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  1. RedLeader23

    The ARC-170 Preview We've been looking for!!

    Very excited for Wolffe and Commander Cody- they look awesome.
  2. RedLeader23

    A 6/10mm Star Wars tabletop wargame?

    https://fridaynightxwing.wordpress.com/ This has some really nice rules and has a lot of custom vehicle stats. Also they are releasing new waves I think so more stuff is going to be added soon.
  3. RedLeader23

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Isn’t that the Mining Guild Emblum on that ship?
  4. RedLeader23

    Force Charges

    When you equip crew or gunners with force does the ship still recover one force charge per round or does each crew each recover one per round?
  5. RedLeader23

    Ship requirements

    I personally think that it would be okay if the dail has the same manuevers as the ship in the other faction. I’m also certain that was allowed in 1.0
  6. Mine is slanted to the right a bit, although you can barely see it.
  7. RedLeader23

    Scum & Villainy Expansion wish list for 2.0

    Hondo Ohnaka. He could be in a Sentinel Class Shuttle (which could possibly be a Empire/ Scum ship), a Sorosubb 3000 and Even a Firespray as he uses the Slave I in the Clone Wars. And a new scum Epic, I’m hoping GR-45 or Aroure Class Freighter.
  8. RedLeader23


    It’s so good. Now we just have to wait for Episode 2.
  9. RedLeader23

    Huge ship (cargo haul free concept)

    That looks epic. The paint job really makes it feel like a scum ship.
  10. RedLeader23

    Gozanti, how useful are they really?

    They look cool with the TIEs docked? They are also quite cheap with base ship 40 points and meanwhile I think a patrol leader on a Decimator is around 41/43 points. Don’t forget they can also run over smaller ships.
  11. RedLeader23

    Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle

    This looks awesome, can’t wait to see it finished.
  12. RedLeader23

    A new generation of x-wing articles

    Nice article but it is a bit annoying how we get given some squads when they haven’t updated the app yet. Though it may mean that an update may be coming soon?
  13. That is so awesome, love the Arquitens and Nebulon-B. Can’t wait to see this on Friday Night X-wing.
  14. RedLeader23

    Tie Punisher - Tie Heavy Bomber

    Nice mod. I think that there is a ship that looks like that in a video game or something.
  15. RedLeader23

    So the Aurore? Large or huge?

    I would think that it would be the Mining Guild paint scheme as that was is on the card and also it would fit in with the Mining Guild TIEs.