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  1. Has anyone ever suffered any wounds from running their Speederbikes into terrain? Anyone? The compulsory move seems like its supposed to be part benefit, part drawback, with a real danger of losing control of your speederbike and ramming it into a tree. I mean, the first two things you think of when you think of speederbikes is that they're super fast and they slam into things easily. But in practice it seems nearly impossible. My primary opponent and I play on pretty dense terrain. I was surprised to see that he never seemed to have any problems maneuvering his bikes. In fact, at first I was convinced he was doing it wrong. But after reading the rules I saw that unless you're using pretty tall terrain theres very little chance that that your bikes will run into anything. And even with tall terrain that the bikes simply can fly over the chance of actually crashing is super slim. I spent an evening practice flying the bikes (and the T47) and it was actually pretty difficult to crash into anything, even when making pretty pretty poor choices. So has anyone ever had a problem with this? Has anyone crashed before? Any cool stories about accidentally slamming into a building, or maybe forcing your opponent's bikes into a wall or something?
  2. Paint him to match the others then. If you want him to match the rest of your team than just do it. If you need an answer that fits with canon its well established that Rebels used a large variety of uniforms from different sources and seldom had a coherent look. Just say he traded in his brawn and yellow uniform for a green one. No big deal.
  3. Bikers are very fairly and correctly priced. If they're not working for you I'd suggest either practicing more or playing with more terrain.
  4. Except we have plenty of data to support it. We have an entire year of people playing the T47, deciding that its absolute crap and sharing that information online for all of us to see. Additionally, nearly every one of us has personal experience playing either with or against the model, often extensively. There is a near universal consensus that the T47 is somewhere between underpowered and unplayable, with most of the community leaning toward the later.
  5. I keep thinking Luke is mobile enough on his own, but I'll have ti try it out. But Jyn can start wherever she wants. Although I guess you could use the speeder to reposition her.
  6. Who is worth transporting in the speeder? I feel like Leia or han will just get chewed up if they're dropped of by themselves, and Luke, Jyn and Sabine are already very mobile. Chewie?
  7. I really like the idea of dropping Proton Bombs.
  8. It is. So I'm curious why you went out of your way to be combative in your reply to the OP's post, which wasn't combative at all. OP: The T-47 seems underwhelming to me as well. The new pilot certainly helps its survivability, but its bigger problem is that it just doesn't do enough damage. I agree that a point change is unlikely, at least any time soon. Somehow adding a Keyword that increases its damage potential would be ideal. A Pilot of the obvious choice, but then that would be come the default over the two existing Pilots. Adding a Hardpoint option would be nice, especially one that wasn't limited to the rear.
  9. Why would it be impossible? Explosions don't generally completely disintegrate things, and chunks of the Deathstar would probably be large enough to survive re-entry. Also, so what? Its space fantasy. Theres already a thousand thinsg in Star Wars that don't make any sense at all, and never have.
  10. Possibly play with more line of sight blocking terrain so your tank has somewhere to hide on turn 1?
  11. It really couldn't. Even with the exact same head painted the exact same way the two units are extremely noticeably different looking. Also, if your opponent is somehow confused (because they're extremely dumb, I guess) they can simply ask you what the models are. Theres no way that this is an actual problem.
  12. Yeah, if it converts regular hits into crits its a scary ability. But i don't think it does.
  13. Yeah, the Dewbacks are faster than they look. I think peopel will be surprised once they start using them. Even without prod they move pretty fast. Tauntaun's don't get three weapon choices, but their weapons appear to be superior, don't they? 4 red dice with Sharpshooter is really much better than 4 White dice with Critical 2, except for the range of course. The Dewback can choose to hold back at range 3 or 4 depending on its weapon, but since most of its power is tied to its close combat taht doesn't seem like it will be a good idea most of the time.
  14. But he doesn't consistently do 2 damage through cover, as far as I can tell. According to the dice calculator I'm using he'll do about .72 wounds to a Rebel Squad in cover, while a 6 model Stormtrooper squad will do 1.76. He's also 20 points more and can't take objectives. But yeah, not loosing effectiveness is a strength. On the other hand, a ST unit keeps most of its effectiveness in its DLT, and it won't loose that till the end.
