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  1. I'm not saying the units wont exceed what i have in my previous post, but when the force organization specifies 1-2 commanders, 0-2 operatives, 3+ corps, 0-3 support, and 0-2 heavies, i would assume they would give you options to fill all of those up. It's what i would do at least. They will give us at least 2 operators apiece to fill the slots since they'll most likely be unique, imperials and rebels have counterparts already released, hoth troopers and fleet troopers are given, and no one likes having only 1 option in heavies. FFG has shown that they like variety in their slots. Anything past that is just gravy.
  2. FFG definitely has a schedule to balance out the teams, with 3 commanders, 2 operatives, 3 elites, 3 corps, 2 support, and 2 heavies. Rebels need 2 operatives, probably chewie and either the rogue 1 crew or the Ghost crew, elites in either wookie warriors, Royal guard, or ewoks, hoth troopers, and taun taun rider pair as heavies. Imperials need another Operative in mayne Krennic or an Inquisitor, death troopers in elites, fleet troopers in corps, and dewback riders in heavy. Past that, I have no clue what they would do. Add epic models like an ATAT? expand the gane size to finally be at 1,000? Add strafing runs from starfighters?
  3. No you cannot go into standby if you shoot, or shoot if you go on standby.
  4. With the addition of E-webs to the imperial roster, I can finally complete an effective fully Hoth-themed force. At 1,000 points (if we ever move to it) I'll add in Vader or a second ATST but until then I have a nice even list to work off of. ++ Standard (Galactic Empire) [800 Points] ++ + Commander + •General Veers [85 Points]: Esteemed Leader + Corps + Snowtroopers [85 Points]: Flametrooper, Impact Grenades, Snowtrooper Snowtroopers [85 Points]: Flametrooper, Impact Grenades, Snowtrooper Snowtroopers [85 Points]: Flametrooper, Impact Grenades, Snowtrooper Snowtroopers [85 Points]: Flametrooper, Impact Grenades, Snowtrooper + Support + E-Web Heavy Blaster Team [75 Points]: Barrage Generator, HQ Uplink E-Web Heavy Blaster Team [75 Points]: Barrage Generator, HQ Uplink + Heavy + AT-ST [225 Points]: 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon, AT-ST Mortar Launcher + Command Hand + Command Hand: •Ambush, •Maximum Firepower, ••Evasive Maneuvers, ••Push, •••Assault, •••Imperial Discipline, ••••Standing Orders ++ Total: [800 Points] ++
  5. Why though? A first turn double move into position next to veers and the rest of the game is spent aiming, recovering, and firing.
  6. No worries. It's exactly the same with standby on a hh12. The standby "activation" has no memory of what the unit did prior in the turn.
  7. The E-web is going to be awesome in double commander lists. Between imperial discipline and new ways to motivate them with HQ Uplink, these guys will easily be able to recover/aim, move, and standby to shoot. Paired with the suppressive exhaust generator, I can't wait. 3-4 straight turns of having order tokens and bonus actions.
  8. Read it again. It says this activation. Performing an action from standby isn't part of that activation.
  9. You will still be able to fire via standby. Or move a second time if the enemy are fleet troopers and are out of range.
  10. Chewbacca operative Lando operative Echo base corps Saw's renegades special forces Dual tauntaun riders heavy Turret support Director krennic commander Inquisitor operative Imperial fleet corps Death troopers special forces Dual dewback riders heavy E-web team support That way each faction has 3 commanders and troops, and 2 of everything else.
  11. Here's a link to the republic/separatists homebrew I've been slowly working on. I'm not going to copy a wall of text here
  12. Double atst is better here, but you need to put esteemed leader on veers to keep him alive. You've got the points for it, just take it.
  13. The way I settled it was by having all droids be stock at courage 2 minimum. That way the entire army wasn't immune to fleeing or suppression, but getting them to that state would be an uphill battle. Droids weren't known for slowing their advance or fleeing until the majority of their forces were gone. Down to 2 droids? Comic relief and they flee. I made OOM battle droids specifically to be the cheapest, spammiest, and worthless unit in the game, with a serious detriment like in the movie. No defense, white melee and shooting, no surges, up to 10 models in a unit. (Extra troopers have the mass produced rule so they can be taken multiple times) they also have Fatal Flaw: Before assigning a commander token to a unit leader (so if all of your commanders are dead), first remove this unit from the game as casualty.
  14. As a counterpoint I feel HH12 and veers are incredible. Either pairing them or ion snow troopers is the way to go, seeing his imperial discipline card. 2 big guns with aim tokens, free ready action, possibility of movement with snow troopers, and still get dodges. Token stacking to the extreme. Gives one good turn of massive offense, say if a snowspeeder just popped into your sights as your gun isn't readied. You can even ready the hh12, still get to aim, and move to reposition closer while shooting your e-11s. Not too bad a combo.
  15. I love homebrew. A sign of a good game is people designing their own stuff. Free attack action is bad. Especially if they are going to roll 1 die. A free attack is better for mounted charge. Also I don't want to copy and paste everything I have homebrewed, so here's a link instead.
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