RoS) vs Maul (Dawn of the Rebellion) could have gone either way depending on the rolls. If another person ran the same fight, and came back with a Maul winning 7 to 3, I would not be surprised. Sticking with Ventress would win 6 to 4 because of her abilities to beat Maul. Maul is also very squishy with soak 5 and no melee or ranged D. The one advantage Maul has is It's strain threshold. If the fight goes long, Maul will win. Dawn of the Rebellion Maul is fairly one dimensional in combat with LS attacks mostly. That being said It's other powers offer terrifying roleplaying opportunities for the face, colonist, or diplomats of the group. :). I still would not like to run across Maul from Dawn of the Rebellion at the table. Maul ends with a 2-14 record. Next will be a Darth Vader series..when Big Daddy V in his prime...runs the gauntlet....
  6. Thanks for the input. I decided to use Maul with stats from dawn of the rebellion as the main antagonist for a new campaign set during the period between episode 1 & 2. Of courses canon will be altered in the campaign. The one time I used Maul, as a main combatant the party enjoyed the encounter. That being said, if they reject the idea of facing Maul after a few sessions then the idea will be scrapped. If it works well, I can see them facing grievous when the campaign eventually moves to the clone wars. Probably a buffed version of GG from RoS.
  7. Maul (Creature of madness/Seeker of revenge..Dawn of the Rebellion) vs. General Grievous (Droid General, Supreme Commander of the Separatist Army, Rise of the Separatists) With the discovery of the usefulness of Hawk Bat Swoop during the last battle between Dooku and Maul, wanted to go back and revisit a three series match between Maul and Grievous. This has also been a dream match of mine for a long time and subject of many debates over at various comic book forums. We saw this match in the trade paperback, Sons of Dathomir, with no real conclusion. Although I think Grievous had the upper hand overall in that particular comic. Maul has the advantage in light saber skill. Maul has the advantage with one more point in strain threshold. Grievous has the advantage in Adversary rating, and a much higher defense rating. Grievous had a better LS. Vicious 3 and Linked 3. Grievous has improved parry Rounds began at medium range. The way I played HBS - At short range, Maul required a dark force point to active the power. Engaged, Maul was able to use HBS to automatically generate an advantage during the subsequent LS attack. Both characters were able to aim as a maneuver, Grievous gaining ability to activate aim for free with one maneuver due to multiple limb talent. Parry was used for each attack. Round 1: The best round of the series. Maul wins vigilance initiative and scores a fearsome wound (Would have helped against Dooku) as well as 11 damage (Parried by GG). GG goes onto miss his first two attacks due to very poor roles. Maul continues to score with hits, but is never able to score a high damage hit. GG manages to use improved parry 3 times due to despairs and disadvantages (even with HBS spam) dealing Maul 9 damage each time. GG brought down to 2 wounds on his threshold before scoring a big hit on Maul for 13 damage. Maul parries, GG activates Linked on the attack and the fight is over with Grievous scattering Maul's senses. Round 2: Grievous wins cool initiative. Charges Maul, does 14 damage to the former Sith Apprentice and returns the Fearsome Wound. Maul misses with HBS. Grievous scores 15 damage, linked...round over with Maul winded. (Maul parried 8 damage, 9 damage, 9 damage)....As the announcers states in Mortal Kombat "FLAWLESS Victory." Street Fighter: "Per-fect." Round 3: Grievous wins vigilance initiative, charges Maul wielding 4 twirling light sabers, scoring a nasty critical on Maul (At the brink) and 14 damage again. Maul returns the favor with HBS scoring 11 damage. Shocked by the hit from Maul, Grievous savagely barrages Maul with four light sabers sending Maul reeling, Grievous scores 13 damage and instead of activating Linked, decides to Taunt the Maul by maiming It, causing Maul's right arm to go flying. In desperation a one armed Maul flails at Grievous with another HBS. This puts the droid general out of position for his next attack. Despite this, Grievous scores another critical to the already heavily damaged Maul..........leaving Maul at End is Nigh..DEATH for Maul........One of GG's Light sabers shorts out for a moment upon dealing the killing blow. But the droid simply tucks it under his cloak and walks off basking in victory. Grievous wins 3 out of 3. Analysis: @Underachiever599 had it correct....Grievous is a beast. If these two with these stats were to fight 10 times, Maul would win 1...maybe 2 at best. On paper, the droid general does not look super impressive with the lack of powers and talents...but in action he is a totally different story. Linked rating, adversary rating, defense...this is not including soak against non-LS wielders....the free maneuver is also nasty. Round 1, Grievous rolled poorly but still managed to eek out a victory. Maul had a difficult time scoring a big hit on GG due to the defense and adversary rating. The lack of Vicious or linked on Maul's LS in Dawn of the Rebellion hurts It As well as having no defense and a low soak rating. I guess that makes sense, because Maul is usually squishy in games. Was hoping It would put up a better showing against Grievous..but I can see a Clone Wars Grievous slaughtering Star Wars Rebels Maul..
  8. Fitz takes aim. Lowers the heavy blaster and pew pew pew. Drops the Weequay to the ground. Kr'owk sensing an opportunity, the Chiss is able to jump start the Skiff. While Kr'owk is working on the Skiff, he can feel/hear Zig plead.."Cmon hurry up! Yer taking toooo long." When the Skiff comes to life, Zag gives a Sullastan grin. "GOOD, now take us to Jabba." He demands of the bounty hunters. That is when they hear the city sirens go off.....in response to the explosions from the two frag grenades and blaster fire. Meaning...the place will be crawling with Pig-faced guards wielding more vibroaxes.....
