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  1. I recommend you are a bit more humble in the future. You clearly pretended to know about the subject, threw the comment about trade wars, and then made it obvious you had no clue of what you were talking about. @hawk32is not "heckling" you like a student or trying to corner you, I believe he/she just wanted to understand if you had any evidence behind your claims. The next time you feel that you bit more than you could chew, the best is to be open minded and learn instead of responding with nonsense like the above quoted post. I can't believe some users even "liked" your post.
  2. There is also the aspect of return of investment. It is an investment to design/build/manufacture/distribute/sell a ship. If you anticipate selling more units, you can afford a lower price. If you expect fewer sales, you have to increase prices to be profitable. I believe this applies to X-Wing ship sizes. Small ships will sell more units, since you can field larger quantities on a game. Conversely, large ships will sell less. I would probably think that the investment for a larger ship is also larger. Bigger molds, more material, larger storage spaces, etc. Short story, it does make sense to charge more for 1) something you expect to sell less and 2) something that costs more to manufacture. Having said that, the above is great and all, but ultimately FFG will charge what they think will maximize profits, hence my earlier comment of why sell it at $20 if you guys will pay $30 for it? The 2nd Ed. ARC-170 is probably just a victim of product rationalization --> all 2nd Ed. medium ships now cost $30 period.
  3. Why sell it at $20 if you guys will buy it at $30?
  4. Just noting that everyone seems automatically to align the Rebellion with the Allies and the Empire with the Axis. I think the OP intention was to align a Star Wars ship to a real ship, not necessarily an entire faction of ships.
  5. It's a summation of the results on lower rows. Useful for accounting the chances of multiple results.
  6. The best way to avoid buying into everything is thinking about diminishing returns. You will probably get 90% of the fun buying perhaps 30% of the content (2 complete factions). Spending that last 70% will bring you the reminder 10% of enjoyment. That's not a great deal. The way I see it, spend that 30% and if you indeed have the other 70% to spend, then diversify in other board/miniature games. There is plenty of good stuff besides X-Wing within the Star Wars universe and outside.
  7. I don't think they would, the squadron pack gives you the Beetlejuice for free as it costs the same as 2x individual Vultures, and chances are you would want 2x Vultures being it a swarmer. It's wanting an extra Beetlejuice that would force you to fork $40 instead of $20. It's the same as someone wanting a 1.0 Y-Wing without needing the Z-95s. Small issue I reckon but there nonetheless. This is probably it, although the Belbullab could also have gotten a second paintjob...
  8. The squadron packs are a great idea to bundle ships, however: The Republic pack has 2x V19 and 1x Delta 7. If you only want one extra Delta-7, you are ok, you can buy the individual one. If you want more V-19s, you are more-or-less ok, as the pack contains 2x and I assume this is kind of a swarm ship. On the other hand... The Separatist pack has 2x Vultures and 1x Belbullab-22. I was surprised to see it was the Vulture, it being the swarmer, the one that got also a stand-alone and not the Belbullab. If you want another Belbullab, as it is today, you would have to get a complete pack. My point is, that when ships are only contained in a squadron pack, you might be forced to spend more than you need and probably end up getting more ships than you would like. At the same time however, it does offer the possibility of getting more ships at a lower price. I guess the issue is when you want to buy seconds. I wonder if packs are a thing for Wave 4 or future waves in general. Perhaps it was meant only as an introductory way of releasing new faction. This is the same way Scum was released back in 1st edition with the Most Wanted pack.
  9. If this makes you sleep at night, then you are the master. However, do make sure you are indeed voting with your wallet and not your pride.
  10. Assuming A. becomes true, your best bet is to buy the conversion kits you need and store them in their shrink-wrap. Then if you later decide not to convert, with the conversion kits not being manufactured anymore, you can probably resell them without a loss. If you do decide to convert, you'll just be glad you made the investment 2 years beforehand.
  11. @theBitterFig thanks for the very well-thought comment. I think you hit the nail. Your approach most certainly would have been the best.
  12. This would have been a great Wave 3 product structure for me: Clone Wars Core Set: 2x Vulture + 1x Delta 7 Separatists Expansions: Vulture (second paint), Belbullab-22 and Sith Infiltrator Republic Expansions: Delta 7 (second paint), V-19 Torrent, ARC-170 It has exactly the same ships and the same paints, but it is more welcoming wave 3 structure for the player wanting to get into 2.0. My 2 cents. I don't want to get into a pissing contest with the folks around here.
  13. You guys bring some good points about the 2.0 core set having to be from the original ships. How about this though: FFG has not convinced me to get onboard 2.0. Having released a second 2.0 core set, that is a Clone Wars Core Set would very likely have brought me over. As is, FFG has lost a customer. Also, why am I still here? Because I do own 1.0 and enjoy it. This forum is not for 2.0 only.
  14. I am somewhere else already. I just love to see people moaning about me moaning.
  15. As the title says. The 2.0 Core set should have been a Clone Wars core set right from the beginning. FFG knew they had Clone Wars in the pipeline, they just decided to have old players buy an unnecessary 2.0 core set just for the damage deck. This would have been avoided entirely if the core set was made around Clone Wars ships. FFG has a knack for double dipping our wallets. Before anyone answers "nobody is forcing you to buy", I only want to say "you are correct". I haven't bough any 2.0 content and will not do so. I'm keeping 1.0 and spending my gaming dollar on other games. FFG just keeps giving me more reasons to go somewhere else.
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