  15. Why not? Why shouldn't they be. They'e background suggests that they're used to defend coastal areas, aquatic worlds and Imperial facilities. It would make sense that battles in these areas would include as many or more of them than basic Storm Trooprs. It doesn't matter if theyre rarer than Storm Troopers at all.
  16. yeah. It look like it has a keyword, does it? But even a moderate damage R4 weapon could be interesting. It could allow the Dewback to kind of fill a mobile sniper roll. Thats a lot of points for something like that, but it could be neat. Thats very true. But Speederbikes, when used even moderately well, can inflict a lot of damage and then quickly move to safety. not Always, but enough that destroying them, or even just one, is often difficult. The Dewback is more resilient for sure, but not a LOT more. It'll keep shooting even at 1 wound, but its shooting is just less effective that I don't know if it will really matter much. of course, close combat is another matter. A Dewback up in everyone's face, especially one with a Flame Thrower, is going to eb a problem until its dead. So I'm guessing its value is going to depend more on how quickly it can get to combat opposed to how much shooting it can do.
  17. So Critical 2 allows up to 2 Surges to become Crits, right? On 4 White dice thats still only averaging a single wound on a Rebel unit. Thats not much for a 100 point investment. Especially since being able to shoot isn't always a given with a proper amount of line of sight blocking terrain. I think I'm still going to fear speederbikes a LOT more with their higher average damage and the ability to appear where they need to be, strike and then fade away. Competing with the Speederbikes is a big deal for the Dewback.
  18. So... Dewbacks seem kind of not great to me. I'm not an Imperial player and I haven't seen them in action yet, but they seem underwhelming. HOWEVER! Maybe I'm wrong? I'm going to talk about the potential problems I see, and then maybe in this thread we can discuss how to use them or how they might be better than they look. Anyway, here's my thoughts: - Starting with the good: Their close combat is solid, and unlike imperial Guard or Wookies or even an AtRt they won't lose effectiveness as they take casualties/damage. They're also likely to survive a long time in CC against anything thats not a Jedi. For example, a full squad of Wooks is only going to average 2 wounds on them. So I think their CC is a really high point for them. - But getting them into CC is a long process. They're not as slow as they look, since 2 Range 1 moves with that huge bases covers a lot of ground and they can boost their speed and cross difficult terrain with no penalty. But it'll still take them awhile to get to the fight. And thats 2 or three turns where they're not doing anything. - They're also probably not too hard to simply avoid. That won't always be an option, but I've had a few games where objectives where in places that the Dewback simply wouldn't fit (in between buildings, on narrow walk ways). So it won't always be able to engage the units it wants to fight. - Its a **** big target, and will be harder to hide than something like Wookies. It also won't be able to benefit from cover from Suppression (or so I'm told). So despite being pretty **** tough it might suffer the same fate as most of my AtRt and simply die before it gets anywhere. - Some okay shooting to help it close the distance and put pressure on enemies as it approached would help, but its 10 point upgrade is really not good. I mean, its a great upgrade for 10 points, but as a 100 point model its shooting is very underwhelming. 4 white dice with Critical 2 is a very small amount of damage for a 100 point model. The Flamethrower will likely be a more attractive choice, but it also involves getting all the way to range 1, which is going to take awhile, and could often mean a dead or nearly dead Dewback. - None of this would really be much of a problem if the unit were priced more similarly to the AtRt, but its so **** expensive for what it does. It has a CC potential similar to Wookies and shares a similar cost, but Wookies have much better shooting, can take cover easier (and benefit from cover with Suppression) and can take objectives. Its much worse at shooting than an AtRT (which ends up being 15 points less). It has advantages over both these units, but those advantages don't really add up to anything I'd want to invest 100+ points in. - I do wonder if it can be locked in combat, or like vehicles will simply be able to walk away. Thats a big advantage for the AtSt in combat,and it would be nice if the Dewback could do the same. Anyway... I don't want to be too negative. Its a nice model and I don't think its such a poor unit that it can't be taken. As Imperial players how will you use it effectively? As Rebel players do you think you'll have trouble dealing with it?