  9. Count Dooku aka Darth Tyranus (RoS) vs. Maul (Dawn of the Rebellion) This has always been an underrated dream match for me. Palpatine's former apprentice vs his current apprentice. Why didn't Sidious simply take Maul back as an Apprentice during the Clone Wars? Did Palp upgrade post Phantom Menace. One uses agility and fury in their attacks, another elegance and style. I ran a total of 6 rounds. The first three had Maul use Hawk Bat Swoop roughly 60-70% of the battles. The last three was a HbS spam by Maul. Dook has the advantage with the LS. 8/1 Sunder, Vicious 3, breach, free dark side point. Dooku has the advantage in diversity of their Force Powers and Force rating. Dooku has improved parry and a greater melee defense. Dooku has an adversary rating of 4. Maul has a slight advantage in strain, 9/2 on LS with breach 2 + Sunder and It has HBS. So overall, Dooku should have the advantage....all battles begin at Medium Range Match 1: Dooku wins with some difficulty. Maul wins initiative (Vigilance). Early crit by Dooku leads to a victory with wound points to spare. Match 2: Dooku wins. Cool initiative. Dooku blitzed. Wins in 4 attacks the last being an overpower. Match 3: Dooku wins. Vigilance. Maul wins initiative Back and forth fight. This was the battle of the match. Dooku was brought down to 1 left on his wound threshold. Improved Parry came into affect. Maul and Dooku traded critical hits and wounds before Dooku manages to pull it out....barely. Match 4: Maul wins. Vigilance. Maul gains an early critical. Then hits another critical on the second attack (Overpowered). Maul blitzs and stomps Dooku. This is the beginning of the HBS spamming. Match 5: Dooku wins. Cool. Dooku uses move. Silouette 2 object at short range. Maul's first attack does a horrific injury (Brawn) on Dooku. Dooku finishes Maul the next attack with a critical. Match 6: Dooku wins. Viilance. Maul wins iniative. Back and forth fight. Dooku hits Maul with a few crits including bleeding out. Maul ends bleeding out of wounds...Dooku dropped down to 5 wounds left on threshold and 2 criticals. Winner: Dooku 5 out of 6. Used move only once. HBS made a huge difference in Maul's ability to win. In the end the melee defense of two, critical rating of 1 on the LS, and higher adversary rating brought Dooku victory.
  10. @Edgehawk is up in the round. Otherwise @MrTInce or @oneeyedmatt87 can go if we don’t hear from edge by Sunday.
  11. Just finished running another gauntlet.....match. Obi Wan - Kenobi (Rise of the Separatists) vs Maul (Dawn of the Rebellion) Obi-Wan has the advantage in LS damage/critical rating, Defense of 1/1, adversary rating, and Cool Initiative. Maul has the advantage in LS skill and Wounds/Strain. Equal in Parry Skill. These are straight LS duels. No fear checks were made. No Coercion checks. No Hawk-Bat Swoop for Maul. No Move from Obi-Wan. Advantages were used to activate crits/regain strain. Disadvantages decreased strain. Triumphs activated crits, despairs upgraded opponents next attack (Obi-Wan rolled more despairs than Maul overall). Round 1: Rolled Vigilance for Initiative: Obi-Wan wins initiative and scores an early agonizing wound. It goes downhill from there. Obi-Wan ends up winning in 4-5 rounds, maiming Maul on the 2nd round (Took out an arm), and maiming the second arm in the final blow that caused Maul to exceed Wound Threshold. (Maul loses all four limbs to Obi-Wan if you count TPM). Maul does get one hit on Obi-Wan, causing him to gain some wounds, but not more than half. Round 2: Rolled Cool for Initiative: Obi-Wan wins and ganks him. 2-3 attacks from Kenobi fight is over, ala Star Wars Rebels. Obi-Wan ends overpowering Maul. Round 3: Rolled Vigilance: Maul wins initiative and score an early critical. Maul has Obi-Wan reeling, until Obi blinds Maul in the 2nd attack. Maul begins to falter as Obi-Wan makes a comeback. Very back and forth fight. Lasting 6-7 combat rounds. Maul brings Obi-Wan to 1 point left on the wound threshold. Obi-Wan manages to pull it out by crippling Maul in the end. Leaving Maul crippled and blinded. Obi-Wan wins 3 out of 3 rounds. 3rd round could have gone either way. Biggest factors were initiative and the results of the critical wounds. Not sure if Maul's stats from A&A are the same as his from Dawn of the Rebellion, but Maul's real threat comes from the LS damage he can deal. I should try and incorporate Hawk-Bat Swoop and more strategic maneuvering in the battles. There is just to much to keep track of. Next fight will be Maul vs Dooku than Maul vs Ventress. (All Dawn of the Rebellion vs Rise of the Separatists because I do not own A&A). Thanks.
  12. Hope you do not mind if I join in on the Adversary vs Adversary simulations. Tonight, I ran a Maul vs Grievous. Maul from Dawn of the Rebellion and Greivous from Rise of the Separatists... Grievous won fairly handily. The final blow was a double death kill. Crit chart was over 151 and Maul lost all of It's wounds. Initially it was a even fight. Grievous won the cool initiative and then missed on his first attack. Maul took advantage and landed an early crit. From there, Grievous took over with the linked quality, free second maneuver to keep pace with Hawk Bat Swoop, melee def, and higher adversary rating...
  13. Cool. Which stats Trade Federation stats does Collapse have? I ask because our family is tight on cash at the moment and I can only afford one of the books. Thanks @Daeglan
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