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  1. Ok thanks guys. Based on the LTP guide I wasn't sure if cover was only gained by terrain and suppression only reduced the damage by 1. Thanks guys that is really strong.
  2. If I am suppressed and have low profile do I gain heavy cover?
  3. https://imperialterrain.com/collections/sci-fi-rpg-tabletop-terrain/products/tx225-legion Here let me save you 60 bucks and hopefully get this shop another customer. He keeps updating what he has.
  4. Unless you want that specific model for any reason check out imperial terrain. They are a 3d print shop that has great sifi prints.
  5. Yeah we had a game come down to this last night where we each had 2 objectives claimed. On the last activation Vader choked my leader of one of the claimed objectives. Wondering if this is a game winning move.
  6. If my leader is killed by force choke what happens to a claimed objective?
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