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  1. Oh okay thanks for responding quickly everyone! So just out of curiosity the hunters from the beginner game are rivals not minions right?
  2. Okay so first off I am confused about what happens when a npc suffers a critical injury, in the beginner box the npc is simply dead but I dont seem to see much clarification in the core rule book. Second the whole hard points thing for light saber attachment doesn't make sense to me. I believe a basic light saber has 5 hard points does that mean if I equip an attachment with 2 hard points the light saber would now have 3 hard points? I am running a game for some of my friends this weekend so the faster you guys respond the better, thanks for putting up with my noob questions. Thanks!
  3. Awesome, thanks for all the answers everyone rookie GM here. 😬
  4. Thanks! So your telling me it costs nothing to get one of those bonuses talked about on page 49?
  5. Ok say if I wanted to gain 10 extra xp how much obligation would it cost to do so?
  6. Yes because I'm using Force and Destiny so all of them are.
  7. Thanks! Two more quick questions. 1. Can you spend the money you earn from the d100 on your starting gear? 2. What page talks about increasing morality for credits?
  8. Hey guys, so I recently picked up the Star Wars FAD Core Rule book to play with some friends of mine. I started making a character so It'l be easier to teach my PCs how to make one of their own, when my character was just about finished I stumbled across Step 9: Choose Gear and Appearance. At first I was exited to load my guy up with some sweet gear, but then I realized I had no idea how much money you start with while making a hero. If any of you guys could help me it would be great. Thanks!
  9. Cool ideas guys, I really like the train vault idea by Archellus.
  10. Good points, any ideas on a good starter adventure?
  11. Sounds good! So are you saying Natives could be playable characters or NPCs?
  12. Sounds interesting, but I'm looking for something a little more generic. Do you have any ideas for western careers?
  13. Hey guys Iv'e been looking for some thoughts/ideas for a Wild West themed campaign for Genesys. Please let me know if you guys come up with something. Thanks!
  14. Hello there everyone, I was wondering if anyone has made an easy level 0 intoduction adventure. As you all know the game doesn't come with any and it seems hard to find one. Thanks!
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