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  1. I'll probably split two with a player who's only collecting clones.
  2. The Legion Discord has a pretty active community for the Tabletop Simulator mod of the game.
  3. RAW, Impervious will combo with Immune Pierce in melee, which will be crazy.
  4. Can't forget the Grand Inquisitor, as an Imp force user who can actually keep up with Luke.
  5. I would hope for Thrawn as a commander before Tarkin if they're doing Rebels content.
  6. The Notorius Scoundrels is pretty good for discussing Legion news and and strategy.
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/19/rogue-spirit/
  8. A guy on the Legion discord got his hands on a IRG expansion early and spoiled the unrevealed cards for us.
  9. I'm gonna go with Matt's counterclaim in this dispute since more votes lean toward his side for now, though Ovi's past on Sullust and Matt's lone wolf exploration both give me pm vibes. ##vote ovi As far as my thoughts about the rest of you guys: LP, cal,and Gengis are town I'm sure, everyone else is more vague. If I had a chance to stake out someone's quarters it would likely be pod, as he's been very active in encouraging everyone to vote against each other. It's needed to root scum out I know, but still would be interesting to see how his other activities tie in with this.
  10. tk-4592 I'll have to hear Gengis' input before I weigh in with a vote, but it is a strange move to reveal yourself as doc this early with several threat.s still at large. To me it's mostly just Caldias' word against Gengis, but cal does hold more of my trust for now since he helped get rid of ebon.
  11. I am startled out of a troubling dream just in time to witness FN-0007's demise. In the dream however, it was I who was being unceremoniously seized from my pad and shot before the the silent and blank stares of my compatriots. Those same eyes fall upon me now, though in a much less threatening state. I never thought that one of us would be condemned before the days' end, let alone have it turn out to be justified. But if defending this ship from these intruders requires us to subject each other to such scrutiny, than so be it. I warily settle back back down and try to get some less unsettling rest.
  12. This is a **** of a start to my first tour, Corulag trained me up to blast insurgents in their backwater locales, not root them out from among our own ranks. May as well try to put my "book" knowledge to use anyway. Don't like all of the mistrust there is already but I guess it's necessary if we're going to make it out of this mess alive.
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