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  1. The tank looks excellent mate.
  2. Thanks heaps Sharkbelly Hey Magnumhan, it is I thought it would be cool to add it into the town instead of having it off to the side and thanks mate.
  3. Thanks so much Krakus I really appreciate the comment and I wasn't going to add them but my son wants them so I'm going to do two to three small scatter terrain using them.
  4. Hi All, Star Wars Legion table is slowly getting done, I have been playing with my son and we both decided that a Tatooine table would great. I made the structures using foam, foam board, foam balls and PVC plumbers pipe and once the were made I used watered down spakfilla and applied it to the structures. I have sprayed the structures with Rust-O-luem matt black and then with Vallejo's Iraqui Sand and I then gave them a wash with Vallejo's Beige Brown and then lightly dry brushed them with Vallejo's Matt White. I still need to weather them and also do the doors and add some greeblies to them and then start on the scatter terrain.
  5. Hey Proton Torpedo, I clean mine this way. 1-wash in water. 2-wipe with baby wipe. 3-I use a very tiny drop of watch oil as this keeps them soft and I still have brushes from 5 yrs ago.
  6. The paint apps and weathering are awesome mate.
  7. They look excellent mate and I colour scheme.
  8. My pleasure mate, glad I could help.
  9. Hey CinnaWolf, Weathering really depends on the individual as some people like clean figures and others like a little to a lot of weathering, myself I like the figures to have a real gritty look to them especially if they are suppose to be fighting. For weathering their are a number of technics that can be used and they are , 1: Weathering using paints, you can actually get good weathering using paints you just need to pick the correct colours, for example if you have a figure on a base with a lot of dirt you would use say a Beige Brown with looks great when dry brushed over the figures it gives them a nice dirty look. 2: Washes are also good for weathering but to get a really good weathering to the figure you sometimes need more then one layer which needs to built up over the layer before. 3: Pastel Chalks are my favourite and IMHO is the best way to go as the pastel chalk sanded or lightly scrapped of the chalk makes a fine dust which can be applied using a thin brush depending on the size of the figure. When applying the chalk you just apply a little and this will get in creases etc and give a great look that the figure has seen some action and there are a lot of different colours. I hope this helps mate and if you need anything else just ask.
  10. Fantastic job on the figure's and I especially like the shoretroopers colour scheme.
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