  19. He looks neat to me, but I'm not sure he'll replace Speederbikes in my regular opponent's lists. I think it really depends on how much his other gun options cost. Pros: - Faster than he looks. Large base models cover a good distance even at speed 1, and 2 speed 1 moves with an attack will actually get you pretty far. Add in Prod when needed and the ability to walk over terrain with Unhindered and he's pretty mobile. - Great at close combat. He's surprisingly at close combat, enough to be a threat against anything. - Tough. So tough! 6 wounds, Red dice and Armor 1. I've seen several people here lament that Armor 1 is JUST "permanent cover that can't be negated by Sharpshooter"... but isn't that something you'd want on literally every unit? He also won't be losing effectiveness when he loses wounds, and can't be damaged by Ion. - Relentless is fantastic, allowing him to easily double move or move+ Aim or Dodge or whatever and still get an attack. - It has a Training Slot - 3 different weapon options, including a range 1 Flame weapon and a Range 4 weapon. Cons: - 90 points is expensive. Especially for a unit without a gun of any kind. - The one gun we can see is very cheap... but not so great. 4 white dice with Critical 2 is a fine upgrade for 10 points, but I'd really want my 100 point unit putting out more damage than that. - Its going to suck up suppression tokens, which means it really wants the Endurance Training. Which is cheap enough. But thats 6 more points on an already expensive unit. - From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) it can't claim objectives or benefit from cover from suppression tokens. The first isn't surprising, but the second is really too bad since it has a suppression generating mechanic. - Because it will often be taking suppression ( both on its own and because people will be shooting it) it could easily panic. It'll want to stay close to a Commander, which is probably a good idea anyway. And in this case its slower speed actually helps it not outpace the rest of the army. So I curious to see how it plays. It could be a very interesting bully, marching up to objectives and eating units there in close combat or with its flame weapon. It could also be a longer ranged sniper, plinking away from range 3 and 4 as it moves around the battlefield. I worry that it will suffer the same fate as AtRt, focused to death so fast that it never gets close to the enemy.
  20. I don't know. I didn't see the maps. But if players are looking at the maps and deciding taking 3 snipers is a good strategy that says to me the maps are poorly setup. Which isn't' surprising, really, Most tournaments have awful terrain setup in my experience. As you mentioned, there are multiple reasons to be in LOS. And thats when you'll be vulnerable to a Sniper (or any other unit). But you SHOULD also be able to stay out of LOS much of the time. If you can't I think there's likely either not enough terrain, the terrain is deployed poorly or you're being outplayed. All that said, sniper deal a consistent but pretty small amount of damage. often I'd rather stand on an objective and get shot by a sniper than another unit that has a larger damage potential, even if I can use Dodge or cover to try to negate it. Sniper shouldn't have that kind of command of the board. terrain should severely limit a sniper's field of fire. if you're letting a sniper have that kind of control over the game its no wonder they seem so powerful. EDIT: Qark, Irokenics: I'm not trying to say that your points don't have merit. They certainly do. I just think that the situation can be at least partially balanced with better terrain.
  21. But the attacker is paying the points? 44 points for 2 models. They're well optimized for what they do, but they're not free. They also don't do a devastating amount of damage. They're also one of the easiest unit in the game to simply avoid. You're complaining about not being able to use the game's defense mechanisms, but you're leaving out the game's PRIMARY defense mechanism, staying out of line of sight. Staying behind total cover. If you're playing with a proper amount of terrain thats not too difficult. You obviously shouldn't be able to rely on it all the time, but you should be able to avoid even multiple sniper teams much of the time.
  22. Its a flatbed. Except for the cabin for the pilot and commander no one gets in it. Troops ride on the flatbed part.
  23. Its a minor barrier in the same way gluing the current models together is a minor barrier. Harming the model is very unlikely. and harming yourself is even more unlikely. You're really stretching to find a reason to be against sprues.
  24. Cutting models off sprues and gluing them together is barely more effort than the assembly you already have to do with the existing models. Thats not a notable accessibility barrier.
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