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  1. Actually I find this is where they thrive. As with the at-st if you opponent has to devote two rounds to destroying one of your units that's an amazing advantage. That means all your objective grabbers were able to move up the board relatively easily and probably are still fresh and not suppressed. I find where they really suffer is when you have an opponent who decides to ignore them, because then to justify them you have to kill equal to their cost which is really hard to do.
  2. That's true about the mirroring. I'm kind of hoping though that Chewbacca will have boba's generic cards and the eventual 3rd imperial commander will have han's. I don't really care about 1:1 mirroring, I think if everyone has access to the same exact units that would be pretty boring. I just hate the idea of having to buy expansions you don't want for units you won't use just to optimise your army.
  3. The only problem with this is they seem to be currently releasing expansions that mirror each other so that people don't have to buy cross faction to get the upgrades they want. So if they're gonna release the emperor with a bunch of cool new powers they either have to break this rule or release a new rebel force user at the same time. Which wouldn't be too hard. If we look at what they did with IA they could do a ROTJ version of Luke or even obi wan. And if they decided to leave the original trilogy they could also do ahsoka.
  4. As much as I love the old eu books I don't think there's any way we'll ever get Mara jade, or really any of the legends stuff, unless it becomes cannon in some way first. I know they brought in a lot of legends eu stuff with xwing but since they seem to be cutting a lot of it out with xwing 2.0 I can't really imagine them implementing it here.
  5. I think their only source is in the pdf for operations. I for sure didn't get them in my box
  6. But I think the base touching is only what's needing to initiate the melee. Once the attack has begun you're still in melee until the attack is done, even if you stop being in base contact during the attack. Then, before the attack is done you move luke to maintain contact, thus never having a chance to leave the melee condition. I believe this is the correct interpretation.
  7. I think it's that base contact is what's need at the start of a melee but while the attack is happening you no longer have to check for base contact and are just still in melee. Like after luke kills the first bike he then moves into contact with the second because you don't have to check for base contact at that time to determine melee, he's still in the melee from his first melee attack
  8. These are really good. I'd be crazy proud of these. Leaps better than my first attempt
  9. Yeah it does I think. For the price this is pretty useful. Will really help with running between cover.
  10. I saw this on reddit this morning. Interesting last card. I guess we can expect it to be rolling out this week.
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