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  1. Paint him to match the others then. If you want him to match the rest of your team than just do it. If you need an answer that fits with canon its well established that Rebels used a large variety of uniforms from different sources and seldom had a coherent look. Just say he traded in his brawn and yellow uniform for a green one. No big deal.
  2. Bikers are very fairly and correctly priced. If they're not working for you I'd suggest either practicing more or playing with more terrain.
  3. Except we have plenty of data to support it. We have an entire year of people playing the T47, deciding that its absolute crap and sharing that information online for all of us to see. Additionally, nearly every one of us has personal experience playing either with or against the model, often extensively. There is a near universal consensus that the T47 is somewhere between underpowered and unplayable, with most of the community leaning toward the later.
  4. I keep thinking Luke is mobile enough on his own, but I'll have ti try it out. But Jyn can start wherever she wants. Although I guess you could use the speeder to reposition her.
  5. Who is worth transporting in the speeder? I feel like Leia or han will just get chewed up if they're dropped of by themselves, and Luke, Jyn and Sabine are already very mobile. Chewie?
  6. I really like the idea of dropping Proton Bombs.
  7. It is. So I'm curious why you went out of your way to be combative in your reply to the OP's post, which wasn't combative at all. OP: The T-47 seems underwhelming to me as well. The new pilot certainly helps its survivability, but its bigger problem is that it just doesn't do enough damage. I agree that a point change is unlikely, at least any time soon. Somehow adding a Keyword that increases its damage potential would be ideal. A Pilot of the obvious choice, but then that would be come the default over the two existing Pilots. Adding a Hardpoint option would be nice, especially one that wasn't limited to the rear.
  8. Why would it be impossible? Explosions don't generally completely disintegrate things, and chunks of the Deathstar would probably be large enough to survive re-entry. Also, so what? Its space fantasy. Theres already a thousand thinsg in Star Wars that don't make any sense at all, and never have.
  9. Possibly play with more line of sight blocking terrain so your tank has somewhere to hide on turn 1?
  10. It really couldn't. Even with the exact same head painted the exact same way the two units are extremely noticeably different looking. Also, if your opponent is somehow confused (because they're extremely dumb, I guess) they can simply ask you what the models are. Theres no way that this is an actual problem.
  11. Yeah, if it converts regular hits into crits its a scary ability. But i don't think it does.
  12. Yeah, the Dewbacks are faster than they look. I think peopel will be surprised once they start using them. Even without prod they move pretty fast. Tauntaun's don't get three weapon choices, but their weapons appear to be superior, don't they? 4 red dice with Sharpshooter is really much better than 4 White dice with Critical 2, except for the range of course. The Dewback can choose to hold back at range 3 or 4 depending on its weapon, but since most of its power is tied to its close combat taht doesn't seem like it will be a good idea most of the time.
  13. But he doesn't consistently do 2 damage through cover, as far as I can tell. According to the dice calculator I'm using he'll do about .72 wounds to a Rebel Squad in cover, while a 6 model Stormtrooper squad will do 1.76. He's also 20 points more and can't take objectives. But yeah, not loosing effectiveness is a strength. On the other hand, a ST unit keeps most of its effectiveness in its DLT, and it won't loose that till the end.
  14. Why not? Why shouldn't they be. They'e background suggests that they're used to defend coastal areas, aquatic worlds and Imperial facilities. It would make sense that battles in these areas would include as many or more of them than basic Storm Trooprs. It doesn't matter if theyre rarer than Storm Troopers at all.
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